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Review "ENZO" from Galapagos Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone,
    Following on from the release announcement here:


    A new line called Pathfinder from
    Details of the release

    Title: Enzo Silverback

    Referenece: GP-B011


    No of parts:9

    Material: Gray Resin

    Casting; In House

    Box Art Version 1: Ju-Won Jung with graphics from Yeon-Min Jung


    Box Art Version 2: Aleksandra Cvetanovski from Craftworld Studio


    As with previous releases the parts were in a strong recyclable cardboard box all surrounded by thick foam layers, the smaller parts being held in a small clear bag

    Also included is a scene setting insert with dialogue on one side the other having a lined drawing of the concept

    Parts consist main torso , right arm , right hand , left shoulder armour, a small piece that fits below chin, weapon , cigar end and a shaped base


    As you see we have a rather veteran fighter of a silver back so here's a couple of pics to help painting the face area

    depositphotos_29605589-stock-photo-menacing-look-of-a-silverback.jpg gorilla.jpg

    Again nothing to worry about except removing casting excess from front lower of torso , one from elbow , shoulder armour ,top of weapon handle (in hand) , fit neck and weapon end and cigar into mouth ,slight flashing on weapon and a fine casting line underneath , if you choose to use the base you will need to remove the square excess and I suggest pin as well

    All excess is easily removed with a sharp blade or razor saw along with sanding

    Overall casting is very clean and very sharp with no air holes anywhere

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Onto our Pathfinder Silverback

    The Torso

    This has been sculpted with the head included ......a futuristic warrior , covered in armour and with 2 propulsion hubs on his back,details are very sharply done and the casting highlights this , we have smaller armoured plates at the back of the neck, and chest edges , on the front perhaps a breathing hub as well

    The shoulders are cut spot on to take the right arm and left shoulder armour , cut outs being accurate

    Looking at the facial area this is one mean silverback , lovely details on the face itself , good definition on the eyes and the nose , the mouth is slightly open to take his cigar......no self respecting warrior should be without that !!!!

    On the head top we again see a armoured area running back onto the lower head

    Even by just looking at this part this is a painters piece ...you can do whatever you wish to do with effects


    DSCN1697.JPG DSCN1699.JPG DSCN1698.JPG

    Right arm and Hand

    The arm is positioned bent at the elbow with the wrist having a cutout to take the hand .....like the torso its covered in protection , almost cyborg in style , all areas showing good clean lines and perfectly formed shaping ,

    DSCN1700.JPG DSCN1702.JPG DSCN1701.JPG

    Fit to the shoulder is really good with no filler needed , the same goes for the hand ( pinning is advised)

    The hand is again covered in armour , each finger sectioned , gripping the weapon handle

    DSCN1709.JPG DSCN1710.JPG DSCN1708.JPG

    Left Shoulder

    Cut to just above to where the elbow would be , this is a blank canvas ...ideal to let your imagination go wild , same comments apply regarding casting quality and fit

    DSCN1703.JPG DSCN1704.JPG


    No one is going to argue with Enzo with this weapon , a laser , explosive activated piece full of heavan knows what , wires everywhere , all well done ....again a opportunity to get plenty of effects/battle damage on it

    Fit is easy with a cutout provided underneath to fit the handle into ....for safety I again suggest pinning it

    DSCN1705.JPG DSCN1706.JPG

    Neck piece and weapon end has 2 similar protrusions , possibly for breathing or similar ....fitting under chin , looking good when in place

    The weapon end has 4 petal like pieces coming out ...perhaps its a power pack for the weapon or maybe some lethal material


    Base and cigar

    As you see the base is tiered , if you use it pin it !!!, the cigar fits to the mouth easily .....I think some might replace this with some shaped modelling putty


    Final Thoughts

    As always with Galapagos we are treated to something different , high quality casting and presentation, this is a painters piece with many options available to the modeller and providing hours of enjoyment

    You could also contact Ju Won by e mail


    Why not visit the website:


    Or by PM on this forum


    Thanks to you all for looking in and thanks to Galapagos for the review piece

    Happy modelling to you all

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