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Review "Dogs Life" from Castle Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi folks

    Castle Miniatures have had a revamp with one of the owners deciding to go their own way , but good news is that they are releasing still . This time we were told of a start of a series of figures featuring mans best friend ..the dog .

    Details were posted here when the first was released by the Castle team who are based in Montreal in Canada


    Depicting a british infantryman with his ever faithful dog ...of dubious parentage no doubt , probably a bit flea ridden but never the less looked after by an already ragged soldier.

    The peninsular was a hard fighting area with of course the famous retreat being well known , living off the land , hard marching , hard battles and little comfort.

    The sculptor has depicted a Lt infantry badge but it could be easily replaced by a line infantry shako plate .

    Of course we have plenty of books , here are a couple from my library , which should give you the details you need.
    zzz.jpg zz.jpg zzzaa.jpg 00000.jpg 000000.jpg zzzzz.jpg zzzz.jpg

    continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets open up that box

    Details of the release

    Title: British Soldier with Mongrol

    Reference: C75-08

    Scale: 75mm

    Material: Grey Resin

    No of parts: 13

    Sculptor : Vladmir Danilov

    Box Art: N/A

    The model was received in a small box but all parts were safely kept in plastic resealable bags , with a unpainted picture on the box top .
    castle dog 001.jpg

    Parts consist of : Main Figure , 2 arms , head , plume, bayonet lower part, weapon , water bottle and pouch , 2 halves of the dog , a lead for the dog

    On opening the box 2 parts were missing ( the hand and the backpack which was unusual to say the least but I am sure a quick message to them will solve that or indeed any other issue.

    castle dog 002.jpg


    As with other releases , this is an easy process , mainly removing small casting plugs , the largest being on top the shako itself. fit of the dog is good and all other parts are easy to located and put into place

    Onto the resin :

    The Main Figure

    This is the full body less arms and head , our soldier strides forward on a long hot march his left leg forward , trousers torn at the knees and the thigh , patched at the knee on the other , the lower edges all tears and ragged , he has managed to keep the gaiters and thankfully the shoes ..but how long will they last I wonder!!

    Good folds at the leg movement of the cloth on the trousers , with the correct fold down flap at the front .

    Looking at the coat he wears , top and bottom undone , a small allowance for the harsh conditions but he still has the dreaded stock .

    The equipment he carries is standard issues , the haversack looks full , worn at the edges , with the contents sitting well toward the bottom of the bag .

    Crossbelts are really nicely sculpted sharp at the edges , cleanly cast , the water bottle strap shows a good bit of work with he strap end being held in a loop.

    Tucked under the crossbelt we have a nice detail of the brush and procker needed to clear any fouling out of the musket .

    The crossbelt has the regimental number of 51 who served in the peninsular ( facing colour was grass green in this case)

    At the neck area nice work on the stock and I like the way the collar has been portrayed

    All details are really sharp which makes painting a joy when on the bench.
    castle dog 004.jpg castle dog 003.jpg castle dog 005.jpg castle dog 006.jpg castle dog 007.jpg castle dog 008.jpg


    Wearing the stovepipe shako , battered in wear its a wonderful bit of sculpting , there is a neck cloth hooked up at the back .
    The cockade and the bugle horn badge is of equal high standard with the number being seen in the centre , the plume is easy to fit by using the hole in the top of the shako
    The face is a gem this is a rough guy weather beaten , straggly and ragged hair , , his teeth grinding together against the conditions .

    castle dog 009.jpg
    castle dog 014.jpg
    castle dog 013.jpg
    castle dog 012.jpg


    These are again well sculpted with the wings at the shoulder , well textured , the sleeves are torn at the elbow along the seams on the right , which leads down to the cuff , very good lace detail again as seen on the torso , the hand which is well worked has the dog lead ( a rope ) being held which looks naturally held

    The left also has the same level of detail on the wings and the folds of the clothing is very good again , I am unable to comment on the hand which would fit to the wrist.

    castle dog 011.jpg castle dog 010.jpg


    The equipment to fit includes the water bottle and pouch as well as the lower part of the bayonet ( this fits nicely under the haversack ) , the retaining cords fro the stopper has been put on hanging well on the actual bottle , the strap that is also sculpted on has the retaining loops as well, the pouch is a simple rectangle but with great straps underneath as in the original

    Obviously I cannot comment on the backpack but looking at the pictures further on it looks as good as ever with the mess tin in a cover on top and the cooking pan strapped to the pack.

    castle dog 015.jpg castle dog 016.jpg

    The weapon is another very good area to look at the mechanism is all correct , trigger details are there , with the ramrod in place , the barrel has hole in the end ..saves you from drilling it out !!!
    The strap has been cleverley cast on in the correct position to fit well onto the right shoulder.

    castle dog 018.jpg castle dog 019.jpg

    The Plume is nicely textured with the lower bayonet lower being the basic shape , the rope lead looks good as well

    castle dog 017.jpg

    The Dog

    This is a true mongrol , , bit of a mix of breeds perhaps ..lol , walking along with what makes the piece one of the legs is in scratching mode ..trying to displace any fleas , the body is slightly textured and YES we have the vital parts for any male as well!!!

    castle dog 020.jpg castle dog 021.jpg castle dog 022.jpg

    A very simple circular base , textured with cutouts for the feet and the dog .

    castle dog 023.jpg

    Final thoughts

    This is a good piece and I can see it appearing in diorama's alongside other from the period , sculpting is good showing great character and thought with the series idea of a "Dogs Life" being interesting . I would like to see other periods being looked at ..perhaps a WW1 tanker with a cat or the like .

    Despite the 2 missing parts ( which will be easily solved for me) a good addition to the range

    For more details on this and other releases from Castle Miniatures why not go to the website:


    or of course there is the FB page at www.facebook.com/Castle-Miniatures

    or PM here on PF

    Thanks to Alex at Castle miniatures for the review piece and for you all for looking in

    Happy Modelling

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Lets have some pictures of the full figure unpainted


    aaaaa.jpg a.jpg aa.jpg aa0.jpg aaa.jpg aaaa.jpg

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  4. swralph A Fixture

    Two on the run.
    Thanks for sharing another great review:).
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  5. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    I recently completed this set, and it's a joy to paint and construct.....everything falls together very neatly. If I had the knowhow, I'd take and post pictures. Sadly , my camera skills are hopeless.

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  6. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great review and informative. (y)
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  7. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Another great review Kevin.
    Thank you for taking the time to pull all of the research and photos together, much appreciated.
    Best wishes
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  8. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Not a big fan of Napoleonics, but that face is TERRIFIC! Clearly the quality of all the sculpting is first class!

    All the best,
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  9. chailey Active Member

    Not my scale but what a lovely little figure, my compliments to the sculptor and thanks Nap for a great review!

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  10. clrsgt A Fixture

    Great review and well done figure.
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  11. Ben-nl A Fixture

    really nice figure, the other ones too.
    Where can I buy them in EU Nap?

  12. mortier A Fixture

    Thank you for the next great reviev
  13. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter


    They list Castle miniatures so should be able to get them via Steve Kirtley
  14. Vladimir Danilov Active Member

    FINAL PRODUCT 28058354_10215215012437861_2429662724842853159_n.jpg 27858455_10215215012397860_858066344061076845_n.jpg 27867922_10215215013837896_2955295760335050986_n.jpg
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  15. Major27 Member

    Wow! Where i can buy this figure?

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