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Euro 2015 - and RP Models

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by Adrian Cowdry, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. stormtrooper miniatures Well-Known Member

    Moan,,,moan,,,moan,,,same old same old.

    I don't see traders moaning about the cost,,,the distance travelled ,nor Folkestone ,so I don't understand all the fuss

    I think its perfect to be honest

    The problem is apathy,,,we have in the UK the worlds finest 2 day figure show ,,,,the medals in the competition really mean something and no where else will you see so many companies under one roof. The lack of numbers is not down to the organisers its down to whether you really want to go,,,,if you do you already know the date for next year.

    Yes its a long way,,,but try coming from Canada, New Zealand ,Korea, Germany, France,Finland, Norway, Belgium ,The Netherlands, Spain ,Portugal,,,shall I carry on !!!! These are just some of the nationalities I spoke too or heard. That is special .

    WE need to support the show not pull it to pieces.

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  2. JonP PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well said that man! :D
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  3. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi Jon,

    I know from many modellers who stopped visiting TnT and On tracks because of a very "strange" contest result. Models which have received awards all over the world weren't noticed while other model which most of us could have done at the age of 12 ran aways with awards! This way many out there felt (rightfully?) that awards were given between friends and not to the ones which deserved it. There was even as "saying" that it was easier to win the lotery then it is to win something at TnT.


  4. brian A Fixture

    At last Stuart, a bit of common sense my friend.Your a breath of fresh air and have hopefully put a stop to the moaners.The hotels are not really up to scratch,my egg was cold,i think the number of people who turned up was lower than last year,etc,etc, etc,Surprisingly there wasn't the usual moan about the judging,now there's a surprise!!!
    Our hobby is a lonely pursuit,so where else in the U.K. can you meet up with like minded people from all parts of this planet,that share a passion for what we do.Folkstone as most people should know,was a top holiday resort many moons ago,until the majority of Brits pissed off abroad to sunnier climes.So how can we expect the hotels to keep up with maintenance of these old Victorian buildings,so there should be no gripe there.A cold egg,ask for a hot one,problem solved.Waiting too long for your breakfast to be served,ask the staff what's the problem and that should solve that.Need i go on.
    That's me had my wee rant.It was a pleasure to meet up with you once again Stuart,and no doubt will bump into you next year.
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  5. Nige Active Member

    :LOL: Aye OK Brian- I'll take a wee nibble . Its all good mate - in fact as Stuart says it's perfect. Absolutely none of the traders have complained about the table prices - not even the one at the start of this thread. In fact there's barely any free table space to be had and thank goodness there's plenty of room for us to walk around browsing as there's nothing worse than the sweaty crowds of the nineties.

    Folkestone is a wonderful place true enough and we really should apologise for not spending our holidays there. It certainly ranks up there with Rome, Boston, Paris, Glasgow, Girona etc etc where other top figure shows have been held in the past I mean who on earth would want a wee bit of culture in their free time after travelling a great distance or even a decent nights kip.

    But you're right mate its all these moaners and their ?? apathy that's caused the dwindling traders and dwindling crowds and it should maybe be a forum rule that nobody is allowed to say anything negative thing about Euro - Problem solved mate.:whistle: In that case I should have said. There is no dwindling traders. There is no dwindling crowds and F0lkestone can offer you so much more than just fridge magnets.

    Was great seeing you and Davy again - See you's next year - Maybe. Och I'll defo see you's at Darlington and Edinburgh :)
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  6. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member

    I think we are all entitled to an opinion - if it is not acceptable then we debate.
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  7. Colin_Fraser A Fixture

    No one said you can't express an opinion. Disagreement is not censorship.

  8. Bassman Well-Known Member

    I really love the banter here. It seems the same every year... I would like, no I would LOVE to attend one Euro before I go out to pasture. It is on my bucket list! The World Class displays are inspiring, to say the least.
    The only thing closest to this in the states is MFCA, and Chicago! I get to see some of the latest works from some of my friends from Europe at MFCA before Euro, so I am truly blessed. I know it is not what it used to be
    at it's peak, but it is still the show everyone seems to talk about every year. Every show has it problems, but getting to share good times with friends you maybe see once, or twice a year makes it worth it!! Down from the box now.
    From an outsider, enjoy what you have.

    Best Regards,

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  9. JonP PlanetFigure Supporter

    I love Euro,I have done ever since my first visit as a punter 15 years ago :) I've been attending as a trader since 2011 and I still love it. It's not just about the traders or the models in the competition, the Leas Cliff Hall, the hotels or any other one thing; it's all this and the people who make the journey. This was the 30th year and I spoke to quite a few people who have been to all of them and an equal number who hadn't but wished they had. There was the best part of 1000 models in the competition, including mine and a lot of other enthusiastic painters who would love to win a Euro medal but know they probably won't because they aren't that good; but their models are up there alongside everybody elses, good bad and indifferent at Euro Militaire. The hall was full of traders from both the UK and Europe and some for the first time; FeR, Tiny Leads, Nocturna and Siskin; none of them too shabby in the scheme of things. Add to that the people responsible for creating the masterpieces for sale and in the competition could be found wandering the Leas and were more than happy to chat and even have a selfie taken with you if you were that way inclined :) All this for £10 or £14 for the weekend; now that's a f*cking bargain by my reckoning!!
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  10. brian A Fixture

