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Elizabeth I, 1533 - 1603 Ademola 22 Bust sbs

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Guy, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    11 months ago I recieved the Elizabeth bust for a review from Roman Rux, of Ademola 22 Miniatures. As I said in my review it is one of the most beautiful and well cast busts I have ever seen. I immediately had a request to paint the bust from a special collector and about 3 months ago started her. I kept taking photos in the event I decided to post a sbs of the painting process.

    Eliz 01.jpg

    Above is the box art painted by Roman Rux of Ademola 22. This was my primary color guide plus a couple of reference photos of painting I found on the internet. Click here for review

    Now the dilema began...........I don't do light flesh tones and most of you know I always have dark skin tones. Well, I knew my usual technique would not work and gave it some thought ( about 5 months worth ) of how to just go about it. It was imtimidating to even start the bust and I put it off for weeks and weeks. Finally after jotting down a few notes I began the flesh process as seen below.

    Elizabeth 01.JPG Elizabeth 02.JPG

    Elizabeth 03.JPG Elizabeth 04.jpg

    Above is the 2nd step of a Humbrol flesh wash over a Humbrol #121 pale stone base coat. After the wash ( 3:1 ratio) had dried I decided the flesh needed another wash and proceeded to apply another.

    Elizabeth 05.jpg Elizabeth 06.jpg

    Above is the second wash completed and I was satisfied I had darkened the areas around the eyes and mouth plus the ears enough.

    Now for the step that scared the crap out of me........the 1st dry-brushing of white over the flesh area as seen below.

    Elizabeth 06a.jpg

    Elizabeth 06b.jpg Elizabeth 06c.jpg

    After my nerves had calmed down and looking at the 1st dry-brushing I decided it needed yat another one and began again the process of ever so lightly giving the flesh a second dry-brushing as seen below.

    Elizabeth 07.JPG Elizabeth 08.JPG

    I also decided that she needed some eyes and and also added the red lipstick plus painted the base coat of red brown for her red hair. Now I decided the complexion was right for the period of time Elizabeth I lived. I also decided she needed some red rouge on the cheeks and very carefully added the red rough to get a better idea of how she should look.

    To get a better idea of how the flesh would look with the rest of the bust I dry fitted the other components of the kit together as seen below.

    Elizabeth 14.JPG

    Elizabeth 15.JPG Elizabeth 16.JPG

    More to come.

  2. Guy A Fixture


    Elizabeth 17.JPG

    Now it was time to start on the necklace after giving the entire flesh area a coat of clear flat for protection of other wet colors bleeding into the flesh. I also gave the hair its first dry-brush of red and this will get yet another dry-brushing the next time I work on her.

    Elizabeth 22.JPG

    Elizabeth 23.JPG Elizabeth 24.JPG

    Elizabeth 25.JPG

    Above is where I am at as of this morning. This has been a fill in project as I am also working on other projects at the same time. Overall I think I found a second technique for me to do light light skin complexion. I'll let you be the judge of that with your comments.

    All comments welcomed please.

  3. renarts Active Member

    Ahhh Gloriana. Wonderful job. The fair complexion is a nice touch given the fashion trend then to use white lead in the make up to artificially lighten the complexion. (Made 'em bat crazy too) You did a great job on this. thanks for the sbs too. This would make Drake sail to the Americas all over again.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks for the feedback Mike. Much appreciated.
  5. mario Active Member

    Amazing work Guy

    I liked very much the skin tone .
    The eyes is very impressive


  6. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks for the feedback Mario. Its one of the toughest flesh tones I have ever done.
  7. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    I agree with the others,
    pale flesh tones can be challenging to do, and I think you have done well.

    It would be too easy to go all heavy handed, but what is called for here is a subtle touch.

    I think you have done this rather well.

    I look forward to the rest of the project coming along.

    thanks for sharing,
  8. Christos Well-Known Member

    Looks very good,women fleshtones are always a challenge.Beautiful bust!!
  9. Black Army Well-Known Member

    Very nice start Guy!

    :rolleyes:The bust is very realistic, It's show the Lady wasn't a beauty.

    I'm looking forward to see it finished!

  10. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Guy

    New methods abound, great bust and great casting as with all of their busts. I have to say maybe this will be a good method to follow again for you, its working well, but for this bust it maybe still slightly too dark on the highlights (tops of the cheeks and forehead), she was known for being very pale skinned, so maybe a little more light skin tones, take your time on the lacing its a bugger to get right. Great so far

  11. Mark S Guest

    Great work so far Guy.
    I don't think you can 'overdo' the pale on Lizzie1.
    And the darker tones under the eyes work well too.
    I thought this was one of the best busts I'd seen for sometime when I first saw it but I also realised that it would also be one of the hardest to do well.
    I'm sure your version will be great but how does one do pearls well I'd like to know.
    How do you intend to do the pearls in such a way as to show a pearl like lustre?
  12. Tommi A Fixture

    Very nice work so far Guy, I have been waiting to see how you have been getting along with this one. I do like the way you have handled the pale skin tones, good luck with the rest of it.
  13. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Absolutely perfect Guy! Very well done. I think you were psyching yourself out over nuttin'! Your "special collector" will be impressed for sure!

    Jay H.
  14. carl reid A Fixture

    hello Guy,

    fantastic work again!!

    This is quite a departure from your usual subject matter, let alone the flesh tones.
    Well done my friend!!
    I sculpted a piece some years ago for the Royal Mint of Elizabeth I. She is a very difficult character to capture. Her skin tones are very pale, bordering on white.

    Once again Guy, Great work!!

  15. megroot A Fixture

    I feel the likeness into the skintone's as you paint them. The very pale skin was fashion that days. Sun tan skintone's where not done. Darker skins get alot of white powder to look pale.
    So, i think you are doing a great job on this lady.

  16. Guy A Fixture

    Jamie ~ Christos ~ Balazs ~ Dave ~ Mark ~ Tommi ~ Jay ~ Carl

    Many thanks my friends for your feedback. Much appreciated on this new technique for me.
    Dave ~ Not going to touch her now but will keep the lighter flesh tones in mind for future projects.

    Mark ~ I have painted the pearl on her forehead and at her neck with Humbrol ivory. The next step will be to give it a coat of Humbrol "Satin Coat" for the Pearl lustre. If that is not enough I will cover it with clear epoxy.
  17. el cid New Member

    Guy REALLY Nice job... you have really captured her likeness. Bravo my friend..
  18. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Marc and Steve for the kind words. Much appreciated.
  19. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Great work so far Guy, not an easy one to pull off.Look forward to seeing this one finished.

    Cheers David
  20. John Bowery A Fixture

    Very nice so far. I would have been tempted to go even lighter especially for the victorian era. Really a nice tone that you have done but just my 2 Cents worth.

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