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Enter here for Octobers's FOTM ending midnight BST 31/10/2020

Discussion in 'Figure of the Month' started by Nap, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Time to share your completed modelling pieces by entering a single one into our Figure of the Month

    Entries are open till midnight BST 31/10/20

    Please take the time to add some details to include:
    • Title
    • Manufacturer
    • Scale
    • Materials ( paints etc ) used
    • Conversion details if applicable
    • Any other info you may wish to add ie: links to SBS

    REMEMBER ....all pics can be FULL IMAGE......still a maximum of 10

    Our competition this month has been supported again by great companies with a particular prize of a Painting course as shown in this trailer

    Course on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-how-to-paint-a-bust-from-wwii/?referralCode=03187387D826C4613633

    Thank you to PF Member Carlos this is his avatar [IMG]

    In addition to this we also have a prize from Hugo Pereira of RP MINIATURES with this great prize



    Enter in October's FOTM here:


    Vote in our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA comp ending 31/10/20 go to here:


    Enter in our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA comp ending 01/03/21 go to here:


    Happy benchtime, entering and voting

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  2. No3l Active Member

  3. Theodoros A Fixture

    Hello ! This is my entry for October FOTM :
    The athenian hoplite 479bC


  4. Bone Active Member

    A true painter's bust from Andrea Miniatures, 1/10 scale, Vallejo & AK Gen 3 acrylics. A joy to paint
    IMG-9177.jpg IMG-9174.jpg IMG-9173.jpg IMG-9171.jpg IMG-9175.jpg IMG-9170.jpg IMG-9176.jpg IMG-9172.jpg
  5. Nap A Fixture

    Hi folks

    My entry this month ENGLISH CIVIL WAR PIKEMAN

    Painted in Acrylics , Water Soluable Oils and Inks

    Here is the V Bench https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/english-pikeman.274740/ if you wish to look

    Scale: Approx 250/300 mm

    Original sculpt by Derek Holmes

    Click on thumbnails for larger images if you wish

    Happy benchtime


    WIP 005.jpg

    WIP 011.jpg WIP 006.jpg WIP 007.jpg

    WIP 009.jpg [ WIP 002.jpg WIP 008.jpg
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  6. Mike Stevens A Fixture

    Castle Miniatures: 92nd Regiment of Foot (Gordon Highlander)


    Painted in Acrylics. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  7. VisjeMar Active Member

    hereby my first FotM

    Model: Young Miniatures 1:10 101st Airborne Division

    painted with Vallejo and Life Color Arcyls


    JT7A5917.jpeg JT7A5920.jpeg JT7A5921.jpeg JT7A5918.jpeg

  8. ErGide72 A Fixture

    My entry this month:

    Polen 1939
    1/35th Scale figure conversions from different manufactures on a '5 minute' base.
    All painted with acrylics.


    fbb02.jpg fbb03.jpg fbb4.jpg
  9. khollar Well-Known Member

    My FOTM entry for October. This bust of a Gordon Highlander, circa 1815, was produced in 1/10th scale by FeR Miniatures. Flesh tones were painted in oils, and the rest in acrylics.
    Kurt A79461B8-21A1-4006-873E-EDFDB9B70A70.jpeg 2D551062-3181-4EE2-AE9E-F0B8C40FF976.jpeg 9C668E01-DF8F-4637-A9DD-113AD691EE8F.jpeg ECF6F0E9-5A32-49AE-A47A-0CD1516837A0.jpeg 7043BF5F-3F99-42CE-A2B7-FBA75413B9D4.jpeg 4FADD97D-A28E-47B4-B577-DE2BAEBFF261.jpeg
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  10. Edorta A Fixture

    US Airborne Radio Operator CARENTAN 1944 1/10 Resin bust by Young B Song. All painted using acrylics. I replaced the original resin cables (they will break just looking at them) with metal ones.

