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Enter in Vignette & Diorama # 4 here ...ends midnight 31/12/22 , voting from 1-31/01/23

Discussion in 'Figure of the Month/Vignettes & Diorama' started by Nap, Feb 1, 2022.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Everyone

    As members seem to like the Vignette & Diorama comp its a pleasure to be able to announce we will be running the 4th till Midnight 31/12/2022 , voting will take place from 1-31/01/23

    note: If members would prefer a shorter timescale do PM me

    PLEASE DO SUPPORT AGAIN ......we will have supporting companies as before ...more details when confirmed


    No limit on number of pictures or size ( full or thumbnail )

    The aim is to promote this type of modelling

    Subjects can be:

    1. Any scale

    2. Any subject

    3. Any period

    4. Any modelling genre

    5. Joint entry's are fine as well as individual

    6.Minimum of 2 figures , foot or mounted or with a piece of equipment ( for example 1 person and a dog is acceptable , a AFV with crew etc )

    7. No Maximum no of figures in the entry

    8. Choice of base size is entirely up to the entrant

    9. Entries can be previously completed models you've done ......with this thread time frame giving you plenty of time to get modelling something new as well

    and don't forget to support FOTM as well

    Do ask questions if needed or message me

    Happy Vignette and Diorama modelling

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  2. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Advance to Arnhem

    RM1601 Resin, 4 figures plus groundwork. http://www.reedeesminiatures.co.uk/products/1-16-120mm

    Painting: Oils over an acrylic base throughout for each figure.Pipes and roots were added to the base. The entire base was treated with a primer coat and a bit of cat litter for fine rubble, then a basic tonal coat. Oil washes were used for depth and highlights were dry brushed to complete the appearance.

    IMG_1099.JPG IMG_1100.JPG IMG_1101.JPG IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1103.JPG IMG_1104.JPG IMG_1105.JPG IMG_1106.JPG IMG_1107.JPG IMG_1108.JPG IMG_1109.JPG IMG_1110.JPG IMG_1098.JPG
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  3. ErGide72 A Fixture

    My entry

    Time for Peace'

    Operation 'Banner'
    Northern Ireland

    Just another day at Ulster...

    Figures are self made sculpts, as is everything on the base!) using Apoxy Sculp, painted with acrylics. Car is an extensive updated Airfix kit.

    IMG_20220212_233536__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233544__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233602__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233618__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233704__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233722__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233729__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233749__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233808__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233627__01.jpg IMG_20220212_233634__01.jpg Picsart_22-02-13_00-11-17-194__01__01.jpg
  4. eas6644 Active Member


    My entry. Figures are from Dougs Originals. Warriors and Minisoldiers. The base is from Blackdog. All painted in acrylics.
    Ed 20220709_164143.jpg 20220709_164147.jpg 20220709_164159.jpg
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  5. harrytheheid Well-Known Member


    Fanny Duberly didn't arrive in India until the closing stages of the insurrection but seeing as this small diorama is loosely based on a series of historic fiction books anyway, then I've no problem including her in the action...:)
    I suppose I could've just as well called it "THE SIEGE of KRISHNAPUR"...:whistle:...(Ooh, now that's a real easter egg for me to lay. For readers who're unaware, the author was J.G. Farrell and it's an excellent book).


    As any fan of George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman books will know, Mrs Elspeth Flashman was an, at times, "outspoken" Scottish Lady Extraordinaire...:)...


    ...while Grizel de Rothchild was Elspeth's (extremely) disapproving youngest sister.


    Figures are all nominal 54mm/60mm in white metal or resin.
    There's a couple of the Brits that are straight out the box, but most have been converted to some extent or other from white metal kits/figures.
    The unpainted resin Sepoys were kindly sent to me completely gratis by the owner of John Jenkins Designs in Hong Kong after I contacted him and explained the diorama that I wanted to build.
    On delivery, they looked to me like they were actually the Master Figures, (either that or, and I want to be perfectly clear about this, they're official copies obtained direct from the manufacturer - I guess they were simply "lying around" in Mr Jenkins' workshop and he was happy enough just to send them off to me for free).
    The fact these figures were cast as one complete piece of resin meant that I had to cut the arms off at the elbows so I could get in there with the paintbrush, but I got them painted eventually and then stuck the arms back on with a bit of filler taking care of any gaps.
    The buildings are a couple of old scenic items from W.Britains, weathered with various washes and pigments.
    The goose is from a ceramic set of birds bought a long time ago down some back-street in Hong Kong.
    The Cannon on top of the buildings and the wrecked Howitzer & Limber were from one of my display cases - can't remember the manufacturers.
    Groundwork is my usual mix of celluclay, with added sand, flowers and static grass.








    Decided to add a photo showing the diorama included in my wee Brit Empire display on the unit at the far wall of my man-cave.


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