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Dinosaurs and other creatures in 1/72

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by MIXVS MINIMAX, Mar 20, 2015.


    Hi hi hi,

    I just started the production:

    Kelenken guillmeroi, scratch, 1/72
    ..runs through the Pampa, The model is about 3 cm long.


    and here a look inside the kit:


    The content:
    2 types of bases
    2 types of wings
    1 foot
    1 body

    Gallimimus bullatus, scratch, 1/72
    ..runs through a fern-meadow


    The boxcover:

    Therizinosaurus cheloniformis (1st edition), scratch, 1/72
    ...don't mess with his claws


    My smallest Dino, or the biggest match:

    Conchoraptor gracilis, scratch, 1/72
    ...stealing an egg from a nest.


    from left: master model-cast-finished model

  2. gorgosaurus Active Member


    Merci- I got the Idea to bild a Mononykus. Thats a Dinosaur/bird without hands. M. had only a big claw on the end of his arms and he is a bit smaller than Conchorapor.
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    The Gallimimus kit is ready and now avaiable.


    The Conchoraptor kit is ready and now avaiable too.

    Happy Easter!
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    Meanwhile I finished two new models. Both of them will be avaiable at May, 1st. (Just write me a PM and production starts.)

    It's Mononykus olecranus while he examinates a termite dome.


    and a Caudipteryx zoui facing a crab on its beach walk. Who will eat whom?

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    Again a creature is finished.

    Coelodonta antiquitatis, 1/72, walking through the Taiga. Its freshly finished and I think, I will have the boxart ready next week. If someone is interested in, just write a PM.

    There will be only 2 parts i the kit. The Rhino and the base.


    For the flowers I decided this time to do it the easy way. Its just "wood glue" .


    Hi @ all,

    I finished this week the Mammoth, 1/72.The Boxart is finished and everything is ready for production in case of order.



    The new Rhino-pic:
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  9. MCPWilk A Fixture

    These are all superb, but I would prefer larger scales (1/32 or 1/24).

  10. MIXVS MINIMAX Member

    I am sorry MCPWilk, but my storage is not big enough for 1/32 or 1/24, so I prefer 1/72.

    May i introduce a new item:
    The biggest creature earth has ever seen which was capable of flight:

    Quetzalcoatlus northropi, 1/72

    I painted it like a Condor, because this bird is today the largest creature which can fly.


    The kit contains 7 parts (1 body, 2 hands, 2 feets, 1 beak and 1 base).
    In case of interest, just write me a PM.
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  11. MIXVS MINIMAX Member

    Here we go again.

    Placerias gigas, 1/72, (by myself), a triassic Dicynodont (a cousingroup of the Mammals), comes back home and thinks it's good to touch the green, green lycopodiopsida of home...

    Its a 2-parts kit (1 figure and 1base) and the model is 5cm long.


    It's believed, that Placerias had a hippo-like lifestyle, therefore I painted it here like a hippo.
  12. MIXVS MINIMAX Member

    Argh! All pics are gone! :-( I need to fix that.

    Meanwhile I decided to rebuild Giraffatitan completely. New model, new luck. Its scaled up to 25m in length and based on the new skeletal drawing by Nima Sassani.
    Some pics from the actual building process. Today I covered it with tissue-maché.




    I must admit, that big models need far more checks to the original than smaller models.

    Next step: tissue-maché as surface layer for milliput.
    It gives a first impression if the dimension of the ribs was chosen in a right way. The area before the hind legs need more material to make it rounder.


    Here we go with some putty from the warehouse on the belly and around the limbs, to save up Milliput.


    My yellow-grey Milliput is going to be empty, so I bought the last milliput they had in the store-silver gray. I had to
    recognized, that this package was a bit older that thought, because its has a already dried surface. :-\
    But anyway, it can be used. But the next time I will go for yellow-grey again.


    Meanwhile I was searching for better elephant-pics as reference.

    Sculpting goes on:


    I found some nice elephant-pics and also went to the zoo. Due to the move of limbs
    and body the surface of elephant skin is rough or smooth. That is a hard task to sculpt. Meanwhile I ordered the Alamosaurus
    and Andesaurus by Mr. Krentz on shapeways to look, how he used to scuplt shoulders and chest.

    left side:

    the spine:

    the right scapula.

    And one of the coolest detail will be the skull by Robert from Dinotoyblog. A big, big thanks a lot!. Before I start to sculpt the flesh to the bones I need make a resin copy,
    because the teeth are soo fine, the they fell off by looking at them.

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  13. theBaron A Fixture

    That's a very interesting process for building up the three-dimensional model. Thanks for sharing that series of photos!

    Your build blog also leads me to do some searching on the animal, and fill in gaps in my knowledge of dinosaurs. I haven't really kept up for about ten or twelve years. Though, I don't think there have been any paleontologists writing as well as Horner and Bakker did.

  14. MIXVS MINIMAX Member

    Horner and Bakker wrote some good books. May mainsource about Sauropods is: The Sauropods by Hallet & Wedel. Thatis a very good summary about many aspects of those animlas.

  15. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Your making this in the same method you use to scratchbuild an aircraft. Very impressive.

  16. MIXVS MINIMAX Member

    I think that's the best method for those big guys. It saves up material and the proportions are right.
  17. MIXVS MINIMAX Member

    Just for the better overview, due to the imagehoster-problem.

    There are now 19 creatures, but 2 of them are not finished. Published and avaiable are 17. Dracorex and Stygimoloch will be published in Oktober/November.


    Finished and unfinished Mixvs Minimax-models:
    1st row: (from left) Velociraptor, Conchoraptor, Caudipteryx, Coelophysis, Mononykus, Protoceratops
    2nd row: Dracorex, Deinonychus, Stygimoloch, Kelenken
    3rd row: Pteranodon , Coelodonta, Placerias, Gallimimus
    4th row: Quetzalcoatlus, Mammuthus, Therizinosaurus
    5th row: Stegosaurus, Giraffatitan (both in progress)

    not in the picture: Epidexipteryx and Microraptor

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