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WIP Defending the Colours update

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Grod, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Grod A Fixture

    Hello Folks
    I've added another figure to this set in the form of an officer of the Buffs in the act of aiming his pistol. I've painted him wearing buff trousers and equipment which was the entitlement of regiments with buff facings.
    This set now consists of 6 x foot and 2 x mounted figures.
    Once kits are available of this figure I will post on PF. If anyone would like to pre-order one drop me a line on gordonmi@hotmail.com

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  2. MarquisMini A Fixture

    This is a fascinating project,the ground work(y) is really good.
  3. megroot A Fixture

    Impressive work

  4. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Now that makes sense of the ensign looking off to the left. It's also great that Pete Morton's sculpt of the officer integrates so well with the previous figures which were sculpted by Maurice Corry.
    It's probably also worth mentioning that you intend to include headgear and coat tail options with this kit.

  5. Babelfish A Fixture

    Hi Gordon,

    I think that this improves things in that it draws the ensign into the scene better, implying action going on off the other side of the base.

    These are lovely figures for sure, but I stand by my previous comments about them from your last post - the facial expressions are all wrong for the context. They're far too relaxed. This guy even has a hint of as smile. Don't know about you but if I were in that situation with a squadron of sabre-wielding French cavalry bearing down on me and aiming to cut me to shreds, I'd be at best focussed and serious with a look of defiance and steely determination, at worst absolutely terrified with a look of sheer panic (probably the latter).

    I know that these figures were inspired by a painting, but think that the sculptor(s) got it badly wrong there. Although having said that, they're nice figures in their own right and you've made a good job of painting them.

    - Steve
  6. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Steve, it's all in the eye of the beholder. These figures do project an air of steadfast determination, and yes carry serious expressions. No there aren't any shouting, screaming or terrified expressions. The figures so far are not in direct contact with the opposing cavalry where those expressions would be more appropriate. Perhaps any further releases might portray those emotions.

    Just personal opinions.

  7. diamond cutter Active Member

    Looks cool Gordon! It's building into an impressive display!!!(y)
    From experience, I have seen the same face on various figures over the years painted by different people and it looks totaly different
    Gurning figures-now that would be a bit different!:awesome:
  8. Grod A Fixture

    Thanks for this Steve
    The sculptors remit was to make the initial figures as per the Wollen painting which I think they have done to good effect so I can't agree with them getting that aspect of things wrong. If anything is wrong then as Robert E. Lee might say 'It's all my fault'. The face of the Lancer officer is particularly good ( possibly a distant relative of Lech Walesa?) and I don't think the officer is smiling but he may have some trapped wind. ;) He should be careful as he may find that adreneline is brown in colour. It may well be that Rupert and Jasper are exuding an air of indifference and calm, as though they are on their family estate about to pot a grouse, in order to set a good example in front of the men. The mounted british officer, on the other hand appears to be having a bad day and is getting a bit tetchy.

    Facial expression during stressful and dangerous conditions are an interesting subject and very relevant in the portrayal of the stories we tell in our hobby. In this diorama (so far) I think the facial expressions portray a determined and steadfast group of professional soldiers,characteristics which epitomised the british infantry of the Peninsular war period. The figures in the diorama,so far, are not in direct contact with their enemy but the next three figures planned for the set will be in a desperate 'hands on' struggle and their facial expressions and anatomy will hopefully reflect this.

    I am presently painting a few figures from the set to represent the 28th Foot in the Peninsular period and have utilised a head from The Diehard Drummers set ( based on another painting by Lady Butler) which shows the ensign shouting at or to someone and have attached a photo of the work so far. (Photos attached)
    As Geoff mentioned I am looking to make available minor conversion packs in the form of interchangeable heads, hats, coat tails and other bits and pieces which may make minor conversions a bit easier for those of us who can't sculpt.
    All the best

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