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Open Book Devastator Victor from Nuts Planet/Trigger Team

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi folks,

    b1a.jpg continue to add to their releases from the Trigger Team , alongside the likes of Shield, Jess , Aida, Butcher Sawblade, Kelley, Scouter we now have another ....announced here on PF and in social media


    This time we have:

    Devastator Victor
    A warrior from the wastelands patrolling the carnage of a devastated world , walking amongst the acrid air , needing breathing apparatus to survive , his world in the city is nothing but empty buildings , not knowing what lurks behind the closed doors or around the corner , armed and armoured up for protection ...he patrols a lonely and dangerous ground fearful of what mutant enemy he will encounter ....who knows if he will survive the hour yet alone the day

    Details as follows:
    Title: Devastator Victor

    Reference: T75008
    Scale: 75mm(1/24th)
    Material: Gray Resin
    No of pieces: 20
    Sculptor ( using 3D ) : Joo Heum Yoon
    Box Art from Ki Yeol Yoon
    Modellers are not restricted when working with these type of releases , only your imagination is the limit so you can go wild on this as with others in the series
    As with all from Nuts the box art is great with also side views ..good reference and inspiration!!.
    Parts contained in the instantly known blue box and then they are sandwiched between foam layers, smaller pieces in clear bags
    Nuts Victor 001.jpg Nuts Victor 002.jpg
    Parts consist of 2 base pieces , Aircon unit ( wall mounted , the brackets and base for the unit, a jerrycan , the main figure, , head, pouch , weapon cylinders total of 3 ( one smaller) the framework to carry these , a hand with weapon ( flame thrower) , axe, and 4 pipes for the Figure and weapon itself , finally a clear facepiece.
    Nuts Victor 003.jpg Nuts Victor 004.jpg
    Base...slight sanding on edges and fit together base and back panel
    Aircon...Cut away casting plug from edge and fit
    Aircon base/brackets...Remove casting remnants and fit in place on wall
    Backpack and Cylinders/Pipes....Small plugs to cut away and fit in place
    Head..Small plug from back of piece to remove and fit to full figure
    Hand...Cut away the strip between hands
    Full Figure...Remove flashing from under left arm , casting line from back of right arm and casting former from feet
    Face Mask..Cut off excess plug and fit when appropriate
    As we a lot of parts I will do the base and associated parts first .
    Consisting of 2 really smooth pieces o the back the smaller being the flooring/pavement this have the slabs defined well with broken areas's on one in particular , very nicely done creeping along like a spider , in the corner we have a section of door step.
    Nuts Victor 006.jpg
    The larger of the 2 pieces is the back wall again wonderful sculpting sharply done , brickwork some missing , pipes are leading along the wall edge perhaps to an electric box for the Aircon unit
    There are 2 vertical areas this is where the brackets/base for the Aircon fit
    Nuts Victor 005.jpg
    The Aircon Unit ..this is a nice addition and is very well represented you can almost hear the fan going round , this is a great opportunity to get the weathering done ( look at the box art for instance ) , fitting on a wall bracket consisting of 2 "L" brackets and a base to put on them creating the platform
    Nuts Victor 011.jpg Nuts Victor 012.jpg Nuts Victor 013.jpg Nuts Victor 008.jpg Nuts Victor 007.jpg
    Jerrycan...a typical type seen in use , great shape with the top being particularly nice , you could almost undo it ..releasing who knows what to the atmosphere...if you choose not to use it its ideal for other modelling era's like WW2 etc
    Nuts Victor 009.jpg Nuts Victor 010.jpg
    Continued in next post
  2. Nap Moderator

    Now to the remaining pieces

    Full Figure

    The figure is posed moving forward with his left leg to the front , the figure itself is a mass of details starting with the , neck area this is covered with a neckcloth , perhaps he pulls this up when the air isn't so bad , the collar detail is great slightly up his jacket buttoned 3/4 up,, the top has the zip and the zip pull clearly shown , folds are really good in all the right places .
    Nuts Victor 014.jpg
    The arms are posed to hold the weapon when in place, his elbows are protected by pads with good definition and the straps also being sharp in casting ., on the left upper arm there is a grenade ( perhaps "stun" or smoke ) and you can clearly see the pin and circlip.

    Over his jacket he wears a combat vest littered with pouches and empty round strips, what I particularly like is the snap clips being undone and hanging loose excellent bit of thought .

    The pack straps are sculpted on with additional underpacking on the shoulders , sharp in feature .

