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Favorite cheese

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayneb, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Wayneb A Fixture

    Besides cutting a massive fart......What's your favorite cheese. I hate American processed cheese. Do like some pepper jack cheese on a turkey sandwich..... Just a brain fart question.

  2. theBaron A Fixture

    Yeah, processed cheese is crap. It saddens me that a classic Philly cheesesteak uses Velveeta. Same goes for any prepackaged grated Parmesan. It's crap, and it smells like the stuff the janitor used to throw on a puddle of hurl when I was in junior high school.

    Otherwise, it depends on the situation. On sandwiches, or burgers, I like slices of Cheddar, or Swiss, on a ham and cheese sandwich, especially. I also make cheese sandwiches pretty frequently for lunch, and again, it's Cheddar, Swiss, or provolone.

    I do like American cheese for making grilled cheese sandwiches. That's the only time I use American cheese, and also, white bread. That's all sliced white bread good for, grilled cheese sandwiches. And I'll get the cheese from the deli counter, not the pre-packaged, individually-wrapped slices. That's not cheese.

    On pasta, if I want grated Parmesan, I have a chunk that has got to be 20 years old at this point, hard as a rock, and no mold or spoilage. As it has continues to age, the flavor becomes more and more concentrated.

    I also like to cheese to eat by itself, not in a sandwich,. I observe the Bavarian custom of a Brotzeit, with beer, bread, cheese, and sometimes some meat. Then I take Cheddar or Swiss (more properly, Emmentaler) again, for hard cheeses, or some Gouda or Edamer. I'll also have a soft cheese, like a Brie or a Camembert, to spread on a good rye or pumpernickel. And sometimes, I'll add a blue, like Stilton, again, to spread on bread (usually toasted).

    Here are some examples, to give you an idea:


    I have my own beer garden in the backyard. Life's too short. ;)

  3. Wayneb A Fixture

    Wow....Those are some helluva spreads Brad. What's your address....I'm right next door......Glad you got my drift......

    Buns up,
  4. theBaron A Fixture

    I forgot to mention that I buy all my cheese from my favorite cheese shop, Cheeses of Nazareth. "Yes, that's Cheeses of Nazareth, right next to Chrysler All Friday!"

  5. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Soft Cheeses: Brillat-Savarin; Langres; Coulommiers; and Old Telegraph Road Brie.
    Firm Cheeses: Comte; Manchego; and Gruyere.
    Blue Cheeses: Gippsland Blue; Roaring Forties Blue; Stilton; and Roquefort.
  6. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Good spread Brad! Made me peckish just looking at the pics. I read somewhere that those individually wrapped yellow slices of "something" that invariably figure on breakfast bars in European hotels, are almost all made in Germany. With what, I ask myself:eek:
    Lunch beckons. Mature Cheddar, some slices of red onion and a round or two of my own home-baked wholemeal.

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  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    Very mature English cheddar with a slight crunch to it.

    Or if we're talking blue cheeses, it has to be Roquefort.

    - Steve
  8. Babelfish A Fixture

    Tommy Cooper plughmans.jpg
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  9. Helm A Fixture

  10. chippy Well-Known Member

    Living just a few miles from Cheddar Gorge my all time favourite is a good mature Cheddar , better than Steak !! After that I like a bit of Red Leicester or crumbly Caerphilly . With fresh bread and real butter cheese is the food of the gods apart from that runny muck they eat in France ;) v
  11. Mirofsoft A Fixture

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  12. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    All the blue cheeses, domestic or foreign, simply because they are supposed to be forbidden to me. You've got to cut the badger loose sometimes:LOL: With celery and crispy savoury biscuits. Or with a crusty French baguette, and unsalted Normandy butter.... memories of happy holidays.

  13. fogie A Fixture

    Local Cornish cheese tastes like it's already been eaten. So for me it's
    Smoked buffalo Mozzarella, fresh baked paninis...and a fistful of black
    olives. (I'm suffering Italy withdrawal symptoms:grumpy:)

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  14. Ray Stout Active Member

    For me, it has to be Yfenni, which is Welsh Mature Cheddar with Mustard seeds. On toast, you can't beat Crumbly Lancashire. Trouble is most varities of English cheeses are produced in one Dairy, so small Farmhouse brands still give you a sense of the real thing. Ray
  15. lightbob Member

    Cambozola, Iberico and Conte for me.
    To be taken with a good coffee and an amaretto or a fine malt whisky, Islay or Orkney preferred. However, as told many years ago by some Islay distillery men ,when I asked them- "What is the best whisky?" The answer I got back was- "The next one."
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  16. Nap A Fixture

    Nice one Wayne ...a fun thread .....for me it's any cheese ...with water biscuits ..and black grapes ......except those triangles from a well known company ...Yuk!!

    SWMBO ....hides cheese as I like it so much ...bless her

    Happy cheesing everyone

  17. Larsen E. Whipsnade PlanetFigure Supporter

    No, no, no... there's brie and then all those other things you guys mentioned.

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