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Review Fallschirmjager from Nuts Planet

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to everyone,

    WW2 resulted in the deployment of many elite forces among them paratroops pf all nations amongst the most famous was the German Fallschirmjager often known as the Green Devils amongst the most notable of actions was the rescue of the Italian Dictator and also of course the battle for Crete, a version of the Green Devil is the subject of a recent release from Nuts Planet.

    Before we look at the release itself lets have some information on these troops :

    The main push behind the development of this arm was Goering who wanted to ensure that his Luftwaffe had its share of battle experience and so was very much in favour of the image of the Green Devils being considered an elite unit in its own right within the german armed forces.

    Clothing and Equipment

    The Fallschirmjäger had a wide variety of special clothing. As they were Luftwaffe personnel, the basic uniform was that of the flying units and in blue rather than the field grey of the Army. The flying blouse was a short waisted, open necked jacket with buttons hidden under a fly front. The trousers were similar to the flying pattern but had a pocket on the right thigh for the gravity knife mentioned above. This was a single bladed knife carried to cut away parachute rigging in an emergency. To operate, the knife was held pointing downward and a button push released the blade. Once the blade was extended, the button was released and this locked the blade in place. The trousers also had an opening on the outside of each leg at knee level. This was to allow knee pads to be donned or removed. Knee pads were necessary because of the face down landing position necessitated by the RZ series of parachutes. Elbow pads were sometimes worn but these fitted over the jacket and smock.

    The Fallschirmjäger were originally issued with a high, side-lacing boot. There was no advantage to this type of boot and it was soon replaced by a front lacing boot. In the later part of the war, the troops wore normal German combat boots.

    The paratroopers also used a variety of combat smocks. The smock became as much a badge of the Fallschirmjaeger as the rimless helmet. For the jump, the smock was worn over the uniform and combat gear and under the parachute harness. The purpose was to keep the parachute rigging from being caught up in the personal gear. The first smocks had short, tailored step-in legs and removing the smock to put it under the gear was an aggravation in training and a dangerous delay in combat. Later smocks had snaps at the lower edge which could be used to make "legs". The early smocks were also plain grey or grey-green. Later smocks were camouflaged in various patterns but plain smocks were still in evidence at the end of the war.

    There was also a special Fallschirmjaeger helmet. In appearance it was like a normal German helmet with the rim cut off and the first helmets were actually made in this fashion. Later helmets were produced to Fallschirmjaeger specification. The helmet harness was more extensive than that of the normal helmet and the interior was padded. A helmet cover was commonly worn, usually in the same pattern of camouflage as the smock.

    The Fallschirmjaeger bandolier was made of cloth and worn around the neck. It hung down on both sides of the chest and had loops on the rear through which the waist belt passed. The bandolier's twelve compartments held 120 rounds. there was a similar bandolier for the 20 round FG-42 magazines but it only had eight compartments. The MP38/40 submachine-gun ammunition carriers consisted of two pouches each with space for three clips. there was also a special pouch to carry the 32 round clips for the MP-44 but this was in very short supply. Most Fallschirmjaeger carried spare MP-44 clips intheir smock pockets.


    The Germans produced the widest range of special and modified items for their Airborne troops. The most famous item was the FG-42, a gas operated semi-automatic rifle made only for the Airborne. Only about 10,000 were made. It was an advanced design that fired full automatic from an open bolt - for cooling - and semi-automatic from a closed bolt - for accuracy. The weapon had a small bipod and fed from a 20 round magazine on the left side. It weighted nearly ten pounds fully loaded. It fired the full size 7.92 MM military round which was really too powerful for the weapon. Even with a bipod it was difficult to control when fired on full automatic.

    The standard MP 38 and MP 40 submachine-guns and bolt action Mausers were used by most paratroopers. Some German paratroopers used a shortened and folding version of the standard Mauser. This was not a success and had both a strong recoil and a huge muzzle flash. Late in the war, many Fallschirmjaeger were issued with the MP-44 assault weapon as evidenced by photographs of the 3rd and 5th Fallschirmjaeger Division in the Ardennes and the 1st and 4th Fallschirmjaeger Division in Italy. The MP-44 fired a shortened and less powerful version of the 7.92 standard round. The weapon itself was made of stamped metal and fired either full or semi automatic. The MP-44 was the forerunner of all modern assault rifles. This weapon only went into mass production in 1944 and supply never came close to equaling demand. Despite their high priority most Fallschirmjaeger ended with the war with the standard bolt action Mauser.

    The German paratroopers were equipped with what was undoubtedly the best light machine-guns of World War II - the MG 34 and the later MG 42. The MG 42 replaced the MG 34 because it was much easier and cheaper to produce, being made extensively from stamped steel Parts. Weighing only a little over 11.5 kilograms it fired at a phenomenal 1300 to 1400 rounds per minute. The barrel was quick and easy to change and the weapon was very tolerant of dust and dirt. When equipped with a tripod it made a very useful medium machine-gun. Each German infantry squad (10 to 12 men at full strength) was equipped with one MG-42 light machine-gun and this went a long way toward overcoming the relatively slow firing rate of the bolt action Mausers. The fast firing MG 42 was a Major factor in German defensive abilities throughout the war. The MG 42 was the prototype of all modern General purpose machine-guns and in slightly modified form is in still in service as a standard weapon with the German, Italian and Yugoslavian armies.

