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Enter in our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA # 2 ending midnight BST 31/03/21

Discussion in 'Vignette & Diorama Comps' started by Nap, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi Everyone

    After the success of our first Vignette & Diorama comp ( see link below to vote and view entries

    Pleasure to be able to announce we will be running the 2nd with effect now running till Midnight 31/03/2021

    We are being supported this time by the owner of RDG Miniatures and respected PF member Gordon Mitchell aka GROD here on PF


    The prize From RDG will be this vignette



    Great prize from RICHARD WHARTON who runs OAKWOOD STUDIOS


    Richard has offered prizes to the value of £75......ideal opportunity to get a bespoke base by entering the comp



    It's with pleased to announce that CASTLE MINIATURES are happy to support the comp

    image.jpeg https://www.castleminiatures.com/

    BIG THANKS to both ALEX (PF username : Fantomas) and VLADIMIR DAMILOV for their great support

    Prize will be a choice of ONE of either of these 2 releases

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Another great reason to support and get the bench active and enter

    We will have other prizes which I will announce once details are confirmed


    No limit on number of pictures or size ( full or thumbnail )

    The aim is to promote this type of modelling

    Subjects can be:

    1. Any scale

    2. Any subject

    3. Any period

    4. Any modelling genre

    5. 1 entry per member

    6.Minimum of 2 figures , foot or mounted or with a piece of equipment

    7. No Maximum no of figures in the entry

    8. Choice of base size is entirely up to the entrant

    9. Entries can be previously completed models you've done ......with this thread time frame giving you plenty of time to get modelling something new as well

    and don't forget to support FOTM as well

    Do ask questions if needed or message me

    Happy Vignette and Diorama modelling

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  2. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Texas Ranger and the Alamo

    This diorama depicts US troops after convoy duty on Hwy 1, Vietnam 1968-69. The convoy duty has returned to base for refit, reload and some R&R. You may notice a few of the troops heckling the Sarge, not a good idea, he's not happy. Figures are various 1/35th, oils over acrylics with minor alterations. The trucks are AFV kits with some modifications, after market kits, and a lot of extras.





    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]












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  3. ErGide72 A Fixture

    '... With Combined Forces...' (...'mit vereinten Kräften...')

    1/35th Scale dio depicting German Fallschirmjäger troops in Itlay 1943/1944. All figures were converted from different manufactures, some light some heavy using MagicSculp/GreenStuff.
    Except for the vehicles (Tamiya truck and GreatWallHobby motorcycle, with PE updates) allmost everything is scratchbuild.
    Painted and weathered with acrylics, oils, pigments from different manufactures.


    fb02.jpg fb03.jpg fb04.jpg fb05.jpg fb06.jpg fb07.jpg fb08.jpg
  4. Edorta A Fixture

    The Farewell, australian soldier and nurse WW1, EL Arish hospital, resin 54mm, painted using acrylics. Figures by Tommy´s War, scenary by Alvic.

    TheFarewell1.jpg TheFarewell2.jpg TheFarewell3.jpg TheFarewell4.jpg TheFarewell5.jpg TheFarewell6.jpg
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  5. Panzerknacker91 Member

    Rorke´s Drift 22 January 1879
    This diorama is from RDG Miniatures and is completely painted by acrylic paints. Some boxes are from Verlinden and Legend productions and broken wheel is from Andrea miniatures.

    DSC01493.JPG DSC01496.JPG DSC01497.JPG DSC01503.JPG DSC01506.JPG DSC01508.JPG
  6. Canoehead Well-Known Member

    My entry: "D-Day Dawn": after a long night, 4 paras of the 101st Airborne and their German POW glance up at a sudden announcement of the arrival of morning on June 6, 1944. The 1/35 flak gun is the venerable Tamiya one, the POW a coversion of from an equally old Tamiya set. The paras are from 2 different makers, MJK Minatures and Alpine, with swapped heads from my spares. The farmyard wall is a bit of an old Verlinden casting I had lying around.
    View attachment 395384 IMG-3870 (1).JPG IMG-3849.JPG IMG-3850.JPG IMG-3847.JPG IMG-3869.JPG IMG-3851.JPG IMG-3855.JPG IMG-3856.JPG
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  7. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    M-52 Kaiser Jeep Truck - 8th Transportation Group - Vietnam 1969

    1/35th Scale -
    AFV CLUB base Kit + Real Model Resin Conversion + DEF Resin Wheels + P.E. + Scratchbuilt
    Bravo 6 Figures (converted)
    Scratch Built base with Blackdog Nam' Portal
    Hydra Models Italy Wood base
    1 Cover.jpg 2.jpg 20.jpg 19.jpg 18.jpg 17.jpg 16.jpg 15.jpg 14.jpg 13.jpg 12.jpg 11.jpg 10.jpg 8.jpg 7.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg
  8. patmaquette Member

    Hi everyone.
    My contribution was built over the months of the Battle of Britain to mark the 80th anniversary. The diorama all came from a single box; Airfix's "Ready for Battle" set, apart from the fuelling hoses that were bent from wire and the base that was cut from a sheet of MDF.


