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Dear PlanetFigure Forum

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Reborn, Jun 16, 2021.

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  1. Reborn New Member


    it was already long time ago since I've written a post there. I always get back from time to time. And always again it makes me sad. How some people use this forum. It makes it a pain in te a. to crawl through the whole forum to get good informations and picking out jewels between als these useless/nonsense/bad declared thread titles... or just spammy without any consense.

    That shouldn't be an issue... and makes the use of a online platform - forum really hard to use and really time consuming. bemalforum.de seems already dead, as a bad sign and to wake you up.

    There should be a change in my opinion. Clean the whole forum, more mods who just strictly deöete a whole thread if only trash is inside. or if the thread as old as Gandalf geybeard.

    It makes no sense to me to have a thread where just a tiny amount of information is inside.

    I think we don't have the time to "waste" our time to search like Sherlock Holmes in this forum to get the jewels out. That shouldn't be the point.

    In my sense a forum is:

    A place to share informations, put in long lasting content in form of tutorials.
    Have discussions ofc, but with a consense.
    Informations/the good stuff should be easy to find and access to.

    We don't have alot of time in our daily routine to invest time to get lucky and take shots in the dark.

    Regards, Stefan
  2. Merryweather Well-Known Member

    Dear Stefan,
    Let me be the first to say that I don't have a problem with the forum as it is
    Kind regards
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  3. Banjer Well-Known Member

    I second that, in fact I think your post contains everything you complain about.

    Logging on to this forum is not compulsory.

  4. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    If your time is that precious, please don't waste any second of it by complaining about what in fact?

    This forum isn't an overnight creation but the slowly evolved result of years of exchange in a mostly friendly atmosphere, with some downs but many more ups.

    First of all, it is about exchange, exchange of ideas, news, tips and luckily banter and jokes too!

    If you can't stand this relaxed atmosphere because of your tight schedule, please feel free to move on!

  5. Martin64 A Fixture

    :troll::stop:(n) - Carpe Diem;)
  6. Reborn New Member

    Dont hang yourself up on this one sentence please. Please do not rate my post if you take just one sentence out of context.

    That was just a comment, but not the real issue from what I see in my impartial eyes.

    Its more about the stuff I mentioned.
  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    Perhaps this thread should be renamed "How to win friends and impress people" :ROFLMAO:.

    You could always start your own forum if you think this one's rubbish.

    - Steve
  8. Reborn New Member

    Its a good forum, thats why I even care about it and dropping my opinion there, and think there is potential to get it better done. And that's why I'm not just a beneficiary, like someone else.

    The point to talk about is:
    Cleaning up the forum maybe a bit? since there're alot of nonsense threads I've already found.
    Collecting good threads/articles for speicific areas of painting, modelling, coloring, advices and so forth.

    And to clarify it for the sake:
    My definition of a forum: A place to talk, to exchange experiences and informations, but also a place to look at if you have questions or need some informations, and not threat it like a big chat with a never ending history, to carve out the very good informations.
    ALso to interact in some way with each other for s social feeling.

    Yikes, whats wrong with all of you? Can't we normally discuss about the things I've mentioned? You always see just the bad things, is this a secret circle or a sect? Like an outsider who just came into a village and everyone looked at him for the first time as if he were Frankenstein.

    Get your pitchforks out.

    Thats not the initial idea I had with creating this post. Having a grown up discussion not dropping snappy sentences and leaing this thread. @Martin64.
  9. kagemusha A Fixture

    Let me get this right...you pop in once in a few years...don't like what you see...you want to erase all the meaningless content you don't like...keep the couple of bits you approve of...then trot off for another few years.

    Hmmmm...as a very close friend always used to say to people of your ilk...there are three eff's in off.

    See ya next time.
  10. DEL A Fixture


    Everybody on here gets something out of somethings on the forum, somethings interest and engage some and somethings don't ...... so what?
    This forum was never designed to be a sterile environment and yes it has on occasions become toxic, again.....so what?
    Moderating can be a pretty thankless task and by and large a fairly hands off approach is taken compared to the ' it's my ball ' moderation on some other forums.
    It's only when things get really out of hand that things get taken down.
    We're all adults and can choose to actively participate or passively consume the content, either is fine.
    As for information, advice and the like, the search facility is ok. Anything you can't find, ask and most times help is forthcoming.
    Can't really figure out what concerns you......perhaps posting a few examples of the nonsense threads that have troubled you would help.
  11. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I like to try and see both sides of an argument and nothing is ever perfect. A sensible start would be be for you to list exactly the areas of complaint....no innuendo.

