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Fallschirmjager in Crete

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Alex M., Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Alex M. Active Member

    here's another one, he's finished except for his helmet and the groundwork
    Any suggestions would be great


  2. captnenglish Well-Known Member

  3. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Alex!

    I thik you have done a great job overall. The coat looks great, as well does the face. I think the legs are a little monotone, but it is hard to paint legs.

    What figure is this? Looks cool!

    Keep it up man, you are getting better and better!
  4. Alex M. Active Member

    Thanks alot guys..means alot coming from you ;)

    It is Wolf's German Paratrooper in Crete, 1941...i've just used all the wolf parts..the head was good enough for me

  5. Alex M. Active Member

    Gray, thanks for all your suggestions - here's what ive done :

    1) Helmet is highlighted and chipped down to the luftwaffe blue it originally was
    2) fingernails are now on there (i'd never put them on a figure before)
    3) Shoes are highlighted and shaded and dirtied up, same tone as the groundwork
    4) I haven't seen anything about cuff titles in my references...i think we could both be right on this one..
    5) painted a tartan on the kilt, strange i couldn't find any references on the herman McGoering brigade though...;) shadows are there
    6) He actually has some low plants and rocks on his base, and there is now a propped up dented and banged around jerry can (bayardi accessory)

    Thanks alot, these little things really need to be pointed out to you when you're staring at it for so long.

    I'll get some pics by the weekend...no access to a camera right now

  6. Pete_H New Member

    I did a bit of reading on the use of Fallschirmjager cuff titles, and found that it is most likely that your fallschirmjager would not be wearing any. The two that are seen most often in pictures read "Kreta" and "Afrika Korps." Operation Merkur - the invasion of Crete - took place on May 20, 1941 with elements of the 7th. Flieger Division leading the way. Most of these units were mauled and in no condition to depart for North Africa in 1942. Instead, "Fallschirmjager Brigade Ramcke" was deployed to support Rommel's Afrika Korps. With cuff titles being awarded after each of these operations, it is impossible for a fallschirmjager on Crete to be wearing either the "Kreta" or "Afrika Korps" cuff titles. With regards to this, you got it right ;)
    The only thing I would suggest is to chip down the edges of the helmet down to the bare metal (a grayish metallic color). If a helmet was weathered enough to have the first layer of paint removed, it is likely that it will be weathered enough to expose the bare metal.

    Good job!!!
  7. Alex M. Active Member


    Thanks for the help in regards to the cufftitles...i have the osprey editions on the fallschirmjager units and didn't see any wearing them in the pictures, but so few pictures were from crete that i didn't want to make any assumptions.
    I have the helmet chipped to the blue, but what would you suggest for the metal ? a metalling, gunsteel kind of silver, or just a touch of the silver in a dark grey ? i've never gotten a 1st person look at a chipped german helmet, so some input would be great. My theory was that given the heavy action seen in crete and the ground there, they would have gotten pretty banged up.

    The only other thing i was thinking was about slight weathering on the uniform (elbows and seat of jacket, and the shorts) but i wasn't sure how well the dust would show up on sand coloured shorts, and if indeed the jacket needs to be weathered.


  8. Pete_H New Member

    I don't remember who posted this link here on pF a while back, but it'll be very useful for your needs: http://www.thehelmetpainter.com/

    Hope this helps ...

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