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FeR Iron Brigade

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by DaddyO, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. DaddyO A Fixture

    Afternoon all.
    Hope you are all keeping safe and well and looking forward to Christmas :)

    This is probably the last figure I'll finish this year so I thought I'd add a few pics.

    I've often looked at this range which are a bit bigger than my usual 54's and from a period which I don't normally cover. The smart, but unassuming packaging and slightly higher price has always led me towards something else . . . However when this chap popped up on eBay at a bargain price all new and shiny and untouched I decided to try one out.
    How wrong could I have been :whistle: If this one was anything to go by I'll be spending a fair bit of time painting a few more of these in the future. Beautifully cast, excellent detail and a realistic pose - this figure was a real joy. As soon as I unwrapped it I decided to move it to the head of the queue and make a start straight away. Minimal clean up and a coat of primer later and I was happily painting. :D

    This really is a delightful sculpture and the quality of the painting by Fernando Ruiz bears very careful study.

    My version is painted in acrylics (mainly Vallejo with a few of the new scale 75 tubes thrown in) and was a real pleasure from start to finish. Being a bit bigger I've tried to get a sense of the different materials when painting which was a different challenge. The bayonet is a but fit on the top of the musket which given my clumsiness was a big no no so I drilled out the end and tip of the mount and pinned it on with an acupuncture needle (Unlike the usual wire these are very fine and flexible so ideal for something like this) I also added the loop and straps to the top of the water bottle, but otherwise it is entirely stock. Hope you like it and do try one of this range if you get the chance (y)

    Merry Christmas to everyone - Hopefully we'll catch up at some shows next year

    Union Infantryman face.jpg

    Union Infantryman 1.jpg Union Infantryman 2.jpg Union Infantryman.jpg Union Infantryman 5.jpg
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  2. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice work Paul. A favourite period of mine. This range certainly bears looking at (unfortunately I already sent my letter to Santa:()

    Keep well, and have a quality Christmas!

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  3. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice one. I am a big fan of FeR especially the 1/16 busts.
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  4. Banjer Well-Known Member

    Lovely job Paul.
    I do like your work, it has an air of realism about it.

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  5. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    beautiful painting

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  6. DaddyO A Fixture

    Thanks very much chaps :D

    As Graham and Phil say this is a great range of figures which make painting a real pleasure (Hopefully Santa has bought something equally nice for you Phil) ;)
    I've not tried the busts yet Graham - I generally prefer the leggy figures, but I might be tempted by some of the 1 16th range . . . .

    Cheers Bill - I had a lot of fun with the weathering on this one which something I don't usually do too much of

    Thanks Mobo (y)
    Easy to do a good job if you have something as beautiful as one of these to start off with

    Cheers for now
  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Paul

    As always good to see your artwork and a nice figure which you obviously enjoyed

    Really good blue's and weathering

    Look forward to catching up at shows next year ...fingers and toes crossed !

    Happy benchtime

    Happy Christmas

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  8. fabrizio19691969 PlanetFigure Supporter

    very nice
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  9. Blind Pew A Fixture

    I can't believe I've missed this...Paul, it's superb. I reckon your best piece to date.(y)

    Now for 2021...
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  10. DaddyO A Fixture

    Cheers mate :)
    To be fair after what seemed like a long battle with the Scythian I wanted something quick to get back into painting again - this and the Ninja fitted the bill very nicely.
    It's a lovely figure and a great piece of sculpting/casting which mae the painting a real pleasure (Santa bought me a couple of the FeR knights for Christmas so expect a bit of Agincourt's mud to appear later this year);)

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  11. Jeff T Well-Known Member

    Superb work Paul!

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  12. arj A Fixture

    Very nicely done Paul.
    The weathering on the clothing is spot-on.
    Eventually I hope to see your works close up.

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  13. DaddyO A Fixture

    Thanks both :)

    Hopefully we'll be able to get to some shows next year Andrew . . .

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