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Down The Rabbit Hole With The Royal Scots

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Marne Rock Star, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Marne Rock Star Active Member

    Some might recall a large set of 120mm 1st Foot Royal Scots by Roll Call back in the day. I have had pretty much the whole set for the past 20 years+ sitting around in various states of completion. A couple were completed and damaged during moves. A finished a horse artilleryman with the idea he would be taking shelter in the square.

    Now, with me in the middle of two other projects I decided to breath new life into this idea. I suppose it will take at least a couple of years to do as I still want to do my front burner projects - I can dabble in doing a figure here and there on this project while others wait to dry or whatever.

    I imagine it will be a slog at points - and I guess this is why the project never really took off over these 20 years - having to constantly paint the same uniform over and over. I think I will try and tackle two figures at a time.

    I still plan on getting the downed officer and drummer boy, which will make this something like a 14 figure diorama. I think it will look nice in the end, but all that work to get there might not be as fun at times. If I can break it up as planned then I think it will go okay.


    IMG_3551.jpg IMG_3553.jpg IMG_3554.jpg
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  2. Redcap A Fixture

    That's a great start and it would be a shame not to finish this given how much work you have already done. I remember this range being (very) sought after some years ago when they went out of production and until the likes of Gordon (MMM) filled the market gap with large scale, high quality Napoleonic pieces.

    Look forward to seeing this finished.
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  3. nig-g Member

    You might be interested to know that these figures are still produced by Lost Battalion Miniatures who purchased the original moulds/masters when Roll Call stopped trading.
    See tlbminiatures.com for details.
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  4. Marne Rock Star Active Member

    Yep. We have been in touch. He will be producing the officer/drummer.
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  5. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    This is going to be an impressive diorama, when finished
  6. MCPWilk A Fixture

    The great thing about these figures is that you don't need to use all of them to put a diorama/vignette together.

    Good luck,

  7. baronband Well-Known Member

    If this progresses on here I will be watching with interest, I have a smilar shelved plan
    Great work so far

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  8. malc Well-Known Member

    I like the sound of this, as you say if you do it in pairs it may seem less daunting than if all at once.

    I look forward to your posts as an when over the next... shall we say 2 and a half years .
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  9. Slowpainter Member

    Wow, that's an ambitious project! Love the completed artillery figure! Good idea to put the goal out there to help spur you to finish. Looking forward to seeing more.
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  10. Marne Rock Star Active Member

    Yes, I think most folks did something with the flag bearers and maybe the pike man. I started blocking in the flag colors - wow, what a PIA they will be to do the real painting (oil). A lot of the details are in the folds. But the flags really are beautiful.

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  11. Marne Rock Star Active Member

    A little work on two figures. One is the head of the ensign. The other is the pikeman.

    IMG_3869.jpg IMG_3872.jpg IMG_3873.jpg
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  12. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Bob

    One he kmof a project , all great pieces , looking at that painted RHA figure this will be very impressive to see both as a WIP and completed ...it's good to have a couple on the go !

    Happy benchtime


    Vote in July's FOTM here:


    Enter in August's FOTM here:


    Enter our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA comp ending 30/9/20 go to here:

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  13. MCPWilk A Fixture

    A great set of figures. My diorama only ran to six figures.

    Good luck,

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  14. Marne Rock Star Active Member

    That's probably a smarter and more reasonable idea. When I bought them all up I was still single and had grand ideas. Now being stuck at home so much that silly thought came back to me when I saw those poor fellows sitting in my closet.

    I was blocking in the red on three figures last night - I think I will go blind painting all this red. If I can finish this though, I think it will look nice. The red uniforms, the green grass, everybody stacked together tightly... And those flags...
  15. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Nothing beats Roman or medieval shield designs for making you go cross eyed as well as painting battle honors on Colours!

    Good luck,

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  16. Warren SMITH Active Member

    Hi there, it will look amazing when finished.so keep at it.
    Mine is still at the " paper tiger stage " I have both flag bearers, Sgt with pike, both kneeling figures, figure stood loading and figure stood firing..
    I've painted two figures so far... cast a further 20 torsos, and legs from the figures I have
    Obtained additional heads from MMM, and lots of muskets from REEDEES models, I've even managed to get a couple of Verlinden French, old Guard figures and the fallen mounted trumpeter.. There will be a 95th rifles figure and a drummer boy.
    ( I even have the MMM British from Hougoumont vingette sculpted by Carl REID, but sadly they are not in scale with the Roll Call figures )
    I've even ordered the new, old, Roll call Coldstream guard Hougoumont figure from TLB after seeing his re release tonight..
    If ever it gets finished, the square attacked by the French will look amazing...even at my mediocre level of painting. 30+ figures
    So watching this, I hope to get inspired to build and paint a few more of the figures, chip away at them and may be on day finish it.. One day..
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  17. Marne Rock Star Active Member

    Wow. That might take me a lifetime to paint. I hope you post some photos of yours.

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