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Euro 2016

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by MalcC, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Hi Brian,
    Don't be too hasty mate ;-)
    I think you'll find these were exhibits that featured in & were well awarded at Euro too.
    They are by noted "scrap diorama-ist" Andy Argent, who has also been working tirelessly on FBook to generate feedback for consideration by Euro Chief Judge & organisers.

    The massive collection of photos was by Adrian Smith, who also did the most extensive Euro gallery.
    Unsure if he's a figure modeler however Got to admire his willingness to spend time doing this, not sure if it's done in any official capacity. Certainly helped me appreciate range of talent on display.
    I've seen other galleries with many more figures including specials for show by Bill Horan.

    Personally loved the overhead lamps idea.
    It's what I paint under, as well as display & photograph under.
    My figures colouring just gets lost without them due to my artistic style.

    Others are bound to have more factual background though, as I'm just picking this up in my Facebook feed from bottom of the world.
    To me there's still no contest between the events.

    Just one guys thoughts.

    Stay safe,
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  2. billyturnip A Fixture

    This might sound a bit radical but there is actually people who are interested in figures and afv`s, aircraft, etc. Crazy I know but it's true.
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  3. brian A Fixture

    And me !!!!
  4. brian A Fixture

    It's not too radical my friend,it's just that not too long ago ,there was no tanks and aircraft at Euro,as they had their own shows to go to.Rules were changed to accomodate these "crazy" things.as you mention.Another thing that bugs me about Euro,is that it states there should be no girlie exhibits,but i've never so many tits on busts at Euro in all the time i've been going.I'm no prude let me add,but bending rules that are supposed to be set in stone is not on, IMO.No doubt someone will say they're artistic,but i don't buy that.
    I will stick with Euro as it's my spiritual home and if it sinks i will go down with it.Competitions are not a priority for me,but sitting in my wee room painting is what turns me on.
    I still reckon the SMC show looks like it's held in a hangar.
    All you lads that slagged of Euro and were the harbingers of doom,could you please list all the negatives of the SMC show,or is it too perfect.I've not heard a peep out of anyone.
    One last thing Billy,sarcasim is the lowest form of wit but fortunately i love using it.
  5. billyturnip A Fixture

    I posted partly in jest but in all seriousness I would have thought it benefits everyone if all genres of the modelling world pull together, including the naked people...... all except the railway modellers, that's just weird. :troll:
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  6. ellie A Fixture

    Roger I think at some point in the past there was a dio with a Train;) I could be wrong or was it a railway gun(n)

    Brian I think most of the nude stuff comes in the fantasy class, it's a comp class so you are bound to get some nude bits as it seems to be a part of the gene, and so it will be in comp. as long as it's tastefully done I don't see much of a problem with it. it's more boobs than other parts.

    As to negatives I have now chatted to 8 people that were at the show and all have said it was great, good venue and great hotel at a very good price, the venue was well set out and easy to move around, they had a great time away from the show. food great and beer even better. the only complainant was that they drank too much:hungover:.

    They were their and so I can only go on what they say and the photos i've seen. Knocking Euro is not something that I have taken lightly as I have said I only missed 3 in the 31 years that it has run so my comments and observations were not something I take lightly. when you have an institution like euro it is difficult to see people knocking it, but the things that have been said are very valid. apart from knocking it as you say the comments are meant for the organisers to take note of ( Which by the way they have not responded to ).

    Give the show back to the people that love it, give them the chance to turn it round. make it the show that people talk about again and they will come. but not as it is. some times you have to be hard to get the results you want. All the Eindhoven show as done is show how far behind Euro has fallen. It needs up dating and bringing back to something like what it was before the likes of My Time Media took over.

    You might respond by saying if you you can do a better job then do it, my answer would be, I did the big royal armouries show and 5 others before that and each one was a success. we wanted to launch a new show next year again at the armouries but were let down fact.

    If my time asked me for help I would consider it but they would not like what I had in mind, would the radical thinking work in folkstone? I don't know as the plans involved the armouries and various re-en actors. and various events within the armouries to run along side the show. it would also involve a revamp of the comp with a master class been involved and maybe displays. I would also take a look at the awards. give them something worthy of the awards they win. Have Trader involvement with prizes given out. encourage the kids to come. Have something for the punter to do when they have had enough of walking round and need a breather till the next round.

    Make the show an event make it something that people who maybe have not seen this type of thing before. make it the place that is affordable to both trader and punter alike.

    Well you can shoot me down if you like but that is what I would do if asked but Pigs will be flying over Leeds Town Hall before that would happen.


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  7. stormtrooper miniatures Well-Known Member

    Your luck is in ian....

    Police helicopter was spotted looking for you this morning.
  8. stormtrooper miniatures Well-Known Member

    There will not be a response from the show organiser to this thread....but he has read it.

    My time media is where all this needs to go. I can only think that if somebody pastes a link to this on military modelling forum and hence makes it a problem then this is just hot air.

    A good show involves a good compor display area a good trade hall and great friends. Euro is all of this ...but if your mates are not there...the trade dont go and no one enters the comp...all of which wont be apparent till you get there or just before its a bit of a dear do.

    Its clear we all have a passion for euro...i only hope my time media can match it and knowing what i do thats my worry.