    USAirborneRadioO1.JPG USAirborneRadioO2.JPG USAirborneRadioO3.JPG USAirborneRadioO4.JPG USAirborneRadioO5.JPG USAirborneRadioO6.JPG
  11. Marcin Morawski Active Member

    Bernardo O'Reilly, Magnificent Seven - 1:9 Mitches Military Models.
    PA100255.JPG PA100247.JPG PA100248.JPG PA100249.JPG PA100250.JPG PA100251.JPG PA100252.JPG PA100253.JPG PA100254.JPG
  12. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Avanpost studios 75mm.
    Cuirassier 13th in Spain 1810-12.
    All painted in acrylics

    BOB_0217.jpg BOB_0209.jpg BOB_0210.jpg BOB_0211.jpg BOB_0213.jpg
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  13. Brett A Member

    Hey guys, thought I would enter this in the FOTM. This is the Medieval Forge Miniatures Drummer of the Compagnies franches de la Marine. 75mm. Resin. Painted in P3, AK 3rd Gen, and Reaper Acrylics. Thanks!

    Franches de la Marine 1.jpg Franches de la Marine 2.jpg Franches de la Marine 3.jpg Franches de la Marine 4.jpg Franches de la Marine 5.jpg Franches de la Marine 6.jpg
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  14. Predasteve Well-Known Member

    Here's my entry for October

    1/16 Ivar The Boneless
    FER Miniatures
    Painted in acrylics.

    20200503_164704_resized.jpg 20200503_164654_resized.jpg 20200503_164641_resized.jpg 20200503_164634_resized.jpg 20200503_164619_resized.jpg 20200503_164627_resized.jpg 20200503_164731_resized.jpg
  15. Joe Hudson Active Member

    Hello everyone, here’s my entry for the FOTM.

    This is a resin 1/14 scale bust of the Queen Elizabeth from 9th Gate Miniatures that I slightly converted to make her into the Order of the Garter.

    The clothing was painted using Andrea acrylics paint and the flesh was a mixture of Vallejo and Scale 75 paints. E532DF9B-8B93-484B-AB4E-1D03937E6766.jpeg 11C0D0E0-BB32-42C8-AF64-ECE121232C6D.jpeg 2E946554-D776-46E4-AF89-D8A310CF64C9.jpeg 7216C6E0-8BA8-4CCC-83B4-4770F8B5C61B.jpeg 4411D011-76B1-43BE-968B-5BBF375C26D0.jpeg
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  16. PeterC Member

    Here's my first figure of the month entry.

    54mm Beelphegor, The Soul Reaper
    Andrea Miniatures
    Painted in oils and acrylics

    Beelphegor 2.jpg

    Beelphegor 1.jpg

    Beelphegor 3.jpg

    Beelphegor 4.jpg
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  17. fabrizio19691969 PlanetFigure Supporter

  18. MAXIMO Active Member

    Hi guys
    I did this vignette inspired by the paint of William Cary about an historical event on 1857, when the young Sioux chief Sitting Bull ( 26 at that moment, dared to menace Liutenant Warren, the commanding officer of a military expedition, throwing a lance in front of him and shouting:” go back paleface and leave our territory! “ .
    I created the chief warrior over a naked multipose figure and dressed it up with the
    traditional Indian wearing, war instruments and decorations (but sorry for any possible mistake on the matter): everything hand made with putty and metal ( like feathers, shield,tomahawk ,arc,buffalo skull )..I also transformed a Historex horse modifying part of the body and legs and created the equipment and details.
    I painted all with acrylic

    TORO SENTADO.jpg 2019-09-24 11.24.19.jpg 2019-03-21 09.12.16-3.jpg 2019-03-21 09.11.44.jpg 2019-09-24 11.08.52.jpg 2019-09-24 11.24.19.jpg 20201011_133838.jpg 2019-09-24 11.12.51.jpg 2019-09-24 11.46.32.jpg 2019-03-21 13.38.58.jpg TORO QUD.jpg
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  19. Alexandre Active Member

    Titre : Willie Nelson
    Fabricant : Légendes. Figurines Lore.
    Sculpteur: Mujin park
    Échelle : 1/10
    Peintures : Huile
    DSC_9740.jpg DSC_9742.jpg DSC_9744-2.jpg DSC_9746.jpg DSC_9748.jpg
  20. Caprikorne Active Member

    Good morning

    At Kevin's request, I posted my Timbalier de Mameluck in 1810
    Resin, miliput, duro, lead
    Scale: 1/10


    A la demande de Kévin, je poste mon Timbalier de Mameluck en 1810
    Résine, miliput, duro, plomb
    Échelle : 1/10
    Peinture acrylique et à hulie

    ATTACH=full]396607[/ATTACH] 35.jpeg 36.jpeg 37.jpeg 38.jpg

    Attached Files:

    • 34.jpeg
      File size:
      1.4 MB

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