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[Feb 11, 2016] Paint Démonium 2016! (Lambersart)

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by Formentel, Feb 11, 2016.

Paint Démonium 2016!
Start Date: Feb 11, 2016 01:00 PM
End Date: Feb 11, 2016 07:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam +01:00 CET

Paint Démonium
Salle Malraux
Lambersart 59130

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  1. Formentel Active Member


    To the Memory of Andy Floers,
    President of Gunners
    Disappeared in 2016


    And of 11, and yes here is the eleventh edition(publishing) of PaintDemonium.
    It is also the tenth birthday(anniversary), how time goes by …

    It is with an unconcealed emotion, that we see increasing every year our PaintDemonium. We make in any case everything so that this one becomes an inescapable(major) meeting(appointment) of the Fantastic figurine!!!

    And this year, it is promised, we shall still do better than the last year!!!

    So, we keep(preserve) the space of the last year with a floor space largely improved thanks to both rooms of the space Malraux de Lambersart. What will allow us, we are persuaded, once again, to concoct you Paint which will remain engraved(burnt) in your reports(memoirs) …

    And the emotion will be present double, you suspect it, after the cruel loss of our President



    · Of Brussels: take highway E40 / A10 (direction(management) Oostende Gent, then Kortrijk), then E17 / A14 (direction(management) Lille, Kortrijk, Menen), on the French territory, take E22 / E17 (direction(management) Tourcoing centers), then the exit(release) 13B (direction(management) of Armentières-Dunkerque), finally take the RD652, and taken(brought) out 7B.
    · Of Paris: highway A1, taken(brought) out direction(management) Armentières-Dunkerque, then A25 to take the exit(release) 5 River port - Lomme-Lambersart
    · Of Calais: E40-A16 direction(management) Dunkirk, then E42-A25 direction(management) Lille, taken(brought) out 5 River port - Lomme-Lambersart

    You will not have more than to let to you guide by our road sign house.

    Otherwise on your GPS(GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) enter simply the address of the room André Malraux:

    Place(Square) Félix-Clouet 59130 Lambersart

    Or then to return you on the following link: https://www.google.fr/maps/place/Salle+Andr%C3%A9+Malraux/@50.6510284,3.0255367,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c32a9372e82d59:0x84776ce7ade6e0fe

    The competition(help) is reserved for the fantastic figurines exclusively, of any scales(ladders) and any materials(subjects).

    The registration(inscription) takes place on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 morning between 9:00 am and 12:00 am.
    The amount of the registration(inscription) is 3 euros by room(part,play) and 8 euros for 3 rooms(parts,plays) and more.
    Each can register so many rooms(parts,plays) as he wishes(desires) for it but we cannot receive that a single trophy by category.
    The participants can join only the only one of the following levels:

    Master's degree, Confirmed, Novice.

    A category "Green" is available since Paintdemonium on 2014. In this one, only the not painted original sculptures and the money slept are admitted. There will be no levels for this new category.

    Any presentation(display) which can shock
    An exclusive commemorative figurine, sculptured by our friend Yvan Durand on a concept of Grégory " Grag " Laden, will be offered to every competitor registering a minimum of three rooms(parts,plays) in competition(help,competitions).

    The judges are figurinistes confirmed, indicated(appointed) for their skill(competence) and their experience(experiment).
    Their judgment(sentence), returned in any impartiality, is sovereign.
    The judgment(sentence) is made according to the formula OPEN: there will be in every category so many attributed(awarded) medals as of deserving.
    A medal is gained(won) thus never to the detriment of another participant.
    Any modified or completely created figurine will be spotted(located) within the display by a pastille of color.
    The quality of the transformation(processing) or the creation will so be taken into account by the judges.

    The use of display or of fabric(tissue) is advised(recommended) for a better development of rooms(parts,plays) and global work of each, we shall watch to stay in acceptable limits of surface.
    Any possibilities of soclage and decorations(sets) are authorized.

    The result(profit) of the judgment(sentence) and the discount(delivery) of trophies will take place on Sundays at 5:30 pm.
    Trophies YET(NOW), MONEY(SILVER) and BRONZE will be attributed(awarded) to the participants who will have shown it themselves deserving.
    Special trophies can be put back(handed) to rooms(parts,plays) having held attention of the donors.
    At the end of the ceremony, the " HIGHLIGHTS SHOW " will crown the room(part,play) having obtained the best score, across all categories.

    Figurines can be got back only at the end of the proclamation of the prize list.
    As every year, an exclusive figurine will be offered for 3 figurines registered in competition(help,competitions).

    This year, the present will be a fantastic dish(flat) of prestige sculptured by Master(Teacher) Yvan Durand, on a concept of Grégory " GRAG " Laden, member(limb) of the gunners.

    Here are two magnificent painted versions which you will cross certainly on the tables of competition(help,competitions):
    Paint(Painting): Jean-Pierre Duthilleul
    Paint(Painting): Michel Formentel
    Other information here:

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  2. Formentel Active Member

  3. Formentel Active Member

    specify that there is a category "green"
    Updated on club and storekeepers who will be present:

    Hobby Time Brugge
    Old Cop
    The Cracked
    AFM Montrouge
    CMPM Dourges

    Of Hell Forge
    Neoby Distribution
    Wonderland Project
    Freddy Litiere (bases)
    That Is going to Go
    Prince August
  4. Formentel Active Member

    One " speed painting " is planned as every year, about ten places(squares). Information for the fans! :whistle:
  5. Formentel Active Member

    Last minute: for the 10th birthday of this competition, a purchase order of 100€ will be offered by lottery among the competitors to competition, to use the very same day near the tradesmen present
    They will be two goods of 50 €, it will be thus easier for the winner to spend its under,in two tradesmen possibly

    Speed painting envisaged for 15:00. for 20 participants!
  6. Formentel Active Member

  7. Formentel Active Member

  8. Trex Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the links.
  9. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing

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