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Dedicated to all figure producers - Most wanted figures for 2015

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Blue Thunder, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Let's see if this thread ignites through time!

    Instead of sorrowing what could have been done in 2014 (my own previous thread :whistle: ), let's see if manufacturers can pick here ideas to please us all.

    I'll start to see if Young or NutsPlanet tackle this subject, since they're so active in this genre:

    Bradley Cooper interpreting sniper Chris Kyle in the upcoming Clint Eastwood movie "American Sniper"


    But don't miss the chance to portrait Chris Kyle himself:


    And the McMillan TAC-300 Rifle as well!
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  2. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    I think such things would have a very limited market, on selling. If I have to be frank and honest. I have never heard of this man, regardless of his achievements! Sorry.

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  3. Babelfish A Fixture

    Boer War figures in any scale. There is virtually nothing from that conflict.

    French subjects 1945 - 60s (Indo-China and Algeria). Not a great deal there either.
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  4. Joe55 A Fixture

    Those of the US war with Mexico, 1846-48.

    How about Elvis, when he was stationed in Germany with the 3rd AD by Life Miniatures.

  5. Babelfish A Fixture

    A Life Minatures Elvis would be a must-have for me.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing Model Cellar continue with their 54mm Ganadmak range.
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  6. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Re the Boer War. I completely agree that there are few figure kits depicting that war. Some ideas...

    092 and 113 from a Montreal monument to the French-speaking Canadians that fell during that conflict. A dramatic pose...

    The British horseman behind his horse. Also a pretty dramatic pose...

    A group photo of some Boers. No dramatic pose, but faces with a lot of character and interest.

    Take a look at the ribs on the mule in the Boers 37 photo. The faces aren't that clear, but they're interesting.

    Maybe one of these will inspire a sculptor and/or a company.


    All the best,

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  7. megroot A Fixture

    I really like to see the figure Napoleon Crossing the Alps in 75 mm. Masterclass has his 54 mm and Pegaso his 90 mm. The last one is to expensive for me, the first to small.
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  8. Huw63 A Fixture

    For me a 75mm Cuirassier Office from 1809 or so and maybe a trumpeter and nco to compliment him - all mounted of course.
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  9. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Mark, let's see if I can help you: Chris Kyle is to the US, what Simo Häyhä is to the Finns or what Lyudmila Pavlichenko and Vasily Zaytsev are to Russia.

    They are legends whose names will never be forgotten in their units. And it's fair enough to say that there are many more names from all countries. Even recently I remembered here Hiram Berdan.

    Chris Kyle caught more attention by the media because his tragedy is a recent event and because earlier his book became a best seller too:


    Now that the movie based in his biography is almost hitting theaters (and early critics are highly praising Clint Eastwood return), it would be immensely great to see a figure of him as well.

    Great guys - I have to say: There are brilliant ideas in this topic. Please let's help manufacturing guys decide: Post too the best images or plates you know (or you already researched) of the subjects you're wishing :)



    Images are worth thousand words ... your research may help the good people investing in this business (y)
  10. kagemusha A Fixture

    Well that clears that up Mark.......now.......who's this 'Elvis Presley' bloke :ROFLMAO:
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  11. Huw63 A Fixture

    "Now that the movie based in his biography is almost hitting theaters (and early critics are highly praising Clint Eastwood return), it would be immensely great to see a figure of him as well."

    Andrea produce two Eastwood figures: the man with no name and pale rider. Both 54mm and still available.

  12. chris1 Active Member

    I'm reading American Sniper at the moment. I agree a kit of Chris Kyle would be good but what about one of Neil Armstrong theres a very good photo of him taken in the LM looking tired and elated at the same time.

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  13. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Huw, thanks! You see, this time Clint Eastwood is the movie director. The ruthless Cowboy he displayed in the past decades are the Andrea figures you are referring. :) In this upcoming movie Bradley Cooper takes the leading role.

    Is this the photograph you are referring Chris?

    Neil Armstrong with fatigue eyes and three days beard on board Apollo?


    Don't know if the image is this one, but what a good idea for a name such as Life Miniatures

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  14. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    That's the fella that was credited with 'Taking-Out, a record number of 'Television sets', that featured 'Robert Goulet'. However, I could be wrong.:D
  15. skeeterbuck Active Member

    I couldn't agree more about figures from the Boer War. What little that is available is almost exclusively from the British side. To my knowledge there have only been 3 figures of the boers made, one in 54mm by La Fortenzza and two larger scale busts.

  16. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I'm not at all sure this would classify as "Most Wanted of 2015", but it could make for an interesting figure.

    I know of no large scale figures of French Indochinese or Vietnamese soldiers of the First World War. Zinnfiguren have one bust (see photo) of an "Annamite" ca. early war and I've seen a few 54mm scale figures and older toy soldiers.

    In 1914, they seem to be equipped with a light tan cotton(?) version of the Colonial uniform and the standard weapons and field equipment.

    Anyway for your consideration...



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  17. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    I get surprised by the subjects these producers are bringing us. Thats my wish for 2015.....surprise me!:wtf:
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  18. tonydawe A Fixture

    "That's not a knife.........Now that's a knife!" - Hint, hint Life Miniatures
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  19. Luis R. Active Member

    1/35th German SS in camo
    1/35th German soldier any rank, any front, any year between 1939-45
    Roman soldier in full armor, maybe in a vignette with a Celt/Germanic opponent
    Templar Knight, either mounted or on foot
    Lots and lots of French and British Napoleonics (remember, 2015 is Waterloo 200th anniversary), but very few, if any, Prussians, Dutch, Hannoverians, etc

    Not really what i would like to see (except for the napoleonics, there's never enough of them ;) ), but what we shall have,
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  20. zane666 Well-Known Member

    I do agree Model Cellar should do some more of there Gandamak range
    maybe Jeff could do some more 75mm Crimean figures, also something mounted by Sergy Zlobov in 75mm.
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