    The Germans were the first to employ recoilless artillery, using a 75 MM version as early as Crete. The 75 MM gun (321 pounds) was broken down into Parts and parachute dropped. Later a 105 MM version weighing 855 pounds was introduced. German mountain and jaeger troops also used recoilless artillery.

    Two types of "squeeze-bore" anti-tank guns, in 28 MM and 42MM were used by the Airborne forces. These gave a strong punch for their caliber but the shortage of tungsten needed for the special shot put these guns out of service by early 1943. The Airborne pattern of the 28 MM gun only weighed 260 pounds.


    The worst parachutes used by a Major power were those of the Germans which were based on the Italian "Salvatore" design. The German RZ (RUCKENPACKUNG ZWANGAUSLOSUNG or, rucksack packed to open) series of chutes (primarily the RZ-16 and the RZ-20) had a single strap between the back of the body harness and the chute. This resulted in a face down position which required knee and elbow pads and a forward roll upon landing. (Employment of this type of parachute is curious since German air crew used a chute that had lift webs attached to the shoulders like the British and American models.) This landing position led to many landing injuries. To allow for proper deployment, the paratrooper had to leap forward in a straight body dive when Jumping. Control during the descent was almost impossible except for a superbly trained and agile trooper and even then little control was possible. The forward roll landing also kept the parachutist from carrying much equipment on his body. Except for pistols, grenades and the occasional submachine-gun, German paratroopers had to rely on containers for their main combat equipment. The chute was attached to the harness with four clips which, like the American chute, were difficult to undo when under fire or when the trooper was being wind dragged. The Germans issued each Fallschirmjaeger with a gravity knife to cut the rigging in an emergency. The opening shock of this canopy first parachute was also very harsh but the chute would fully deploy in under 40 meters which meant a lower drop altitude and less time dangling helpless in the air. By the Crete invasion, the Germans deployed various colored parachute canopies for camouflage and to aid in the identification of commanders and/or containers.



    As always there are many books available all of which are of great interest and full of information here are a few:
    0000000.jpg 000000.JPG

    Continued in next post:

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets delve into the box and see what we are looking at today:

    Title: Fallschirmjager The German Paratroopers

    Reference: NP B009

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 22 (including some rope!!)

    Sculptor: Jun-Sik Ahn

    Boxt Art: Myeong-Ha Hwang

    As always with Nuts Planet packaging was found to be really good with the parts all sandwiched between foam layers providing good protection , the distinctive blue box having full colour pictures of the completed model on the top and side.
    nuts para 001.jpg
    Parts consist of the torso , 2 arms, the head , helmet, the MP weapon consisting of a total of 5 parts , a holstered pistol , ammunition pouch,binoculars , the main parachute with another 6 parts fro the various straps etc , a base and of course the rope.
    nuts para 002.jpg nuts para 003.jpg
    Starting with the main piece the torso , prep needed was the simple removal of a casting plug from the underside nuts para 009.jpg , after this is done you are left with a super smooth and immaculately presented piece of well sculpted and finely detailed resin , we see the harness pulling into the body as it should , the buckle and webbing details are spot on what is of particular note is the folds on the jump suit really nicely done , the collar area is another part well researched and worked the rank "wings" are shown in clean ad tight definitionm the collar sitting over the jumps suit as seen in many pictures .
    nuts para 004.jpg nuts para 010.jpg nuts para 011.jpg nuts para 012.jpg
    The build for the modeller is considered from the beginning by NutsPlanet with really well formed locating cutouts for the pistol and the ammunition pouch as well as for the parachute on the rear , the arms are also given the same treatment .
    nuts para 006.jpg nuts para 008.jpg nuts para 007.jpg
    The arms now , prep on both left and right was again a simple task of removing the small casting plug on each elbow , when done fit into the cutouts on the torso is a dream , the arms both show again a wonderful knowledge of clothing and the way the folds behave , ranks badges are on both arms matching that on the collar the arms are sculpted with the protective gloves being worn these are a work of art IMO especially at the cuffs .
    nuts para 025.jpg nuts para 024.jpg nuts para 022.jpg nuts para 019.jpg nuts para 021.jpg nuts para 023.jpg nuts para 020.jpg

    Continued in next post:

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Onwards and upwards....

