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Elisena 54mm Cossack Officer 1854

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by Watford, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Watford PlanetFigure Supporter

    In he early 2000s I drifted away from larger scale round figures because there's weren't that many on the market for the period I was interested in. I tended to focus on flat figures to plug the gaps and while my back was turned and Paypal became popular round figures from European manufactures for the mid to late 19th century passed me by :( Anyway I've tried to catch up but sadly producers like Elisena are not around anymore :( I've managed to pick up a few via Art Girona and here is one I've recently finished.

    BTW whatever happened to Elisena - sorry it I sound a bit like Rip van Winkle but like I said I was more focused on flat figures when this company was producing figures.

    It's a weighty piece, having been painting resin figures but with only 4 pieces to assemble and adding the sabre slings it was nice and simple to put together. The figure might not be a challenge to more talented figure painters than myself but for me it was nice to move this from my unpainted to painted army ;)




  2. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Watford.
    trying to catchup all the nice figures that are coming out lately is even for the fulltime painters impossible.
    I like what you have done but some things could be better.
    I see into the blue only shading, and no highlighting. Shading is done with black and that means that the color is turning into a dark grey. Better is to use the complementary color of blue.
    Highlighting could be with white.
    Highlighting the red must be done with yellow.
    There is more to highlight on the figure.
    But only a few remarks to help you.

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  3. DEL A Fixture

    Hi Roy.
    Marcs advice is spot on.....but what I see is a 'stylistic' approach that is of the period when there was a shift from a 'toy soldiers' style to a more realistic approach.
    This works particularly well in large collections and I see from your Gallery that's exactly what you've got.
    Taken as a collection along with your other pieces this looks magnificent.
    Marcs suggestions are well worth considering but unless you are wanting to change the style of your painting I wouldn't go too far from what you've been doing.
  4. swralph A Fixture

    Marc and Del Are both correct.
    Nicely painted figure.
  5. Watford PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks gents, I appreciate your comments and I am always happy to learn. I believe painting figures is organic so I am still developing and evolving.

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