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Dearth of Mounted British Cavalry

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by chosenman, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. chosenman New Member

    I've been wondering, why there is such a dearth of mounted British cavalry figures produced by the sculpting industry, particularly in the 90 to 120 mm range. I find this curious and frustrating since there are so many mounted French figures in this range.

    I'm just wondering what others might think about this subject.
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  2. Blind Pew A Fixture

    No different really to German WWII figures. They must just simply sell more......
  3. chosenman New Member

    I suppose you are right, but in a way that begs the question... Why do they sell more? Is the losing side more appealing than the winner?
  4. Wlas Member

    Perhaps they're more appealing because all the British did was help re-establish the old order which ( if you were a commoner ) was nothing to write home about. Instead it set the stage for social unrest, social injustice and rebellion that took a century of suffering to finally result in the fall of arrogant and incompetent royalty.
    Just my opinion....
  5. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Well, I can't say much about incompetent and arrogant royalty, but (if I can ever get a large commission completed) I'm trying to get back to five planned Great War cavalry figures in 120mm - British, German, French, Austro-Hungarian, & USA. I have each of them seated comfortably on their mounts, armatures locked in, all the necessary parts assembled - just can't get going on them!
    All the best,
  6. chosenman New Member

    Dan, I like the sound of your project. That would be interesting to see.
    As for the "arrogant and incompetent royalty" which was frankly merely a figurehead for Britain even in Napoleon's time, Bonaparte was hardly a shining historical example of a liberator of the common-man's interests. At least no more so than Lenin, Stalin and Hitler of later times who also claimed to champion common people, but who were ultimately revealed as megalomaniacal tyrants, without the benefit of even an "aristocratic" parliament to hold them in some check.
    However, I suspect that modellers being more attracted to French Napoleonic, or Nazi figures has more to do with the fact that they had more colourful and varied uniforms than the Brits.
  7. Automata Member

    I'm no expert on British cavalry, but from what I have read they weren't all that effective in the Napoleonic era. There is a mystique surrounding the French of the same time period due to their military dominance over much of Europe for a couple of decades. Their cavalry was very effective.

    I'm sure these factors have a lot to do with the popularity of French figures as opposed to British ones. How many Russian, Austrian or Prussian cavalry figures do you see on the market?

    ...And the French had cool uniforms.

  8. chosenman New Member

    Good points Barry although British cavalry never existed in the numbers to match the French. And the British cavalry had an earned reputation for being very brave but reckless and undisciplined, ie., the Union Brigade smashing D'Erlon's corps at Waterloo but ignoring the recall only to be decimated themselves. Also, French dominance over much of Europe came to little when they finally came head to head with Wellington's redcoats who, despite being outnumbered every time, defeated them every time. Even Boney's vaunted cavalry did little damage against the British squares at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Where is the Roll Call when we need it Mr. Corry?
    Sorry I am ranting now.
    And I would love to see more Russian, Austrian and Prussian cavalry figures as well.
  9. JBoisson New Member

    It would be nice if Steffano Cannone added a 70mm Tarleton Legionairre to stand next to his Continental Lee's Partizan.
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  10. MCPWilk A Fixture

    I have always found it a mystery why the losing sides have always been more popular (Napoleonic, WW2 Germans), although Romans remain very popular. Perhaps it's because they were perceived to have smarter uniforms. They certainly rode roughshod over their opponents to start with, but both failed once their opponents had re-organised and re-equiped. early success may have been due initially to surprise and good organisation.

    Looking at British Cavalry uniforms both during and after the Napoleonic era, the dress uniforms were no less spectacular than those of any other nation, and their campaign uniforms were just as utilitarian. I suspect the initial attraction of the French over other nations is that many sculptors cut their teeth on Historex kits, and when larger scales became more common, the first and subsequent figures were French.

    At least Maurice Corry is starting to produce more British figures.

  11. marco55 Well-Known Member

    Cerrtain armies and units have a mystique grow around them.Not only WWII Germans and Napoleanic French but the Confederate Army (especially The Army of Northern Virginia and confederate cavalry),French Foreign Legion,Roger's Rangers,US 7th Cavalry (even though the 4th was a much better outfit),Scottish Highlanders,Gurkhas and so forth.
  12. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    How many cuirassier Regiments do you have to choose from for starters!
    Dragoons a plenty
    Lancers polish ,dutch, french
    hussars by the dozen
    Chasseurs of the line and garde

    The list is huge and full of colour

    That just may be the reason :)
  13. MCPWilk A Fixture

    The same is equally true of many other armies. The Soldiers of the Queen (Victoria) were certainly a splendid sight in their full dress uniforms.


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