    A wee bit of sarcasm Nige.It's not like you mate.Let's correct a few wee things.Nothings perfect on this planet and i've never stated that Euro was perfect.I was not advocating that people should spend their holidays in Folkstone.I was stating a fact that Folkstone, like many other British seaside resorts,have seen better days,so you can't expect them to maintain these old victorian buildings to their former glory.If it was culture i was looking for,obviously Folkstone wouldn't be at the top of my list,but my sole reason for going to such a place is all to do with figures,meeting like minded old friends once again,and having some fun in the evenings.I never personnally stated anything to do with apathy mate.
    I don't believe in shooting myself in the foot,hence the reason i try to combat the abject negativity that this thread ,every year, promotes.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion,that goes without saying,but if the negative bilge that appears on an annual basis ends up destroying the one unique figure show we have in the U.K. then that seems crazy.
    If someone has to have a moan,go to the source of the problem,but coming on a public forum, which is read right around the world,in my opinion is making this show less appealing to people who may have wanted to come in the future.This thread would cause dwindling crowds and dwindling traders.Try reading the thread from a third party's point of view.
    IMO the people that perpetually moan, should just stay away,if it's that bad,and leave it for the people who have a passion for our hobby.
    P.S. How many Brit's ,i wonder,travel on a yearly basis,to Rome,Boston,Paris etc,etc, to a figure show? Now check out the nationalities that annually come to shitty old Folkstone.I rest my case.
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  11. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member

    Well having attended a few US shows - I am pleased I don't have to rely on Sh*tt* old Folkstone - particularly because of the lack of traders.
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  12. JonP PlanetFigure Supporter

    I've just been dipping in and out of this thread rather than reading it in any particular order as I'm still recovering from last weekend. I know I can't speak for all the traders and that we sell items across all modelling genres but from a strictly personal perspective I feel need to make a couple more observations.
    With regard to Telford being better value for money for traders than Euro I would have to disagree. The table cost for Telford is almost on par with Euro, the footfall is higher but we make pretty much the same at both shows. Figures are starting to fare better at IPMS shows but I still think figure traders suffer in relation to the plastic kit guys at Telford and as for the competition entries; very poorly supported.
    As for Hornchurch; it's a good sized club show. Not sure if it really justifies being a 2 day-er; we do well, the tables are a good price but it's 2 days on your feet for a reasonable return but not much more than we turned at Figureworld this year. There is very little in the way of hospitality around Hornchurch; we stayed in Romford this year which was ok but give me Folkestone any day :D
    Overall everybody is going to have their favourites and that's fine and they will also have their own views which is also fine so the bottom line is go to the shows you like and don't go to the ones you don't. If you have an issue with a show try telling the organisers and also tell them if you enjoy it. Organising events is a thankless task, yes this is the voice of experience although not in the modelling world admittedly, so a little appreciation goes a long way. The day David and Robin turn up at Folkestone in Ferraris is when I'll really start bitching about how much the organisers make ;)
  13. Nige Active Member

    Sarcasm Brian with tongue placed firmly in cheek mate. I think you're seriously overestimating the power of the planet if you think this wee thread will cause the traders and crowds to dwindle. However advocating that people who moan should stay away absolutely will. (did I ever tell you how much I enjoy the competition ). The show itself will continue on with its modelling excellence but that's not to say it couldn't and shouldn't be improved.
    Many Brits travel abroad to shows including myself and there are a great many Europeans travelling to these shows also. Its not just Euro who hosts large amounts of travelling modellers from all nations.
  14. mick3272 A Fixture

    This is getting to be like the magic roundabout going round and round and round. What poor sod will be bending over when it finally comes to a stop and disappears.
    'Time for bed' said Zebedee.
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  15. DEL A Fixture

    Sadly Folkestone's a bit of a dump. Many of the hotels are grim. Foods a bit hit and miss. Price of a pint in the Leas is too dear.
    It's a long slightly awkward journey. And yes Euro's not what it was.
    ...... by 16.00 on Friday there's nowhere I'd rather be. As long as the bed and shower is clean I'm happy. Ghurka, Papa's, The British Lion and the wee seafood stall at the old harbour more than meets my needs. I don't drink much so not really an issue. Every second of the journey is great a laugh from start to finish. Euro! well it is what it is and that is the venue for some of the best and most inspirational work in the modelling world.
    All of this linked to great company (yes ...... even you Moz) and it's still where I want to be.
    There is a huge risk involved in moving something like Euro to a new venue, most people by nature don't like change and don't embrace it.
    Is it broke? ......... maybe a bit. Does it need fixed? ........ maybe a bit. But don't tinker with the tried and tested format that it is.
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  16. brian A Fixture

    Hear,hear Derek
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  17. brian A Fixture

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  18. brian A Fixture

    If you don't go Adrian you'll save a tenner which could go towards your flight to the U.S
  19. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Being negative without a valid point could indeed hurt the show. But is that really the case here? Im thinking mainly of the hotels and shops in Folkestone, as well as the main hall plan solution . Restaurants are surpriceingly good but often they do have some odd opening hours.

    And please dont refer to us with complaints as moaners etc instead of adressing the issues brought forward.

    But if you agree that some points made have some thruth in them, you might not actually agree yourself that it is a problem but at least aknowledge that its described correctly, then the negativity steems from the problem not the ones adressing them. And definately not the ones trying to solve them. If others also think that is a problem, if not, no problem, right?

    I see the same reasoning about criticism to releases and bad traders, and I must say I couldnt disagree more. I rather be prepared and informed rather than being promised the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Janne Nilsson
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  20. JonP PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well I've just requested the same 2 tables again for next year and booked my room at the Clifton :)
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