    Secondly suggestions for improvement, I'm sure this would lead to a calm discussion among the membership.
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  12. fogie A Fixture

    There's a few here showing remarkable patience......I'm seriously impressed :sleep:

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  13. theBaron A Fixture

    Oh, I don't know. It seems pretty easy to use, to me.

    I use the "What's New" page as my point of entry. That shows me everything that's been updated since my last visit. I go off the titles. If one catches my eye, I can mouse over it and see a preview of the first post in a thread. And I can decide to click and drill down into it, or skip it.

    Once I've gotten through all the new content and other content I want to see, I use the "Mark Forums Read" feature, to wipe the slate clean till my next visit.

    As far as moderators go, you said there should be more. Are you volunteering? Also, can you provide some guidance as to what constitutes trash? That might make it easier for the current moderator (or are there two?) to decide which threads to delete.

    I think the forum is fine as is, and Nap and the other guy (sorry, forget his name-or is there another guy?) do a great job moderating it.

    And it must be popular, because this forum continues on and gains members, while other forums, some that started around the same time, and had equally good content, have died out and been closed down.

    But, suum quique, and de gustibus, etc, etc. I'm going to go paint something.

  14. Ferris A Fixture

    Trying to focus on your message:
    - what do you mean with ‘jewels’?
    - what do you consider trash?

    I’m afraid what you are looking for is unrealistic. In the past modellers were on their own with the occasional book. These days we are much more connected and have access to loads of information. Too much in fact, and sorting is key. But this sorting is serious work and sorting criteria differ from person to person. What one considers trash, is someone else’s jewel.

    So, while trying to stay objective towards your posts, I think you have to be more precise in what exaxtly you find the probem with the forum, and what are your concrete suggestions. What I read basically says: I would like the forum to exclusively focus on the information I personally am looking for.
    That’s not very specific.

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  15. Martin64 A Fixture

    I kept it short to not elaborate on the obvious others already mentioned. If you want to improve things over here it is unwise to start by telling the members that you don't have the time to look for threads and info that are in your eyes jewels and that the other threads of no interest to you should be deleted. If you are the person I assume you are you do not lack experience in posting messages in different forums and so you did not do so by accident. This is what I call trolling. Don't look at yourself as a victim. You asked for it.
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  16. Nap A Fixture


    Hi Stefan

    No forum is perfect ...I only wish it was , if members are looking for a particular item , try keywords or ask the question , many will answer with a link

    All members use the forums in various ways ....someone's "trash" is someone's " jewels"

    All threads are welcome ....not sure how you would classify "jewels" or "trash" as you put it ......do suggest

    As for more moderators .....we have 3 worldwide ......all at times taking a lot of flak ....trust me ! .......if members consider a thread might need to be deleted .....then PM a mod

    All mods are busy as we all are with life in general and certainly don't trawl through threads to tidy things up ........on a day to day basis ( I do delete items sold etc in the Marketplace when I see them ) we could delete but you could virtually guarantee someone would look for it !

    If you have suggestions how you might suggest easier access as such do share

    Nap ( Moderator )
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  17. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Well perfection doesn't exist. Look at my quote thing on the bottom.

    I'd wager Planet Figure might be the longest running forum of its type. Must be doing something right.

    My thanks as always to the mods and admin guys, without you....

    Put it this way, if I only had access to 2/3 websites for the rest of my life this forum would be one of them. The others are XXX rated, believe me.
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  18. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Hmmm - if he then behaves like Frankenstein it can happen that the other residents get their pitchforks ...

    I'm not sure what to seriously answer you:

    You are relatively new here and have only written a few posts to this forum. But you feel called to initiate a meta-discussion here and to express general criticism of (almost) everything.

    I've been part of this for years - and I claim to have contributed a lot with "serious information" to this forum.

    I run my own forum (in Germany) and know how difficult this work is.

    And I can say to you - after years of cooperation here: This forum is alive, and the vast majority of the people here feel good, otherwise this forum would not "live"!

    And I can't tell you how often I've been looking for old posts here to get information. This is an invaluable "archive"!

    So my suggestion to you:

    Participate, write about things that interest you, enrich the forum - or continue to be dissatisfied and go your own way!

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  19. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    Beautifully put, Martin, erudite as always (y)

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  20. Larsen E. Whipsnade PlanetFigure Supporter

    Different strokes for different folks I guess, Reborn.

    I often throw a little goofiness into my posts lest I take myself and our hobby too seriously. It's supposed to be F-U-N. Let's enjoy it.

    But you are right that there is a wealth of information here, not all of which is germane to our individual interests. I respectfully suggest you use the search box to help narrow down your search for those threads and subjects of interest to you. I do it all the time. It works.

    As for our mods? I tip my hat and thank them. They do a great job of keeping things on track without becoming overbearing.
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