    Wording from the Airfix kit sets the scene nicely:
    "At the height of the summer of 1940, the fate of the free world rested upon the skill and courage of just a few young pilots as the RAF stood alone against the might of the as yet undefeated German Luftwaffe. In the air above southern England, Supermarine Spitfires and hawker Hurricanes fought vicious dogfights with the fighters and bombers of the enemy. As they wheeled and fought across the sky it was down to a larger group of men and women based on the ground to keep these vital aircraft serviceable and armed during these crucial summer months. Refuelling was the duty of the then common Albion AM463 refuelling truck, which with its three separate hoses was capable of refuelling three fighters simultaneously thus speeding up the vital turn around between fighter sorties. The aircraft were rearmed and maintained by armies of fitters and gun crews, feeding thousands of 303 rounds into the gun bays of the waiting fighters.
    Finally, trucks such as the Bedford MWD were used to transport men and equipment across airfields and around the country in this fraught and dangerous time. While the majority of the recognition goes to the fighter pilots of the RAF, who risked everything to defeat the Luftwaffe, the contribution made by the ground crews and other ground personnel must not be forgotten, many were killed and injured in Luftwaffe attacks on airfields and they worked tirelessly to ensure the RAF emerged victorious".
















    Many thanks for looking :)

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  9. SalMar Member

    Carthago War Elephant da RP-MODEL 75 mm

    Thank you all for the attention you have given me photo_2020-11-22 11.17.09.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.18.03.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.59.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.52.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.46.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.32.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.23.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.18.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.28.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.17.28.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.18.22.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.18.18.jpeg photo_2020-11-22 11.18.14.jpeg
  10. helis Active Member

    La marcha de Galvéz. A 54 mm Diorama with figures edited for the ACMH Alabarda, modeled by Antonio Meseguer, the figure of the Indian in the tree is a reference to Troop54 modeled by Carl Reid.
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  11. Andrey Miroshnichenko Active Member

    "Mongols", 54 mm

    The action of the diorama dates back to the early 14th century. The vanguard of the Mongol army came to the bank of a small fast river and at the ford on the other bank noticed the presence of an enemy patrol.
    Two figures (mounted Mongol and archer) from Altores Studio (sculptor Sergey Valger, resin, 54 mm.) and three figures (running Mongol, Mongol warrior with a spear and Mongol warrior with a horsetail) from Chronos Miniatures (sculptor Oleg Poghosyan, metal, 54 mm.) were used in this work.
    Painting - acrylic.








  12. fabrizio19691969 A Fixture

    Last stand of colonel burnaby 54mm IMG_20201213_201439_036.jpg IMG_20201213_201439_060.jpg IMG_20201213_201439_105.jpg IMG_20201213_201439_113.jpg IMG_20201213_201439_130.jpg
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  13. Kevtk135 Active Member

    Respectfully submitted - Aradia Miniatures Medusa and the Defeated Soldier. Approx. 75mm Done with Vallejo paints
    Model is mounted on a 2"X2" craft store block.



  14. Tommi A Fixture

    Here is my entry and a piece I done some time back. 75mm 28th foot Waterloo.
    Drummer and sergeant are both stock figures and the flag bearer is a conversion of another figure, All painted in acrylic,

    Photos are a little washed out

    Tommi 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg
  15. Alessandro Laiosca Member

    IMG_9478.JPG IMG_9476.JPG IMG_9477a.JPG IMG_9478c.JPG IMG_9500.JPG IMG_9502 (1).JPG IMG_9502 (6).JPG Questa scenetta rappresenta una piccola porzione dell'accampamento dei Dragoni Rossi durante la battaglia della marsaglia del 1693
    La scenetta comprende 3 figurini in scala 54mm in parte modificati e / o migliorati e tutta l ambientazione e vari dettagli sono interamente autocostruiti.
    La colorazione è stata realizzata a pennello utilizzando smalti humbroll e oli
  16. Stephan Well-Known Member

    Here is my latest, car from aoshima, max and dog cinemodels, copter is a printed kit from italia and the other is scratch from different materials
    scale 1/24
    2021-01-08 15.09.04.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.09.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.17.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.24.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.29.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.34.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.46.jpg 2021-01-08 15.09.53.jpg 2021-01-08 15.10.22.jpg 2021-01-08 15.10.29.jpg 2021-01-08 15.10.44.jpg 2021-01-08 15.10.54.jpg
  17. Edward A Fixture

    'Rorke's Drift'

    The figures are by RDG Miniatures, sculpted by Maurice Corry in 1/32 scale. I modified some of the heads.

    I used a mix of Vallejo and Scale75 acrylics.

    The composition is based on the painting by Alphonse de Neuville.

    The figure at the back pointing is Lt Gonville Bromhead.

    Padre George Smith with the red beard is handing cartridges to a soldier of the 24th Foot.

    Surgeon James Reynolds is tending to a Natal Native Contingent soldier.

    Corporal William Allen is in the right foreground. 139731845_10157609045776666_8477330456473246210_o.jpg 139770689_10157609212526666_1064329851297579110_o.jpg
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  18. Alain11 Active Member

    Hill all,
    American graffiti, 75 mm scratchbuild playground vignette in NYC,
    thank you
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  19. Kreston Active Member

    The Horror of Verdun, 1916

  20. Alfonso Floren Well-Known Member

    Hola a todos ,
    Escena de la marca Beneito en 54mm pintada en acrílicos.
    Está ambientada en la batalla de Rocroi 19-5-1643, la bandera es de creación propia hecha en papel de estaño y representa la bandera del Conde de Garciez .
    Espero que os guste
    Un saludo Polish_20210214_105237138_copy_1728x1152.jpg Polish_20210214_105154601_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210214_104047443_copy_1728x1152.jpg Polish_20210214_104339078_copy_1728x1152.jpg Polish_20210214_104425691_copy_1728x1152.jpg Polish_20210214_104509589_copy_1728x1152.jpg Polish_20210213_120516903_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_120305503_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_114721407_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_115121369_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_114906459_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_115643951_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_111729257_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_112420094_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_113333607_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_111408395_copy_1728x2592.jpg Polish_20210213_111315272_copy_1728x1152.jpg Polish_20210213_110945037_copy_1728x1152.jpg
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