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dusted off

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Robin, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Robin Active Member

    Hi all

    Not posted in here for ages, here is what I am working on now, its a new base for teh Elite French Officer .


    any critique is most welcome and especially any tips on how to sculpt cobbles ;)

    Thanks in advance

  2. megroot A Fixture

    Great work Robin,

    I must paint that figure to. It is in my stock.
    For cobllestone's. Well, i made some cobblestone's in my AFV time.
    You take some plaster of paris (any kind will do) and made this as the instruction said. Then you put it on your base in a layer of about 2 - 3 mm. Let it set for one hour and then carve with a paperclip the stones. Let it dry 24 hours, and paint.

    Another option is with dryed peas (out of a package). You take some twosided tape (as for carpet's) and put that on your base. Take the peas and stick them on the tape. Than fill with plaster of paris.
    Let dry and paint.

  3. neill Active Member

    I use a couple methods
    1. For Crazy cobble stome or iregular or for simple brick type streeats I pour Durhams Plumbers Putty (mixes and pours like plaster, but dry harder and stronger - plus it can be drilled, carvedadn sanded w/o cracking) and carve them out with dental tools. I did an article at Armorama.com a while back that explains my method in greater detail - Building Article

    2. I use split peas, lentals and other beans, gl;ued in the pattern desired with white glue. aAter it dried I pour a layer of plaster over the top ( or Durhams) to settle into the spaces like grout. I then wipe with a paper towel to remove the excess. This allows for a great look and paints up well. Recently I completed a commission piece witha FAN pattern cobblestomne street.

    Just some ideas for you to mull over!

  4. Calvin Member

    The one you see is for a japanese garden setting, so it's too thick for your purpose, but the procedure is the same.
    Simply make a ball of magicsculpt, squash it and texturize it with a real stone. Making one by one is really boring, but gives a more real look.

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  5. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Robin, It's always fun to see the varying interpretations by two or more painters work on the same figure as a painting project.

    Luca, I did cobbles a similar way a while back. I took several balls of putty of varying sizes and did a section at a time. I squished the partially cured balls with a ceramic tile lightly coated with vaseline. it was important to keep the cobbles almost the same height. I then went in with a sculpting tool an reworked in the individual outline of where each stone blended into the next after flattening them. they were then textured with a toothstone. Luca's texturing method is more realistic than with the toothbrush, although there is no right one way to do this kind of thing.~Gary
  6. johnbrewer New Member

    come on Robin, give us an update.

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