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Euro Militaire 2005

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pete Wenman, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Pete Wenman Member

    Guys hi

    Euro will take place at the Leas Cliff Hall on
    the weekend of 17th and 18th September.

    For those interested the date for Trucks 'n' Tracks is 30th April and 1st May again at the Leas Cliff Hall.


  2. frank h Well-Known Member

    hi Pete

    Thanks for that,
    for a moment I did not think
    it was going to happen this year

    As it was not posted in mm
    show report issue

  3. Vic123 New Member

    Hi Frank,

    is this worth going to for figure modellers? I have noticed that the coverage and focus of EuroM has changed over the past few years. The top winning entries are huge and have a certain Verlindenesque touch and the whole event appears to be too commercially driven.
    Figure models cannot be compared directly to armour models or dioramas.

  4. Pete Wenman Member

    Vic hi

    If your talking here about Euro then I have to say yes, albeit a qualified yes.

    I live 40 minutes away so the effort and cost of attending is minimal and I will always get value for money. Others are not so lucky.

    If you turn up, look around, buy a few figures then leave at the end of the day you may well be a little disappointed. However if you talk to people, find other PFers, and generally interact with the club stands and traders a whole new world opens up.

    It never ceases to amaze me how few people talk to each other at a show like Euro despite the massive common ground we have in the hobby.

    Regardless of this the compertition standard is as high as ever, and the entry numbers seem to be as strong as ever also. Armour on display and large dioramas have increased in number, but have not impacted on the figure compertitions at all, and other than "Best of Show" there is no comparison between classes.

    You can spend several hours just looking at the 54mm class if the crowd allows due to the number and quality, although individual figures may not get as much coverage in magazine reports and the like as the larger dioramas do.

    I always leave Euro amazed at the level to which some people can take the hobby, and with renewed enthusiasim to try harder myself.

    So if you can, its worth the trip.

    Just my .02p :lol:

  5. Robin Active Member

    I ahve to agree with Pete, Euro isn't just a show its more of an experience, you get to meet all sorts of people all who do some sort of military modelling. Rooms full of figs its great.

    And to cap it all you get to talk to other pfers top names, who all I ahve talked too have been more than willing to share and advise.

    Great time, I travel 250 miles bring the family they spend in Folkestone I spend in Euro its great.

  6. RobH Active Member

    Have to agree with Pete and Robin.

    And Pete hit the nail on the head:
    That was me in the 1990s......I was in my 20s and wasn't in a club and would just wander, buy stuff, and go.

    Now it's great fun. Since getting online and discovering all the forums and meeting people there, from Quang in 2000 and slowly more each year right up to the meet with the PF folks last year, I look forward to it.

    And there are plenty of figures on show. True, you don't get the magical new releases so much at these shows now, because we've usually had a sneak peak online already, but that certainly doesn't detract from an excellent show!

    And sometimes you get to meet the likes of Bill Horan....albeit after drinking in the bar all night, not able to think of anything useful to say.......

    For me its a 2 hour drive. As I recall, some of our continental friends can get there quicker than Robin who's already in the UK!

  7. quang Active Member

    To me, Euro is THE event of the year.

    Over the years, it became a get-together, a 'rendez-vous' in mountain man parlance where everybody meets up after a year in the wilderness. So much fun meeting up old friends and making new ones. Of course there are the figures ;) but to be honest with you, the friendliness alone is worth it!

    Of course, there are few people who talk with each other but it's all up to you to make the first step. Online forums such as pF are also of an enormous help.

    And of course, there's Papa's! :) :)

    Now if only there's not so much work to do before AND after the show.

  8. Guy A Fixture

    Here is the "Mug Shot" of the planetfiguteers taken at last years Euro. I know the upcoming picture for 2005 will include many new faces and someday my own mug will be in the Euro-gang "Mug Shot"


    I will have to agree with the comment where so many people ...speak so little......at a figure show, but as said in a previous posting.......spend some time at the tables and always keep looking for the PF nametags alot of the members will have on.....and walk up and introduce yourself.......your world will change after you do and will meet some of the finest painters in the figure world.....and some of the nicest guys too.
  9. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hmmm....Ive noticed on the picture that some of you isnt drinking and worse than that, others that doesnt seem to have bought anything. What are the world coming to? :lol:

    I have not seen anything or very, very little that reminds me of Verlindens style.
    On the other hand Im saving up for World Expo, hope the one for 2008 gets to Germany or something close to travel to.
  10. poch mahone PlanetFigure Supporter

    I haven't managed to get to Euro since 1999, I hope I can manage this year. I miss the Friday and Saturday night get together in the Clifton Hotel.

  11. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Please sir

    Can I join your gang,

    Oh, go on, please

    I take it I can, but only if I got the badge......?

  12. Robin Active Member


    Not only do you need a badge but the secret phrase when you see us you have to say "would you lads like a drink?"

    to which we reply "Yes mines a --Insert drink name here----"

  13. Vic123 New Member

    Hlo All,

    looks like mine is the only odd comment on EuroM and its continuing pull. I was there at the very first one (when I was studying in UK) and the atmosphere was magic. Since then, I have been following it thru the mags and photo specials.
    I really must thank all of your for sharing the camraderie of the Fig modelling fraternity with such good humor.

    Rgds Victor
  14. quang Active Member

    Believe me Victor, if you were with us last year, you'd be pulled into the camaraderie too.

    And also forced to buy drinks for everybody :lol:

  15. Robin Active Member

    I must say that last year was particulary good for me, I really enjoyed seeing teh guys from here and talking to them. Amazing that could put faces to names and speak with a common interest.

    Great Stuff, sometimes as been said the figures are almost secondary( almost but not quite). A good laugh and a great time was had by all me thinks.

  16. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Robin

    Does everybody stay over down there or do some drive down both days, as I do

  17. Robin Active Member

    I am from south Yorks so I stay Fri and sat night, though we were early this year as we spent thurs at RAF Duxford and stayed the extra night.

    Lots do stay its a real great atmosphere.

  18. megroot A Fixture

    For me 2004 whas the first time. I really enjoyed it, speaking with the guys off PF.
    Thanks to Quang who gave the namebadges.
    Had a couple off beers with John Brewer, :) he learnt me alot off looking at figures and why some are not so good against the others. Thought that Hardey whas a man at adge, but whas still a young man. :(
    Anyway what a day. Over to soon
    We travelled in one day. Get earlier up ( four o clock in the morning) get into my bed at one a clock the other morning.
    But never wanted to missed it, and come back again this year.
    Have some beers to give to some guys. :lol:
  19. Bluesking Active Member

    Hey Quang - remember a name badge fot the blues king for 2005!
    I wondered where you guys got them.

    I will be found in the bar, carrier bags in hand.
  20. quang Active Member

    Oops, 'twas me.

    Quang, the Mojo Man. ;)

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