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Dungeon of Doom Revision Deux

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by harrytheheid, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. harrytheheid Active Member

    And they started getting some color this morning. This was where I was at by lunchtime.
    01. DVG_Lunchtime_28-Apr-2019.JPG

    I'd like to claim the "Quasimodo" spelling mistake was a Freudian slip, but it's more likely just a Senior Moment....:confused:
    02. DVG_Lunchtime_28-Apr-2019.JPG

    Got back to them this afternoon, and here's how they look right now.
    03. DVG_Evening_28-Apr-2019.JPG

    04a. DVG_Evening_28-Apr-2019.JPG

    The faces are nowhere near finished of course, but I think it's not a bad day's progress.
    I'll get on with the body parts tomorrow morning and then by around lunchtime I'll probably do a bit more on the eyes and shadows on the girl's faces.
    The detail on these figures is incredible, and to be honest - a bit daunting, but I'll just take it all step by step.
  2. harrytheheid Active Member

    Not a lot of progress today due to having to fix a casting line on one of the legs that I missed during the clean up -- and GoT S8E3, which I've now watched twice and intend to watch again later tonight.
    All the same, one of the Dancing Vampire heads is almost finished, although I'm still struggling a bit with the kohl on the other head just under the lower eyelid - should get there tomorrow.
    The fleshtones on the legs of both figures is pretty much done and the torso's will be next.
    01. DVG_29-Apr-2019.JPG

    02. DVG_29-Apr-2019.JPG

    03. DVG_29-Apr-2019.JPG

    Added some more gore to the Demoness's trophy and the figure was treated to a coat of Vallejo matte varnish. Have just realized that her left foot needs a bit more work on the toes and pustules.
    The original details were lost when I fixed an over-paint the other day - and I forgot about re-doing them.
    01. DoD_29-Apr-2019.JPG

    Took another look at the scenic and I now have a fairly good idea where the additional figures will be located.
    02. DoD_29-Apr-2019.JPG

    I reckon Postman Pat might just deliver those final figures around the time I get both Vampires finished....:)
    03. DoD_29-Apr-2019.JPG

    The scenic itself needs some moss and more general goop added, especially oozing down the walls, but that won't take too long.
    So all in all? Yeah, pretty happy with the way this is going.
    Now -- I'm heading back to the Battle of Winterfell......:cool:

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  3. harrytheheid Active Member

    I've now got the faces on both Disco Dancers to the point where it's best to call them finished, before I screw up.
    Still got some highlights to do on both girl's hair, but I can come back to that in a couple of days from now as I want to get on with the skintones on their torso's and all the clothing details.
    Will they have hairy armpits? Hmm, that's still to be decided.
    Following photos show my progress from this morning through to this evening.
    01. DVG_30-Apr-2019.JPG

    02. DVG_30-Apr-2019.JPG

    03. DVG_30-Apr-2019.JPG

    04. DVG_30-Apr-2019.JPG
  4. bricks tattoo Well-Known Member

    Nice. Where did you find the Conan and Tholsadoom figures
  5. harrytheheid Active Member

    Historex Agents in the UK.
  6. harrytheheid Active Member

    Still a long way to go of course, but it all seems to be coming together nicely. Think I'll get the skintones on the two Dancing Vampires finished tomorrow and then make a real start on all the tiny details of their clothing.
    (And fix all my usual overpaints).
    Also need to move those pole-arms behind the statue and add some goop oozing down the walls.
    06. DoD_02-May-2019.JPG

    07. DoD_02-May-2019.JPG

    08. DoD_02-May-2019.JPG

    09. DoD_02-May-2019.JPG
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  7. harrytheheid Active Member

    Not quite finished but definitely getting there I think. Hope so, as even the wife is taking an interest in these two beauties.
    Reckon I should be able to start on two more figures for Doom's Dungeon on Monday.

    03. DVG_03-May-2019.JPG

    04. DVG_03-May-2019.JPG

    05. DVG_03-May-2019.JPG

    06. DVG_03-May-2019.JPG

    07. DVG_03-May-2019.JPG
  8. harrytheheid Active Member

    A mate of mine has "helpfully" suggested that I might well have a second career beckoning - manning the ladies cosmetics counter at Victoria's Secret.
    I had a long think about these two figures over the weekend, as they are by no means finished and some of the parts are only a press fit at the moment.
    The effect on their skirts is okay and all that, but perhaps not quite what I was trying to do, so they might be coming back off for a dip in some paint stripper. Dunno, still thinking about that one.
    But I've decided these two ladies are probably not going into Doom's Dungeon after all, so I'll get on with two different figures while I wait and see if I can get my hands on the particular type of paint I want to try out on those skirts.
    Should get an answer back from the hobby paint manufacturer over the next couple of days - if he can decipher my miserable attempts at trying to communicate in Spanish.
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  9. harrytheheid Active Member

    Well, that's these two "Hyborian Knights" either side of Thulsa Doom around 90% finished. They're only held in place by the pins installed into their legs at the moment and will be coming back out while I finish off the gambeson on that guy wielding the pole-axe and the face on the pointing guy. Should get that done this weekend.
    Only two more figures to go for this revamped display and they should be delivered around Monday, so this project could be finished by this time next week.
    05. Knights_10-May-2019.JPG

