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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by John van Pelt, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. John van Pelt Well-Known Member

    Hi Planeteers, been working on this 1/16th figure from the Jeff Shiu range. It will come with half a dozen on a 1/16th Tigerr II situated in the Ardennes.

    Greetings John.

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  2. Jeff T Well-Known Member

    Very nice work John!


  3. swralph A Fixture

    really well painted(y)
  4. John van Pelt Well-Known Member

  5. CAT of BORDO Member

    Very nice painting' and Original about the choice of colors ; the helmet is Wonderful
  6. megroot A Fixture

    Beautifull paintwork.

  7. John van Pelt Well-Known Member

  8. housecarl A Fixture

    Lovely work John.
  9. Babelfish A Fixture

    Nice job John. Presumably you'll be using the Trumpeter King Tiger kit?

    An ambitious project that I'm sure will be stunning when finished, if the quality of this figure is anything to go by.

    - Steve
  10. bonehead A Fixture


    I am pretty sure that this particular type of jump smock ONLY came in camo pattern fabric. The reed green color was used on the first two patterns of jump smock only. This is a late pattern smock that was manufactured long after reed green was discontinued. Sorry, but I am thinking there is no way around painting a camo pattern on this particular figure - unless accuracy is not an issue.....
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  11. Redcap A Fixture

    Excellent paint job!
  12. John van Pelt Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys,

    The reason i painted this first ons in green is because all the other figures have the tree quarters trousers and will be painted in splintern pattern or soft edge tree tone. I wanted one figure in another early type color for the variety and better composition and not necc. historic accuracy.
    The Kit is indeed the trumpeter kit.
  13. John van Pelt Well-Known Member

    Hi Steve, I want to keep an open mind, but ofcourse i decide wich path to take with the colors;).

    The tank is on hold for two to three months because i have entered an online competetion, working on a normadie vignette right now.

    Greets John.
  14. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    A real beauty. Nicely done John.

  15. Franckythefrench Active Member

  16. taff edwards A Fixture

    Great figure great paint job not my area of expertise the German camo thing all I know is that they had bleeding loads of it lol and lovely it was to ..very nice I have always wondered if the powers that be in britain in 1939 had spent more time on developing camo for every scenario we might be have a stronger represented presence in figure manufacture .
    My dad did say that he saw some German paras at Hill 112 in black jump smocks ...however he said they were wearing pearls and high heels .........thinks they were going out for the night .......sorry guys just having a laugh.
    I think there are pros and cons for both arguments but I tend to fall on the side of never say never .
    Cheers Chris
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  17. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi guys,
    don`t want to make anybody feel bad but Jason and Mike are right about the so-called third pattern jump smock. There was no regular issue of this pattern in "gruenmeliert". The third pattern jump smock was issued in splinter pattern or marsh pattern camo only.
    BUT: At the end of WW 2 no strict uniform regulations were followed by troops and shortages of supplies led to many non-regular adaptions.
    To show you one peculiar example of a mix of unusual equipment - see below. The soldier is wearing a second pattern jump smock. His cuff title says "Götz von Berlichingen" which was an SS-Formation. He displays the SS-runes at the collar accordingly. The back of the picture says "spring 1945". On his left sleeve he wears the SS-eagle and the stripes of a private first class. On his right sleeve he wears two tank destruction badges.
    While this picture is by no way a proof that there were third pattern jump smocks in plain green color we should take discussions about uniform issues not too serious in my eyes.
    Very nice paintwork by the way!

    Cheers, Martin

    3rd pattern smock.jpg
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  18. Martin64 A Fixture

    Cheers Steve,
    Agree to that - my point about the picture posted is: All badges attached to the jumpsmock were fixed against regulations. If somebody would release a figure of that guy many serious modellers (including myself of course :D) would have issues with the historical correctness for sure and they would be right going by the rules.
    Therefore if you for purpose display an exception of rules and regulations maybe more intense research or common sense is needed (For example: Would somebody neatly change the design of a second pattern smock into a third pattern smock during that last chaotic phase of the war?:unsure:) and finally a proof for the exception should be provided at best to stun all the nitpickers.
    - If its a hobby/just for fun no need to wrack your brains about that as long as you simply like the result (and I think that Jason would agree to that as well if I got him right)
    So hopefully no need to read too many sig lines....;)

    All the best! Martin
  19. Babelfish A Fixture

    Indeed. Soldiers in the field throughout history have done a lot of that "against the regulations" stuff. Clothing adaptations, non-reg headgear, mixing civilian and military-issue clothing etc. etc.

    - Steve
  20. taff edwards A Fixture

    I agree babel
    My dad during the Normandy campaign wore non regulation jumper , a holsterd Walther P38 he was a private I add ,and kept with him in addition to his Ross Rifle an MP 40 during the Ardennes offensive he wore cut down German flying boots and used the reversible German parka white side out only , coldness he said was the mother of improvisation however ,he did say he was mindful that he needed to dump this when things became tight to possible capture .
    To add Forrest Guth my late wife's uncle of the Of the 501 PIR (Band of Brothers) jumped on Day day with a sky blue hoody that his mum had given him underneath his combat jacket with the hood hanging out back , also he started the trend of sewing extra pockets on the sleeves of his combat jacket for extra storage certainly not regulation
    Cheers Chris image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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