    Firstly the head , prep was a casting plug to remove from the underside of the neck , fit was again no problem , no filler being needed , on the head there is a lug for the helmet to fit to.
    Facial features are sharp the eyes are well done good mouth and ear work , under his chin we have the distinctive helmet strap.
    nuts para 027.jpg nuts para 026.jpg nuts para 029.jpg nuts para 030.jpg nuts para 031.jpg nuts para 028.jpg
    The helmet has a distinctive shape well done and accurate , prep was the removal of a plug from the rear be careful so as not to ruin the rim , fit onto the head is good and tight . No insignia are on either side but these were not always worn or seen but there are commercial transfers available if you want to use them or why not just test your painting and get that brush out!!
    nuts para 043.jpg nuts para 044.jpg nuts para 045.jpg
    Now to the parachute and associated pieces , the main chute is finely done , packed full with the material straining on all sides , great work on the cords , prep was just the removal of a casting plug on the underside , fit into the cutout is clean and very accurate ., we have various ropes and hooks that will needed to be fitted , after removing small plugs , you have the box art as a reference if you are unsure .. nuts para 014.jpg
    nuts para 015.jpg nuts para 018.jpg nuts para 016.jpg nuts para 017.jpg nuts para 048.jpg nuts para 046.jpg

    Continued in next post:


  4. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the final pieces :

    The binoculars are again a nice piece of work fitting into the torso cleanly in line with the cat on straps . , only small plugs to remove so no problem there.
    nuts para 041.jpg nuts para 042.jpg
    The ammunition pouch , this is the 3 magazine version , lovely work on the straps and buckles , fit is fine after removing a small plug from a corner.
    nuts para 039.jpg nuts para 040.jpg
    The pistol is holstered with a casting plug needing removal , after which fit is good to the torso , again we have nice detail on the strap and buckle , this being leather is a good opportunity to get that worn leather look possible like our PF member Gellso has achieved .
    nuts para 037.jpg nuts para 038.jpg
    The main weapon (the MP) now is a gem of sculpting work , formers need removing from the end and you need to fit the magazine , as well as the fold down stock , perhaps a little fiddly with casting plugs to remove carefully (especially with my bananna sized hands!!) but well worth the work as the finished piece is great , then you have the straps to fit again well done . the weapon is being worn loose on the front perhaps for a photograph before he gets ready to enplane ...the last thing you want is a weapon loose when hurtling down to ground!!! nuts para 032.jpg nuts para 033.jpg nuts para 036.jpg
    nuts para 035.jpg nuts para 034.jpg
    nuts para 047.jpg
    Finally we have the base as in other releases , a nice shape and perfectly usable if you do not wish to use a brass rod.
    nuts para 013.jpg
    Final thoughts

    This is another nice addition to the range , well sculpted and well thought out with the modeller in mind . great details are seen throughout with a quality product from the begining .

    A nice addition to the display cabinet and well up there in terms of presentation.

    Recommended to all WW2 fans

    For more information why not go to the website at :


    or follow on facebook at:


    Thanks as always to Nuts Planet for the review model ......

    and of course to you all for looking in

    Enjoy your modelling

  5. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Great review as always Kevin and the quality of the piece just shines. Awesome!!

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  6. Nap A Fixture


    You said it in one word ...Awesome

    Thanks for looking in

  7. pmfs A Fixture

    Thanks Kevin.

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  8. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Good work in pulling this review together Kevin, well done Mate.
    Nuts Planet are really producing some very nice pieces of late and this beauty is for me their best to date.
    Thanks for posting Kevin.
    All the very best,
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  9. storm_zh Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your great review, Kevin. It is really informative!
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  10. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the great review my friend. That's indeed an excellent kit for all the fallschirmjager enthousiasts.

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  11. YongA01 Active Member

    Unbelievable excellent review ,
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  12. Viesturs Member

    Great review
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  13. Tommys War A Fixture

    Great review Kev, I love this figure!
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  14. Joe55 A Fixture

    This is another fine example of the thoroughness to which you complete reviews for the Planet. The references that you provide are a boon to those that may not have any for this subject. There may be someone out there teetering on whether or not to make purchase because they are wondering how good is the sculpt, and perhaps they are lacking in references and want more that just the box art to go on. I believe your reviews help those to make a decision. I just wish to recognize you for that, and pardon me if this has already been stated in the past.

    In other words,....atta boy (y)!

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  15. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Thanks Kevin. You always give the best and most thorough reviews(y) . My complaint is you sometimes have me convinced to buy a piece even if I'm not usually interested in the subject matter:p
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  16. Rich Sculpts A Fixture

    Remarkably well sculpted crease-work on that figure!

    Kev as usual a very detailed - well thought out review.

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  17. Very nice Kevin!!!
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  18. swralph A Fixture

    Excellent review Kevin of this great looking kit.
  19. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Kevin, I told this before! Surely after the retirement of Ken Jones, figurine producers and consumers were somehow orphans of good reviewers.

    Not any more, my friend! You exceed yourself in every review you make! Pretty much informative and helpful too to the young guys, who must also take in consideration the great achievement you put in giving historical and accurate background supporting the product review!

    Cheers! :)

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