    Around the waist are 1 cast on pouch this has 2 cylinders on it ( one in a side pocket the other strapped on ) ., again the pouch looks worn and natural ..perhaps its his personal decontamination kit inside. as the front there is a cylinder which is the filter for the breathing apparatus
    Nuts Victor 015.jpg Nuts Victor 016.jpg Nuts Victor 017.jpg Nuts Victor 018.jpg Nuts Victor 019.jpg Nuts Victor 020.jpg Nuts Victor 021.jpg Nuts Victor 023.jpg Nuts Victor 022.jpg


    Wearing a protective hood over which there is the respirator the straps pulling tightly into the material, straps are really good again , the material of the hood is suitably ruffled up , lots of folds .
    The facepiece is a skilled bit of casting ready to receive the clear piece of the lens ,dropping nicely into place , the mask itself covers the full face area leaving only a small amount of flesh to paint !!!then fit the lens., small filters are either side of the nose piece and also one at the base.
    Nuts Victor 025.jpg Nuts Victor 024.jpg


    The pouch fits easily into the cutout on the left hip of the figure this si a 2 sectioned pouch both have the zips showing...and the pulls!! on the front we have another couple of grenades excellent details again this guys is well armed up for sure!!
    Nuts Victor 029.jpg

    The Back pack frame is a skilled bit of sculpting and casting , careful when removing the former , nice details on the frame itself , at the top there are the strap ends ready to take the ones on the figure.

    Nuts Victor 030.jpg Nuts Victor 031.jpg

    The Cylinders consist of 2 larger ones with a smaller one that is fitted in the centre , , nicely shaped , the smaller one has the hexagonal fitting that meets with the pipe on the set of 2 ...in place it looks good like a vital bit of kit ...as it should be !!!

    Nuts Victor 032.jpg Nuts Victor 033.jpg Nuts Victor 034.jpg

    The pipes of which there are 4 in total , 2 for the cylinder(on the right in picture) , one for the hose for the weapon he holds (on left)and the other is the breathing tube leading down to the filter on his right hip( at bottom), if you are unsure look at the box art and all will be clear!!!
    Nuts Victor 035.jpg


    This is his main bit of killing weapon , a flame thrower type , the detail is again all there from the nozzle to the hand grips , these are cast with the hands in position , gloved with protection pads on the top , fit is simple and effective .
    Nuts Victor 026.jpg Nuts Victor 027.jpg

    A true axe in every sense , perhaps he was a New York fireman before the world collapsed into mayhem , good shape to the head with a lethal looking edge and a point on the opposite side , the handle is bound with material for better grip, the fit is to the rear of the figure , again a good chance to get some weathering on it .
    Nuts Victor 028.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    This is a good addition to the Trigger series , packed full of details , allowing the painter to do what he wants , the opportunity to use the base separately is also a good option to think about , the team at Trigger an Nuts have again added a well thought out and sculpted figure with all the sculptors work being transferred by top casting .

    Thanks to NutsPlanet for the Review model and I look forward to sharing more with you very soon

    For more information on this and all the products from Nuts :


    Thanks to you all for looking in

    Enjoy the modelling

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Lets enjoy the amazing box art from b1a.jpg

    first the full piece
    bbb.jpg bbbb.jpg bbbbb.jpg bbbbbb.jpg bbbbbbb.jpg

    Then just the base ( Note the cardboard box is not in the box)

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  4. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

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  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Whew!! Alright. . . in the hands of an artist this presentation
    could just be loaded with eye catching colour!!!

    Most interesting, Kansas Kid
  6. Dennis Active Member

    Brilliant model amazing painting, I think the the flamethrower is the WW2 American 'M2-2 Man-Portable Backpack Flamethrower". Thanks for the review Kev. I will look out for this at Euro.
  7. Dekiman Well-Known Member

    Excelent and very atmosferic piece.
    Fantastic sculpt and panting.
  8. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for the review Nap:).
    Great looking figure.
  9. Chris Ribchester A Fixture

    Amazing detail and amazing paintjob.

  10. RonW Member

    I am so loving this Trigger-series. Amazing stuff!
  11. YongA01 Active Member

    Apart from the beautiful kit, I checked out this box, the content and casting are unbelievable standard.... All manufacturers should benchmark this casting as standard we as modellers will be super happy
  12. Stephan Well-Known Member

    what a big review, thank you very much for that work,
    from an outstandig kit.

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