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Deer Hunting

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Brancaleone, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Brancaleone Active Member

    Hi all

    I just finished a small vignette from the French & Indian period.
    The vignette depicts and indian and a French soldier hunting for food in the woods outside the fort.
    The scale is 54 mm. putties Magic and Milliput standard .
    The deer itself is completely scretch by me ..

    Ciao !

    Attached Files:

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  2. 1969 A Fixture

    I like this, nice use of figures and deer in a small space, would love to see this in person all painted up.

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  3. Helm A Fixture

    Very nice indeed, like Steve I'd like to see this painted up

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  4. Brancaleone Active Member

    Monday morning I will start painting.. Of course I'll post all the pictures here once i get it done ..
    Thanks !
  5. megroot A Fixture

    Great work.
    This tells a story.......perfect.

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  6. DarioZ Member

    Pure perfection Master!

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  7. Brancaleone Active Member

    Thank yuo all .
    Marc.. This is the meaning of what i tried to reflect ... a story of war and life .. Thanks

    Dario .... :) Thank you !!!!!!!
  8. valiant A Fixture

    Really nice work, good composition and execution!
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  9. gcot New Member

    Nello, really great "small vignette" my friend. My compliments once more.:)
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  10. Romque Member

    Amazing job love to see it paint just the trees a little bit lower than hunters

    Cheers Romque
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  11. jenghiz Active Member

    Up to your usual superb standard,a great piece,Ian
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  12. Brancaleone Active Member

    Tahnk you all guys..
    And a great hug to you Ian , hope to see you soon again ..

    @ Romque
    About the threes .. You are right , the threes are smaller than they are use to be . But this is due only for pratical needs. A very tall three , is almost impossible to place on a vignette . The height of the work would be impossible to hanlde, and, in my opinion, un-artistic.
    Even at this lenght , the total height oh my work is close to 15 inch, including base. If Taller would be impossible to place in a transport case or in a showcase.

  13. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Greetings Nello:

    Wow, what you have attempted here is very complex, IMHO.
    Composition-wise there are so many areas where you could
    have failed in your decision making, as to where you put each
    piece; as to how many and how tall the trees would be in
    relation to the figures, the deer. And to me you passed every
    composition problem with flying colours. Obviously, from
    looking at the choices you made regarding space relationship
    one piece of the composition toward another — along with your
    obvious sculpting skills — it is clear you are an artist and have
    the eye of a very skilled artist regarding presentation.
    I see what you're doing as very difficult to pull off. I applaude
    your courage and congratulate you on this lovely, very
    creative and artistic presentation. And it isn't even painted
    The Miami Jayhawk
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  14. Ray Mootsey Active Member

    Great work, I really love the subject. Keep up the great work. Ray
  15. Brancaleone Active Member

    Thank you so much ..
    thank you Ray and ...KK .. your words really make me blush .. !!! :unsure:.. Appreciate ...
  16. Sleipnir New Member

    Great overall composition! I really like this piece.
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  17. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Really like this.
    As all comments above, great composition and too look forward to seeing it finished.
    Also looks very neat and clean work, done with a lot of thought during sculpting by the looks
    Very nice
    Best wishes
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  18. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Nello,
    I have always liked this period in history and this magnificent composed piece just fortifies and renews my interest. Every picture tells a story and you are a great story teller.
    Wonderful work(y) , like the rest look forward to seeing this one painted.
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  19. Braemp Active Member

    Very very nice and great inspiration. Excellent composition and a really great theme. Oh and obviusly some great sculpting skills. Masterclass!

    Regards lars

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  20. Mark S Guest

    This is a an excellent vignette, beautifully executed and presented.
    Unfortunately you may cop some abuse from some members here who are a little sensitive about hunting.
    I hope not, because it's a great piece of modelling. Well done.
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