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  9. ellie A Fixture

  10. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Having seen the photos and videos of Eindhoven over the last weekend,I'm not sure Euro can compete,the venue and the model displays looked bloody awesome.
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  11. billyturnip A Fixture


    And what's more I haven't seen/heard anyone moaning about any of it.
  12. ellie A Fixture

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  13. billyturnip A Fixture


    I wish I'd had the opportunity to moan about that. :joyful:
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  14. ellie A Fixture

  15. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Could anyone who was at Eindhoven let us know how many figure entries there were (rough estimate, I don't need exact numbers.) From all the galleries I've seen there were a great abundance of tanks, dioramas, aviation displays, all of which I enjoyed viewing. But it just seemed that there weren't as many figures comparatively speaking in the galleries (especially historical). That could well be due to the tastes of the photographer, but otherwise, there are any number of regional IPMS shows I could go to on this side of the Atlantic if that's what I want. Euro has always been a figure show first and foremost, and that's what I do as a hobby. So I was hoping somebody in the know could tell me what SMC had to offer a figure modeler specifically.
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  16. brian A Fixture

    I totally agree Glen.There was 900 pictures of the exhibits on facebook,but only a handful were figures/busts.and most of them were fantasy.I go to figure shows
  17. brian A Fixture

    They can have as many nudes as they like,but G.Isley the, main man ,made the rules.
  18. brian A Fixture

    No problem,but we're talking about a twelve month period when Euro went from hero to zero.Euro was always a figure show,as they had Trucks and Tracks in February in Folkstone but it went tits up because of falling numbers.Euro was always a special show for figures,unlike any other.IPMS took care of everything else.
    I personally don't want to go to a show,that has stuff that doesn't interest me,unless it's my local show, which i'll always support.
    This is just my opinion Johan,and i'll be sticking to Euro.Looks like you guys have found Utopia,but it's the first show i've never heard a bad word about."Perfection"
    To finish of,i would still treasure a Gold from Euro above all others.
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  19. rossbach PlanetFigure Supporter

    Funny though it may sound Euromilitaire to me has always been about figures in the first place. I've always liked that. Because figures are what I am interested in. And I like to think that a Euro medal always was more valuable then others. It really stood/stands for quality. Competetion may be tougher then somewhere else. That's because there's an open competition within scale categories. Theoretically speaking this should result in the best models getting a reward.

    Others don't. The system seemed to work well. There was a tangible, recognizable, true standard to be held up. No other show could compete in this respect. But yes this is a rather harsh system isn't it? Survival of the fittest (best quality). But it is exactly this aspect that made Euro the universal benchmark it still is. But then again maybe we are witnessing the demise of a great venue? .

    There is something to be said for the 'continental' competition categories: beginners, advanced and masters, or what have you. It does gives more modellers a chance to gain recognition by winning medals. Such a system that yields more fruit for the harvesters can be attractive.

    Of course there are very good figures to be admired at other shows. But somehow I feel that Euro always had the edge and saw a more dense gathering of truly top class models then anywhere else. There were some very nice models (= figures) to be admired in Eindhoven last weekend. But it still did not reach the Euro level. Don't get me wrong: there was a lot of fantastic stuff to be admired. But different then Euro and less dense. Most importantly for me personally: unlike Euro the accent is not on figures.

    The premises were very good it has to be said. A nice quite conference centre set in a forest. Affordable pricing of accomodation and affordable table rents for the many traders that were to be seen. Perfectly accesible by car and public transport from Eindhoven station. And Eindhoven Airport is at a stone 's throws distance.

    Folkstone on the other hand is almost the complete opposite. An old - overpriced - falling apart - run down - degenerated - but no doubt once glorious- but sadly no longer - British seaside resort. Scruffy, damp overpriced hotels that might have thrilled the Victorians, but hold little or no attraction at all for people from the continent included. I may sound like a terrible snob but we are used to a higher standard at more competitive prices. Summa sumarum: Folkstone = sic transit gloria mundi. Sorry but that's the way it is.

    I agree with some of the above that the potential and meaning of Euromilitaire can and should be rejuvenated (for lack of a better word). But that would mean some drastic reflection an rethinking by the organizers. And modern, accesible and affordable premises.

    I haven't got a clue as to who these people are. What I can say however is that they seem to be deaf, mute and rather stupid. But then: I don't have acces to their agenda(s).

  20. Pekka Active Member

    just returned from SMC. I was very impressed with almost everything I saw and experienced. My only gripe is that I drank too much beer :) i have visited Euro many times, over a dozen anyway and loved every time. This year I decided to skip Euro and visit my first SMC. We flew from Finland to Dusseldorf and drove with a rented car to Overloon museum ( which is fantastic, btw) and Arnhem. Then to Eindhoven. The is plentiful, free parking, the hotel rooms are european quality, so no mold, holes in floors, mice droppings etc. They have two huge halls packed with traders and clubstands. Demonstrations and workshops are running almost constantly. The competition had 1120 entries, with a great amount of excellent figures and dioramas. And the clubstands has many more models, former gold winner/BoS among them. Two days were not enough to absorb everything...
    And the bar life was as wild as ever in Southcliff Hotel bar, almost.
    So here are some thoughts from somebody who was actually present.
    My FB photo album is the SMC thread, many figures included.

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