    06. Knights_10-May-2019.JPG
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  10. harrytheheid Active Member

    Got a little bit more done on the two Knights yesterday evening....
    01. DoD_11-May-2019.JPG

    ....and I think this is a better layout for the figures.
    02. DoD_11-May-2019.JPG

    Still waiting on delivery of the final two figures I want to include in this display - although I'm told there's a shipping box addressed to me presently sitting in our local Post Office that probably contains one of them.
    So, time now to concentrate on getting the scenic back up to scratch. It's a few years old now and is definitely in need of being freshened up a bit with a few repairs and some additional details.
    03. DoD_11-May-2019.JPG
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  11. harrytheheid Active Member

    Well, this one is now very close to being finished with the exception that I still need to decide whether to include the two "Dancing Vampires" - who's skirts are to be repainted anyway.
    Other than that, there's not too much remains to be done apart from an additional skull here and there.
    06. DoD_15-May-2019.JPG

    07. DoD_15-May-2019.JPG

    08. DoD_15-May-2019.JPG

    09. DoD_15-May-2019.JPG

    10. DoD_15-May-2019.JPG
  12. harrytheheid Active Member

    The last of the skulls, plus the paints I'm going to re-do the Dancing Girls skirts with, should be turning up in around ten days time.

    But I'm not all that chuffed with the look of the dungeon floor - the pigments I used make it look too "yellow" and have subsequently left it far too bright.

    So all the figures and everything else are coming back off the scenic over the next couple of days while most of those pigments get washed off and replaced by a few darker colors.
    That'll also provide an opportunity to integrate the piles of skulls better into the floor of the scenic.

    Meanwhile, I decided the display needs more of Thulsa Doom's henchmen, so I made a start on assembling and painting these two 75mm thugs.
    Ignore the guy in the middle who's "Taken the Black". He's going to be used in the next fantasy show I have planned.
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  13. harrytheheid Active Member

    This little project had to go on the back-burner while waiting for more skulls in various scales to be delivered, plus we had visitors from the UK for a couple of weeks, but that's the diorama practically finished with all the main elements in their final locations. Although having said that, I reckon I'll take the Ninja out and use him in something else, then adjust the positions of Conan and the bull-headed monster.
    The small female figure kneeling on the statue plinth just about works, (think Arya Stark from GoT - she's tiny), although I do need to do a bit more work on the flesh tones of her muscle-bound "minder".
    The Evil Sorceress has gained some much-needed upper support, but I probably should have filed down her lady-bits a tad; perhaps it's a gold-plated construction and they're molded onto it? Or maybe she's just standing in a drafty area and got cold?
    Similarly, I used a satin varnish on the flesh areas of the two "Dancing Vampires", and that was a mistake as well, so they'll have to get a further coat of matte varnish - maybe a 75/25 mix of matte to satin will provide the effect I want?

    Think I've used just about every Conan trope I could come up with....:D....But I do like the faintly "Stygian" look at the right-hand end, and the more "Hyborian/Nemedian" flavor at the left-hand end, with the small island of (perhaps) not-so-good-guys just off center.

    Now I need to find something to finish off the front edge - a few strips of wood off an old picture frame will probably do.
    A friend on this forum came up with an excellent suggestion; basically turn this into a sort of box-diorama. So the structure of Doom's Dungeon is going to gain a ceiling, plus I'll pick up some LED strip-lights next time I take a wander through the lighting department round at the local IKEA warehouse. I'll also use some pictures that are a bit more appropriate to the scene to block off the arches at both ends.

    The light wasn't great this afternoon so I had to use the camera flash. Can't be helped, but once this wee project is finally completed, then the addition of the LED strip-lights should allow for better photography. Well, that's the plan anyway - time will tell on that one....:)
    Any suggestions for further improvements are more than welcome.

    09. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    01. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    02. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    03. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    05. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    07. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    08. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    04. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG

    06. DoD_09-Jun-2019.JPG
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  14. Landrotten Highlander Active Member

  15. harrytheheid Active Member

    That's weird. I uploaded them and then posted as normal, and they're visible on my monitor.
    Try logging out, clear your cache and login again.
    I've no idea if that'll work, but it sounds kind of vaguely computer techie....just like whenever I call our IT helpdesk.
  16. Landrotten Highlander Active Member

    odd, did nothing but check the F1 race, comes back without logging off and I see pictures.
    competuterso_O:confused:, supposed to make life easier .... or so they say (whoever 'they' are - prbably some Matrix type of characters)
  17. harrytheheid Active Member

    You're singing to the choir mate. I've just had to reboot my computer, reconnect to my ISP and start my VPN again - just so I could buy a Kindle book from Amazon.
    Must be The Pixies that do it....:meh:
  18. Landrotten Highlander Active Member

    aahhhhh, pixies.....
    and there I was looking for Gremlins and in the process moving the pixies aside :facepalm:
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  19. harrytheheid Active Member



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