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WIP Dubat of II Gruppo Bande "Akobo", 1940 (Italian Royal Army - Colonial light infantry)

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by eppi, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. eppi Active Member

    Hi you all, gents!:)
    Here the second figure (1/24th - 70 mm) to go in the same vignette of the irregular Galeba already introduced here:


    This guy is a DUBAT (white turban) of the II Gruppo Bande "Akobo" that fought against the British Army in South-West Abyssinia, close to Lake Rudolph in summer-autumn 1940.

    The figure is made in the same way of the Galeba:
    - found in the net some 3d models;
    - 3d printed,
    - dismembered the models;
    - reassembled the proper parts to the desired posture;
    - added putty, wire and other materials to complete the figure.
    For the Galeba warrior I used parts from 4 models (1-head, 2 left arm, 3-right arm, -4 torso and legs); for this guy I needed only three. :)

    Any hint always welcome!

    I don't know what happens but I can't any longer see two pics. I reload them.

    [IMG] dubat_1 - Copia.jpg dubat_2 - Copia.jpg
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  2. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Superb figure - absolutely beautiful.
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Eppi

    Nice looking figure and a interesting subject

    How are you doing the pouches ?

    Look forward to seeing more

    Happy benchtime


    PS Pics showing in thread now
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  4. eppi Active Member

    Thanks Blind Pew!

    Thanks Nap, pouches and other details are next to come. Thanks for displaying the pics.
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  5. eppi Active Member

    Hi Gents!
    Here a step forward.
    - Added hundreds :eek: of pouches (just six, WWI imperial army, for Mannlicher M95) made with epoxy putty, paper stripes fixed with glue and two little pins made with my punch 'n die;
    - Added some volume on the turban;
    - Just sketched the second "futa", the light cotton blanket.
    In the second pic the two guys together waiting for the forthcoming boss.

    dubat.jpg dubat e galeba.jpg
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there

    Nice update , good modelling on show , pouches look accurate

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy benchtime

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  7. eppi Active Member

    Thanks, Nap!
  8. eppi Active Member

    Hi Gents!

    Another step forward ... second "futa" done.
    Do you think it needs more volume? :unsure:

    dubat.jpg [IMG]
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  9. eppi Active Member

    Hi Gents!
    The dubat is primerized and almost ready for paint ... do you think that the "futa" (the skirt) needs to be smoothened a bit?
    dubat_06.jpg dubat_07.jpg dubat_08.jpg dubat_09.jpg dubat_10.jpg
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  10. Oda A Fixture

    No.This is superb as it is.Do not change anything.

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  11. eppi Active Member

    Thanks, Oda! :)
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  12. 1969 A Fixture

    Really like what you have done with these figures, nice work.
  13. eppi Active Member

    Thanks, Steve!:)
  14. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Eppi

    The complete figure looks great .....don't change a thing !

    Look forward to this being painted

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  15. F Troop Active Member

    I like what you have done. Can you point me in the right direction where you found the basic 3D model body parts?
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  16. eppi Active Member

  17. eppi Active Member

    A step forward in painting job and in ... wall construction ;)
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  18. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Eppi

    I thought that was a photograph ......only the weapon and the tac under foot gave it away .....great painting

    Thanks for sharing

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