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Duchy of Warsaw Drummer with Daughter Bust

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Henk, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Henk Well-Known Member

    I'll soon start a SBS thread when I start to paint this, but in the mean time I thought you might all like to know what's in the box.

    The box arrived two days after I ordered it from Bonaparte, so no complaints there. The bust is very well packed, with the main parts in bubble wrap, and smaller pieces in small bags. All parts arrived in one piece, in a simple but sturdy brown cardboard box.

    Opening a new arrival is always exciting, and this bust did not disappoint. Huge chunks of resin, with so much detail and texture to admire, it took a while to get it all unpacked. Of course, 200mm is a very large scale, indeed one which puts many painters off, but in this case, the sculpt deserves this large canvas.

    I'll start this review with a selection of pictures of the box opening, and the parts theirin. Tomorrow I'll upload more detail photos, and go through the individual parts. 20210428_121246.jpg 20210428_121326.jpg 20210428_121358.jpg 20210428_121834.jpg 20210428_121646.jpg 20210428_121603.jpg 20210428_121452.jpg
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  2. Scott Sheltz Active Member

    Very nice looking kit! Looking forward to the SBS
  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Henk

    Thanks for sharing this look at it

    Very good packing indeed

    Good sharp detail on the pieces especially that drum

    Thought there might be more pieces ie: child separate so that's clever casting

    Casting looks good and your obviously one very happy customer

    Look forward to the SBS

    Happy benchtine

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  4. Henk Well-Known Member

    You are more than welcome Kev. My pleasure. And yes, I am one very happy customer. As will be anybody who buys this beauty.
    You spotted already one of the main points I was going to make, the absolutely superb casting of the one piece torso with the girl in the arms. My photos (had to take them on the phone..) dont do the depth and detail justice. Like you, I expected this to be a multi part assembly.
    I'll start with a general summary of the parts. As the photos show, all parts are very cleanly cast. All textures are as they should be, with a lot of effort put into parts with will not be seen after the piece is finished. There are only three pour channel stubs to remove, 2 from the back of the Cape, and 1 from the torso. There are some small mould lines on most parts and some very fine flash, as can be expected, but nothing that a quick swipe with the exacto wont clear up. All mould lines are in clear and accessible places, so even if you need to sand, it wont be a problem.
    There are a few small air bubbles, again, none are difficult to fix with a small dab of filler, and there are no thin or weak spots on any of the thinner casts, such as the Cape folds.
    The textures are beautiful, this will be a joy to paint, because there is so much to play with. The soldier, and his uniform, obviously have defined colours, but with the girls outfit and hat, you can let your imagination loose. A point about the Cape, there are two distinct textures to it, and at first I thought that there was a cast problem. But it appears that the sculptor has sculpted in the mixed textures of an old and worn woolen cape, with parts still fluffy, and parts worn flat.. brilliant.
    Anyway, enough of my waffle, let's go to the main event..

    20210429_051811.jpg 20210429_104926.jpg 20210429_104952.jpg 20210429_105013.jpg 20210429_105047.jpg 20210429_105116.jpg 20210429_105144.jpg 20210429_105625.jpg 20210429_105711.jpg 20210429_105759.jpg 20210429_115702.jpg 20210429_115809.jpg 20210429_115847.jpg 20210429_115905.jpg 20210429_115929.jpg 20210429_120041.jpg 20210429_120116.jpg 20210429_120152.jpg 20210429_120237.jpg 20210429_120258.jpg 20210429_120316.jpg 20210429_120347.jpg 20210429_120405.jpg 20210429_120445.jpg 20210429_120505.jpg
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  5. Henk Well-Known Member

    I've started researching the figure, for references for painting, and I've just noticed something odd about the sabre.. the grip and hand guard are facing the wrong way around (or the blade curves the wrong way...). Am I right, or is my ignorance of oldie worldie weaponrie that obvious?
    It wont be a big problem to fix, just wondering.
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  6. valiant A Fixture

    Not wishing to detract in any way from the technical quality of the sculpt, I do think that there has been some considerable artistic licence taken with the scale of the baby/toddler, in relation to the soldier. The features of the child are beautifully rendered as per contemporary regency paintings, but the proportions seem very small in comparison to the male, almost newborn baby-like in scale. Conversely, the infant's hand holding the drumsticks are almost skeletal in their execution, with very pronounced knuckle joints, unlike any young child's anatomy! To put it simply, the child's features look too old for a baby, as does the length of the legs and the hands, but the scale of the child is more new-born in its overall size....I have attached a couple of images to illustrate my point.(y)

    Attached Files:

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  7. cinimod Active Member

    I think you're right, the briquette is wrong in both the way it curves and also the grip but remakable. I do like the rest of it though and a very good bit of casting bearing in mind the complex nature of the sculpt..........dom IMG_1218.JPG
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  8. Henk Well-Known Member

    Thank you Dom, much appreciated.
    That's another thing I like about PF and the people here. It urges me to try different subjects, learn more about other eras, and I'm generally improving my painting skills.
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