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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gorgosaurus, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. gorgosaurus Active Member

    As a youth I planned modelling lots of "Dark Age" warriors, but never finished or even started most of those I bought.

    Finding planetFigure has inspired me to get them out of storage again.
    I´ll probably sell most of them off, but will try and work on a couple of my favourites.

    As a "grown up" I started building and painting models again about 5 years ago.

    "The only difference between men and boys
    Is the size and the cost of their toys".

    I build almost exclusively Dinosaurs in 1/35, 1/18, 1/10 and even 1/2 or 1/1 with some of the smaller ones.
    There´s only time to work on about 3 each year, but at least I finish them now!

    I´ve been asked to enter them as figures alongside Medieval Knights and WWII Germans at competitions and exhibitions here in Denmark.

    So I thought I´d show a few of them at planetFigure, too.

    A Baby T-rex.




    If there´s any interest in seeing more of my work here at Planetfigure I´d be happy to oblige.


  2. periklis_sale Member

    nice one mate!!!!!!!
  3. paulyrichard New Member

    Fantastic!! They're figures, so keep showin' us!

    Looks like another technique that needs to be learned, if ever I want to be as great as you in buildin' and paintin' these!
  4. Steve Well-Known Member

    A lot of us harbor secret (or not so secret) fascination with the terrible lizards; I myself would very much like to see more of your work. Great stuff!--Steve Scott
  5. Tommi A Fixture

    Hi Spike

    That is a real nice job you made there, a fine collection of something different, I like them very much and would love to see more of your work.

  6. flart1943 Active Member


    Hi Spike
    Something different. I love it.
  7. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Spike - Absolutely marvelous, mate! Keep doin' 'em! My favorite is the Ceratosaurus - that looks very lifelike!

    All the best,
  8. Dionisos_bakxos Member

    I like you work very much!!!I want more dinosaurs!!!!Where we can buy them?
  9. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Yeah baby, yeah! I love these things, feel free to share many more of these! I have been interested in doing one of these for some time now and since seeing the great models at the Atlanta show I'm convinced I need to pick one up. I happened to pick up a copy of Prehistoric Times magazine a few months back from the book store and it was a REAL help in where to find some of these gems. Although, as I'm sure Spike can attest, these kits are not cheap! Here is where I have found some of the best kits (one mans opinion of course).

    Cretaceous Creations www.cretaceouscreationsofamerica.com

    The Dinosaur Farm www.dinofarm.com (kind of kiddy, but hey it's dinosaurs!)

    The Alchemy works www.thealchemyworks.com

    CM Studio www.cmstudio.com (not cheap, but WOW! cool sculps!!!!!)

    Robert Nicholls www.paleocreations.com (a FANTASTIC artist who uses dinosaurs as his main subject matter)

    Paleocraft www.paleocraft.com (they DEFINITELY have a couple on my list!!!!!!!! GREAT kits!!!!)

    Spike, hope I didin't hijack your post here. Just got a bit excited to see others interested in these. Good luck guys! Would love to see everyones efforts on these great kits. The sky's the limit!

    Jay H.
  10. gorgosaurus Active Member

    My boots are still dry, Sambaman.

    You certainly nailed some goodies there.

    Dave Krentz´s 1/18th kits are well worth waiting for.
    (He´s busy with film-work right now.)
    See www.krentzpresentz.com

    Dave´s "Judith" was my absolute favourite piece until earlier this week...

    When I recieved my one-off commission from Sean Cooper´s Paleocraft.
    (See Sambaman´s post above).
    His work is breathtaking and has taken a special place in my mind.
    I give him my highest recommendations even though I have none of his kits. Yet!

    Highest recommendations! They have to go to Shane Foulkes at Cretaceaous Creations, aswell!
    (See Sambaman´s post above).
    The best quality castings I´ve ever recieved, great sculpts, interesting animals. His stuff is worth every penny I paid for it.

    Alchemy works (see Sambaman´s post again) have kits by Jorge Blanco.
    Snap ´em up. His Kritosaurus is a great one-piece casting for beginners.

    Juan Carlos Alonso has produced some impressive kits.
    Contact him directly (address to follow).

    Or go to www.linkandpinhobbies.com who have his kits and many others to choose from.

    Bruce Bowman at Bowman Arts has some unusual Chinese Dinosaurs worth spending time on.

    Tony McVey´s Menagerie Studios no longer has any Dinosaur kits. But there´s one last T. rex at Link and Pin Hobbies.

    Hope this was a help and that some of you are tempted to spend the big bucks. I don´t think you´ll regret it, not if you put in the time and effort they deserve.

    I don´t have a single kit by the above sculptors that has disappointed me.
    I do have kits from others which are not getting named here.

    That´s it for now - back to work!

  11. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Hey Spike,
    who makes the Parasaurolophus kit in your post. What a sculpt!

    Jay H.
  12. gorgosaurus Active Member

    The Parasaurolophus is a sculpt by my chum Shane Foulkes in the USA.

    See the second Dinosaur down at his web-catalogue.

    I have been working for considerable time on his Edmontonia and Pentaceratops which are both out of production now.

    I also have another Ceratosaurus-Kentrosaurus, Utahraptor-Iguanodon and his Styracosaurus and Daspletosaurus pair semi-built up and awaiting some small "personalisations".

    If you go for one of his kits, then say hi to him from Spike in Denmark!

    Moving into a small cottage in a forest and becoming a dad for the second time in the next couple of months is going to seriously restrict the amount of painting I can get done for the rest of this year and probably all winter (which feels like it lasts until May here!).

    I may get some model-building/converting/sculpting done though. I find painting more demanding.

    And ofcourse I intend posting some of the models and dioramas I´ve already finished here at planetFigure.

  13. LVM Active Member

    Fantastic works !!!

    I especially like the Iguanodon.

    Could you tell me how tall are they ? Your bigger ?

  14. gorgosaurus Active Member

    The iguanodon is 1/18th scale, Laurent.

    It stands about 21cm high to the top of the head.

    There are too few European Dinosaur models on the market.
    I started a 2 figure vignette of Iguanodons to stimulate some interest, but have had to put it aside due to other commitments. Next year, maybe...

    I´ll post a thread with more images of this one soon.


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