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Review "Expect No Mercy" from Legion Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Following on from the company Legion Miniatures details of this release:


    With a version since painted by a PF member Eckers Gregory ...thank you to him for sharing


    The piece depicts a Foot soldier well armoured up wearing a hooded coif wearing a padded cap under a helmet ....firmly secured casually with his sword over the right shoulder ...perhaps he is relishing the taste of victory and is now contemplating the fate of the surviving prisoners .....but looking at the face and the action of the thumb just about to run it across his neck ......saying ...."Expect No Mercy"

    This is without doubt a painters piece ...the sculpting on the face is saying so much .....no sympathy from this fellow

    The piece is of course this which certainly created a lot of interest when announced .



    Details of the release are:

    Title: Expect No Mercy

    Reference: LMBT088

    Scale: 1/9th

    No of pieces: 5

    Material: Medium Gray resin

    Sculptor: Muzafer Vaapov

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: N/A on Review box

    Looking on the FB page of Legion Miniatures there is a box art posted :


    There are some great books that you can source here are a few from my library ...all have masses of information on the period

    xxx.jpg xxxx.jpg xxxxxxxxx.jpg

    x.JPG xx.JPG xxxxxxxx.jpg

    An original gambeson , no sleeves in this case


    Cap worn under the helmet ( Reproduction )


    This is a reenactor called Jason Russel wearing a similar helmet type


    Parts consist of just 5 the torso , 2 arms and a had with sword handle and a sword blade .....I was happy to see that the blade wasn't pushed into the box but held safely under a sponge layer at the bottom of the box...good thinking from Legion there

    No Mercy -Legion 003.jpg

    Packed in a wooden box with colourful stickers on all sides one is a unpainted version with another being on the top

    No Mercy -Legion 001.jpg No Mercy -Legion 002.jpg

    I was surprised at the amount of resin in the box , expecting more parts ...a nice thing to see cast like this means less prep time for all

    Talking of Prep what is needed ...very little to be honest apart from small casting plugs from arms at the shoulders , the rear on left, sword handle end, under the main torso.

    The separate hand has a very fine casting line ...easy to sand away

    The blade will need a little sanding to level edges up a little

    The blade of the sword will need careful fitting ....I would advise pinning if you can and leaving this till the very last thing

    I would also recommend not fitting the left arm to allow better access to the neck for painting

    The resin is very well cast and as before we see textures and no air holes to deal with the underside of the bust is very smoothly finished

    Fitting of the arms/hand is by 2 resin pins corresponding with 2 holes in the relevant place

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    On to the resin

    Main Torso

    This is a large piece and the casting is really very good indeed ..certainly a standard that others should aim for

    The sculpting is as I expected very good indeed with the subject wearing both cloth, leather and metal items

    The Underside is nicely shaped with the rear cutting just below the lower shoulders , wearing a cloth hoodie , this is textured and with cuts and ripped material will provide some interesting painting time to recreate the weave itself

    The hood itself hangs very naturally at the rear folding over on itself , with a couple of rips of the material

    The armour he wears on his torso has been battle damaged , but I am glad this hasn't been over done...again the effects you can achieve using paint ie: rust , damage etc will show well on the area

    Across the chest and cutting into the clothing so well is a belt the end wrapped under near the buckle , suffice to say the buckle itself and the belt end are well shown

    The helmet is the open fronted version again showing restrained battle damage , great undercuts particularly where it meets the face , the style is simple but effective with nicely formed rivets running round the middle

    Under the helmet we have the arming cap which can be seen at each lower edge , over this the helmet strap itself , secured under the chin, sharp definition of course

    The face...is just cracking , excellent facial features the mouth firmly shut and turned downwards , jowls are well done with the chin being slightly indented ...this is an older man and someone you would not argue with !!

    The facial features are spot on , the nose is prominent , bags under the eyes , well worked again with the eye surfaces easily accessible to paint , we have "laughter" lines at the eye edges as well, the eyebrows are raised up with nice texture on them

    No Mercy -Legion 004.jpg No Mercy -Legion 005.jpg No Mercy -Legion 007.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 011.jpg No Mercy -Legion 009.jpg No Mercy -Legion 008.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 014.jpg No Mercy -Legion 015.jpg No Mercy -Legion 010.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 006.jpg No Mercy -Legion 012.jpg No Mercy -Legion 013.jpg


    Both arms have chain mail being worn down to just above the elbow , well reproduced and again well cast

    The lower arms are covered in padded sleeved material from the gambeson, plenty of area to paint and again put some wear on using paint effects

    The left arm has the hand cast on .....the hand is a credit to the sculptor , good vein definition on the inner wrist and on the back of the hand , the thumb is raised the remaining fingers clentched , when in place this shows the reason for the release title , sitting just close to the neck , seconds before signalling a throat cut for some unfortunate prisoner

    The right Arm has the same good details with the wrist end being open on the inside to take the separate wrist

    Fit of both arms will give no problem to the modeller , but as I said I suggest you fit the left last once you have finished painting the main torso

    No Mercy -Legion 021.jpg No Mercy -Legion 019.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 023.jpg No Mercy -Legion 025.jpg No Mercy -Legion 024.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 020.jpg No Mercy -Legion 018.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 016.jpg No Mercy -Legion 017.jpg

    Right Hand

    Cleverly sculpted with the sword handle in place , the fingers gripping the handle tightly , there is a rounded pommel , simple in design but no doubt effective to use as a weapon in itself

    The handle grip is very well shown peeking out from the fingers on the inside , the wrist veins are straining with the pressure

    The work on the fingers are excellent with the finger nails being well defined

    No Mercy -Legion 026.jpg No Mercy -Legion 027.jpg

    No Mercy -Legion 029.jpg

    Sword Blade

    This might be a little fiddly to fit so I would pin if at all possible , I was happy to see that the blade itself was not warped either , the blade itself has the channel running up the middle with both edges having a cutting surface

    No Mercy -Legion 031.jpg

    Final thoughts

    This is a very stylish piece , not action packed but that's not needed as we are treated to seeing a moment in time of this warrior , sculpting very good as with all Legion releases I have looked at , the simplicity of the piece really works and of course you have that well sculpted face ...well done to all involved in this release


    Legion are members here ( user ID Andrey ) [IMG] )

    ....so you can order direct from him here on PF or via the website which is:


    They also have a FB page:


    Thanks to Legion for the review item and to you all for looking in(y)

    Enjoy the benchtime...whatever you paint

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets have a couple of pictures of the unpainted resin from Legion's release announcement

    zzzz.jpg zzzzz.jpg


    Now a couple of the artwork from PF member Eckers Gregory ( Thanks to him for permission to use his pictures )

    z.jpg zz.jpg


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  4. Gary_81 Active Member

    Great review as always Nap. This one is so full of character and looks to have great production quality to.

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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Thanks Gary

    He is full of character and yes ..great production

    Happy benchtime

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