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Dungeon of Doom Revision Deux

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by harrytheheid, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. harrytheheid Active Member

    Since finishing this display back in April 2016, I've raided several characters from it to be used in different projects.
    01. DofD_02-Apr-2016.JPG

    So I recently decided to revisit and fresh it up a bit.
    The scenic was exhibiting a fair amount of wear & tear, after all, it's only made from foam and thick card, so all remaining figures were removed while I got to work on the areas that needed attention and after an initial wash on the flagstones with diluted blue/green inks, here's the progress so far.
    In addition, the characters I used in the original version ranged from 70mm up to that 120mm four-armed Demoness, but I could get away with that to some extent by using "forced perspective". For example, the 80mm "Princess Jasmine" looks okay in this shot along with the 75mm gang.
    02. DoD_02-Apr-2016_a.JPG

    Problem is, even in this low-angled shot, she looks way too large in comparison to the replacement 75mm figures in the revamped display.
    03. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    So she had to be moved, and I actually like her better in the new location, although I do need to replace those chains so they can reach the top of the arch above her head - but that'll have to wait until the wife isn't looking - while I raid her dressing table for something suitable to use as miniature chain.
    04. DofD_11-Apr-2019.JPG

    Next job was another wash of diluted inks on the flagstones, dark brown this time, followed by a drybrush with some pigments to dull things back down again. Only, the ink wash wasn't quite dry enough, (doh), so I left well alone overnight, intending to do a bit more work on the scenic today.
    05. DofD_11-Apr-2019.JPG

    Thing is, I'm not one of those guys who can leave well alone for too long, so this morning I started playing around with the figure locations. And then - received this email from a mate of mine, who suggested, (tongue in cheek I imagine, but you never know for sure with the kind of mates I have), that adding a horseman would be a "great idea". (I've removed names to protect the innocent).

    So here it is with a couple of 75mm mounted figures added. (Hmm, seems to work okay....ROFL).
    06. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    07. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    08. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    09. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    10. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    On the other hand....naah.
    Removing them from those "grass bases" is too much like hard work. So I'll just have to revert to Plan A, remove all the characters again and clean up the flagstones later today.
    No worries, there's plenty more fun and nonsense on my workbench to get on with while I'm hopping from foot to foot waiting for the additional "New Demoness" and "Dancing Vampires" to be delivered from the UK and Russia.

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  2. HansDig Active Member

    I love scenes like that. Lot of things happening and you can let your imagination go in every direction you like.
    Reminds me of my "Raiders of the Dragon Egg" which started with an old trunk and a guy on a griffion and look where it took me :nailbiting:
    So..keep up the good work and lets hope the "damsel in distress" will be saved !!
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  3. harrytheheid Active Member

    Hah....I love it, and that lump of wood your son rescued has been turned into an astonishing piece of art that acts as a terrific base for the diorama.
    I did something along much the same lines ages ago, with a Dragon protecting her eggs from rampaging "Brothers of the Temple of the Golden Cross" and it's a lot of fun just letting the imagination run riot.
    13. H&D 30-Dec-13_a.JPG

    14. H&D 30-Dec-13_b.jpg

    Unfortunately, I ended up getting squat done on my latest flight of fantasy today due to Her Imperial Majesty dragging me out for lunch at the new, (and as far as I know, the only), Indian restaurant in town. The owner spoke English, and it turned out he comes from Rajasthan up in the North West - where I was assigned on three separate occasions last year. Bit of a shame I had to admit that I couldn't recall meeting his cousin, who goes by the name of Gupta Natarajhan, apparently. I suppose it's a bit like the neighbors asking me if I get invited to drink tea with Queen Elizabeth on the odd occasion I find myself back in the UK.

    Anyway, I digress as usual.
    At least the bold Pegaso mounted figures have been rescued out of the scenic and my home office has now reverted back to the usual state of chaos.
    11. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    And the small display above the computer station has been restored to its full glory.
    12. DofD_12-Apr-2019.JPG

    Many thanks to the guys who've "liked" this thread.
    There's more to follow, as and when.

  4. HansDig Active Member

    Needless to say I like that Knights-and-Dragon one too !! (y)
    For the weeks to come there's only commisioned building for me........
    I do a lot for a museum who wanted me to make this ( both in one dio ) . I already did the Tainanmansquare scene for them (and a lot more ) but there's no fun in building (1/72) choppers and tanks but hell, it pays for the fun stuff I buy !

    Attached Files:

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  5. harrytheheid Active Member


    Yeah, I know what you mean. 1/35 is the smallest I try to go, and it's really too small for my eyes these days. I find that 75mm offers the best compromise between size and the value/cost ratio.
  6. harrytheheid Active Member

    I'm finally getting somewhere with this revamped Dungeon scenario. It's my own fault for having way too much going on at the same time.

    75mm Sun T'zu
    a. Sun T'zu_17-Apr-2019.JPG

    A small 54mm diorama
    b. MoM_17-Apr-2019.JPG

    And a bunch of half-done figures for yet another 54mm diorama
    c. Mongols & Byzantines.JPG

    But one of the figures I want to include in the Dungeon of Doom was delivered yesterday and I'm hoping the other two will turn up over the coming weekend
    d. BBD_17-Apr-2019.JPG

    The weathering on the floor slabs is finished and I've almost decided on the locations of most of the figures
    e. DoD_17-Apr-2019.JPG

    f. DoD_17-Apr-2019.JPG

    g. DoD_17-Apr-2019.JPG

    I'm notorious for underestimating the time it takes to finish off one of these projects, but if the two figures that are in the post get delivered over the next few days, then this one might be completed by end of next week, (he said....optimistically)
  7. harrytheheid Active Member

    Took another look at this and decided that both the Viking and the Valkyrie are over-dressed compared to the rest of the figures.


    So out they came.
    Mind you, Thulsa Doom is also over-dressed compared to the rest of the figures, but there's no way he's coming out. After all, it's his dungeon.
    I reckon the minimal look is better anyway. Less is more and all that.

    So after that, I made a start on cleaning up the cheeky wee Demoness and began putting her together. The assembly process turned out to be somewhat exciting seeing as there were two arms and a
    right leg to pin and glue onto the main torso while juggling everything so's they'd fit all four contact points on that base of skulls, but I got there in the end.

    Also made a slight, but important change to one of the details.

    So, assuming I can wriggle out of the weekly shopping mission to Walmart, and no natural disasters occur between now and then, it'll be time to break out the paintbrushes tomorrow.

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  8. harrytheheid Active Member

    Well, the RP Models 75mm Sun Tzu figure, and everything else I'm presently working on, got pushed to one side while I concentrated on the Little Demoness from Nuts Planet today.
    Made more progress than I expected - and I'm really pleased with how her face is coming along.
    I've no idea if anyone else does this, but I got into the habit of taking a series of photos as I work. I find it invaluable when I take a break and study them at a high magnification - helps me spot mistakes and areas that need to be improved. Adding notes to the photos helps me remember what needs done when I head back to the workbench, (the transition to Senior Citizen does have its moments). It also provides a record of projects I've done that I can look back on, sometimes with pleasure and sometimes with dismay, and track my progress or otherwise, in modeling and painting stuff.
    Postman Pat didn't deliver those 75mm Dancing Girls today - the ones I'm waiting for so I can wrap this project up and get on with something else.
    Oh well, hope they're delivered tomorrow, or early next week.
    All in all, I think I made some very satisfying progress today.
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  9. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking really nice Harry! I appreciate all the details on your projects. (y)

    Cheers ,
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  10. harrytheheid Active Member


    Thanks Ken - glad you like it.
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