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Enter in our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA # 2 ending midnight BST 31/03/21

Discussion in 'Vignette & Diorama Comps' started by Nap, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. PLG Well-Known Member

    Hi all. Here is my entry to this competition - my all encompassing WW1 diorama. The idea was to build a smallish diorama which encompasses as many of the well known aspects of the Wester Front as possible, such as:

    Front line trenches with fire-step - tick,
    communication trench - tick,
    sandbags - tick,
    barbed wire - tick,
    the same trenches being used by both sides - the many German signs show this is a German trench, but the one British sign shows it was once used by the British
    British army - the Mark IV British tank,
    German army - the tank has been captured and in in German colours,
    French army - French infantry figures,
    gas - the figures are all wearing gas masks,
    shelling and destruction - destroyed tank, broken trench,
    'decapitated' trees - tick
    soldiers going 'over the top' - tick
    dug out shelter - the doorway to one is in the junction of the 2 trenches.


    089A47E6-9D82-4FCD-980B-6B5762F2D12C.jpeg 78688C04-3967-47A4-81E5-E000FE0CAB6E.jpeg A60FDB40-92B3-4538-9032-FFE688DAA672.jpeg 06A91597-C4E7-43E0-BCC1-46AFE40D51B7.jpeg 50A6DD27-B709-4B94-8944-C2E00366FD3B.jpeg B20D84BC-CDC3-4AA4-B6FC-897438CD7BA6.jpeg F1E12E6B-E2FF-4F45-98E8-D799ABE410C1.jpeg 80D24EC1-A20E-4278-9E7D-36C9837B972D.jpeg
  2. Fredericus Active Member

    Here my vignette set in the city of Cassino during the 3rd battle of Monte Cassino (march 1944), after being bombed and razed to the ground. The figures are completely scratchbuilt as well as groundwork. Heads come from Hornet with some modifications.
    un saluto a tutti

    Cassino Inferno 1.jpg Cassino Inferno 2.jpg Cassino Inferno 3.jpg Cassino Inferno 4.jpg Cassino Inferno 5.jpg Cassino Inferno 6.jpg
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  3. The Norwegian Well-Known Member

    Latest project finished. Scale 75mm Figure fromLa Meridiana miniatures 604E6411-BE3F-4CD5-9747-7A6227AE718B.jpeg 5A3B0C23-2408-4B6D-9BF9-80EFC7CD90FF.jpeg
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  4. Alexey Agurianov Well-Known Member

    Castle miniatures, 54 mm (sculpt by V. Danilov "Thorny Guys").
    The attack of the 5th chevau-légers regiment on the 42nd Highlander, which did not have time to line up in square.The Battle of Quatre Bras was fought on 16 June 1815.

    DSC01163.JPG DSC01152.JPG DSC01153.JPG DSC01154.JPG DSC01155.JPG DSC01156.JPG DSC01158.JPG DSC01159.JPG DSC01160.JPG DSC01161.JPG DSC01162.JPG
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  5. Silver Dream Active Member

    DIO: "Shinobi stories: The Final Fight"
    All the models are provided by Legion-Miniatures of Roman Vetrov
    I would like to exhibit the diorama that we have been doing for the last 3 years.
    This is a collective work of several people:
    Roman Vetrov (Initiator, Sponsor and Project Manager)
    Ruslan Vorobyov (Sculpture)
    Mikhail G. (Forming and casting)
    Maxim K. (Models' Steel Weapons)
    Alexey B. (Assembly, preparation for painting)
    Natalia Dmitrienko (Main artist)
    Olga L., Inna X (auxiliary painting)
    Vitaly Puzenko (Script and project architecture)


    2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG 8.JPG 9.JPG 10.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 13.JPG 14.JPG
  6. Nap A Fixture

    Closed for entrys

    Thank you for supporting

    Happy benchtime


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