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Dedicated to all figure producers - Most wanted figures for 2015

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Blue Thunder, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    To my great surprise, some of the ideas placed here were already materialized :). And my grey army thanks! :joyful:

    While Ilse Hirsch remains unsculpted, and the web remains unignited, let's present another long missing figure:

    Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto - a long missing bust!


    Move on great sculptors out there! Who will be the first to craft a bust of him!
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  2. Edward A Fixture

    I would like to see busts of Michael Caine, Stanley Baker and Nigel Green in Zulu :)
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  3. mick3272 A Fixture

    I would love to see more 120 mm Crimean figs but admit they have had a good run over the last couple of years. Failing that a series drip fed on to the market of 120mm Indian Army circa 1900.

    Mick Live in hope die in despair
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  4. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    What a great idea! (y)

    Edward hits the nail in the head! You talented sculptors out there just watch the movie "Zulu"! Superb compositions can be created, both busts and full figures as well. :joyful:

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  5. Huw63 A Fixture

    Well since I wrote the above in December last year not a single sausage French Napoleonic Cuirassier wise (I'm talking full figures not busts) ... I'm disappointed


  6. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Oh! I can imagine one certain 'Chimp', that would be swinging from the rafter's, but not in 'Yamamoto's', favour! .:D

    'Bromhead', wins the day

  7. Edward A Fixture

    The 3 Zulu busts would be a great addition to the MMM 3 busts series sculpted by Offo.

    James Booth as Henry Hook would be good too.
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  8. akaryu Moderator


    In fact, there is one by Ademola22 but not in full dress:

    In a fit of utter selfishness, I'd like to see busts of Général Rollet, the 'Father of the Foreign Legion', and of Général Bigeard of Dien Bien Phu fame:
    Rollet.jpg 19biegard-popup.jpg

    A nice Ilse Hirsch bust could be the very first nazi to enter my workroom!;)
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  9. Michael D Member

    An interesting read-through.

    Will all the different suggestion's be collated and made available ?

    If I was a manufacturer, I don't think there's much info to take away,
    other than; everyone want's something different.

    Even when there's agreement on a subject suggestion, it fragment's
    into different scale's and bust v full body!

  10. Hi Huw,
    We do have a 75mm cuirassier for release, to be followed with a Carabanier. This has been in line since last year but will be released.
    (Sword, plume and helmet tuft not shown on picture)

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  11. valiant A Fixture

    Edward - I did a bust of Michael Caine in "The Man Who Would Be King" - it wouldn't take a lot to convert it to him in Zulu....!

    www.blackpyramid.co.uk (y)
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  12. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Well... since Pavol is so "hot-handed" with pilots, let's hope he can read this and tackle some more busts to join his fantastic airwing :)

    Not my words: "The Father of Black Aviation" - Tuskegee Airmen Commander: C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson. Even has coins and stamps with his legacy (time for a bust too? ... let's hope so!)


    Leading French Ace Pierre Henri Clostermann, the most decorated french pilot of all times, with awards and honors attributed from three different countries (and gladly, mentioned previously by Pawol!!!):


    And (this one would create for sure some stir, since duo busts are not common) top American ace Richard Ira Bong, together with his future wife: Marjorie "Marge" Drucker, later Mrs. Bong. The image is famous and the P-38 "Marge" is already done by so many kit manufactures ... time for a top figure as well (y)

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  13. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I'll take the 75mm Cuirassier and Carabinier from CGS the second they are available please :joyful:

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  14. Edward A Fixture

    I can't see this bust on the site?
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  15. valiant A Fixture

    Edward - on the website, there is a tag cloud on the lower right hand side of the website, the brand name is "Tales From The Raj", they are listed on there with pics - hope this helps!

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  16. Ong Active Member

    I would like to see more hard body armor futuristic Sci-Fi figures from 1/35 to 1/16 scale such as the characters in the videogames DESTINY, Titanfall, and HALO or even original art found on DeviantArt. There a real lack of Sci-Fi Resistance fighters not in the post-apocalyptic world. Even cyborgs, space gunners, space pilots, spacemarines (and I don't mean Warhammer 40K) seem lacking if one does a Google search. Sci-Fi figures seem to be mainly coming from Asia, which are Anime (and kind of kiddish). The West really needs to start their own Sci-Fi figure lines.

    I would also like to see new modern SWAT, PMC, and modern figures that kind of mimic movies and popular TV characters. Of course one has to be wary of licensing and copyright issues, but notice the complete lack of:

    * Where are the Terminator movie human rebels? (Lots of T-800 and T-1000s, but not one human Resistance fighter figure)
    * Where are the generic spacebase construction crews?
    * Where are the mecha pilots? (And I don't mean MaK SF3D)
    * Where are the Aliens Colonial Marines?
    * Where are the Sci-Fi snipers, missile gunners, machine gunners, cyborgs, radio operators, drone operators, medics, etc?
    * Where are the Star Wars rebel soldiers and civilians?
    * Where are the Mad Max post-apocalyptic rebel fighters?
    * Where are the Matrix trilogy and Zion Resistance fighters?
    * Where are the Planet of the Apes human resistance fighters?
    * Where are the Diablo videogame characters such as archer, barbarian, and wizard?
    * Where are characters such as those found in Half-Life2?

    A lot of the above topics could be completed by making generic figures that LOOK similar to the above topics.
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  17. Huw63 A Fixture

    I don't really do sci-fi or fantasy but I do like post-apocalytic films so this isn't such a bad idea. To the list I'd add the bikers from Mad Max together with bikes and a V8 Interceptor or even some of the vehicles and crews from Fury Road...

    Good thinking.


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  18. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Ong hits the nail in the head!

    Here's what's probably the most striking character of 2015: Stunning Charlize Theron encarnating as Furiosa:


    Action movie of the year? Surely is! Time to ask Ahn Jun for a bust of she as well!
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  19. Babelfish A Fixture

    Pointing Germans please.

    Thank you.

    (only joking!)
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  20. peedee A Fixture


    WHAT. ?
    :eek: :arghh: :cry: :mad: :rolleyes: :) :D :ROFLMAO:

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