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EOD Wheelbarrow British Army 1980s - HELP!!

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Foxwood Figures, Nov 9, 2023.

  1. Foxwood Figures Active Member

    As many of you are aware, I prefer to buy oop figures and figure ranges and re-release them rather than always bringing newly commissioned figures to the market. This is more forced upon me by my health than choice but it works for me.

    One of the problems with buying out figure ranges from oop companies is that sometimes you get a box or two of masters without notes or guidance, often with parts missing or mixed up. I occasionally delve into these boxes and sort out anything of interest as possible kits to bring back to market. One of these is a 1/24th scale, or 80mm, model of a British Army EOD Wheelbarrow Bomb Disposal unit from the late 1970s/1980s.

    I have a master, which I believe to be complete, but have no notes on what mark of the Wheelbarrow it represents, what "mode" of operation that it is (I think different modes of operation meant that it carried different equipment? - but happy to be corrected on that) or any other information. It is just a box of master parts for a Wheelbarrow. Indeed, it may never have been released although I have a (poor) picture of an assembled kit.

    The kit probably dates from the 1990s so is perhaps not as accurate as some kits released today but it is an interesting project of British Army equipment of that time that is currently unavailable. It will make a good presentation piece and fits in well with the 1/24th scale British Army vehicles range available from this period.

    I have taking a gamble and have had the master cast in white metal with a special white metal that allows the tracks to be completely bent around without breaking. The photo shows the kit parts, except the operating soldier that is being cast now but is shown in the poor photo. Just 13 complete kits of the Wheelbarrow have been cast initially.

    What I now need is a volunteer who is knowledgeable about the Wheelbarrow and capable of building the kit without instructions BUT WHO WILL CAREFULLY DOCUMENT THE BUILD SO THAT I CAN USE HIS NOTES AS A BUILDING GUIDE. Even better if it can be painted and include a painting guide.
    Obviously, I will provide him with the kit free of charge and to keep/return as he wishes and the kit notes will confirm the persons help in the build and/or box art. So, if you have some knowledge of this equipment and believe that you can build one from the parts shown in the photo, then please send me a pm.

    I have also listed this message on my Facebook page of Foxwood Figures 2023 (the page to replace my previous page, now hacked and defunct). Now I will cross my fingers and look out for pm's!!

    By the way, I have no idea why the kit photo is shown upside down in the preview. I cannot see any way to change it and, when clicked upon, it turns around again! Technology ,eh?

    20231109_102511.jpg IMG_4321.JPG
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  2. Nap Moderator


    A great question and project , be interesting to see any responses both here and from other medias

    I sorted out pics for you

    Look forward to replies

  3. Briggsy A Fixture

    Hi, not able to help on this apart from suggesting the RLC Museum in Winchester https://www.royallogisticcorps.co.uk/museum/ they should be able to help with specific role/Mark of the thing as the operators and Ammunition Technical Officers are now RLC trades. FELIX rides again!

    Cheers Simon
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  4. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    A little difficult to tell from photos but looks like it’s not classic Mk.7, 7B perhaps?
    Display version with Aerial on back doesn’t look familiar as these were remote control with cable.
    Also Mk.8 was totally different design so could be an earlier Mark.
    An interesting share & bit of a shame I live so far away.
    I operated one of these in the 80’s so am familiar.
    Here’s classic video, can compare your kit to:

    Google brings up more detail.
    Like this restored 7B perhaps you can track down owner?

    All marks were designed to be very versatile base framework, with wide range of tools able to be fitted, or bits & pieces taped or secured to, all depending upon the situation encountered.

    Trust this helps.
    Look forward to seeing it assembled & painted.
  5. housecarl Moderator

    I'm guessing the aerial would be for Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).(y)
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  6. Foxwood Figures Active Member

    Thanks everyone with your comments and especially Mike with his You Tube videos. Very useful. No offers as yet .......
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  7. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    There is a stray trombone slide and mouthpiece bottom center of the pic :)
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  8. Foxwood Figures Active Member

    That's for the musical section Matt, to keep spirits up waiting. Because if you have been in the army, there surei s a lot of waiting!!
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