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  1. Jim Patrick Active Member

    If you are like me and have found yourself watcing this new series from HBO, here are a few web sites for you to look at. If you haven't seen the series yet, BE WARNED. The language is ADULT as well as some nudity (now some of you will watch this for sure! :lol: ). It's a new series from HBO based on the South Dakota town of Deadwood. The same town where Wild Bill Hickock was killed. Anyway, it's a great series (my opinion) with a VERY realistic, gritty feel of the Gold Rush West. Here's the link for HBO:


    Somehting I didn't realize, untill today, this series is largely based on true history. Most of the names of people and places have been left the same. While looking through the HBO site, I saw the link for the actual town of Deadwood. It's loaded with all kinds of true history from the Wild West. This town of Deadwood, was one of the wildest of the Wild West. Anyway, I read through both of these sites today for several hours. Here's the direct link for the town of deadwood site.


    If you like to read and watch westerens, you will get a kick out of the series and theese sites.

    Enjoy, Jim Patrick
  2. RobH Active Member

    Cheers Jim

    Read about this in a stateside preview in a TV guide over here.

    Pleased to see our very own 'Lovejoy' (Ian McShane) playing a nasty piece of work.

    thanks for the links


  3. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Jim, I've seen a part of an episode and liked it very much. It has a very "period" feel to it.~Gary
  4. JBoisson New Member

    Hey Jim
    I whole-heartily agree, the show gives you a real feel of living and dying in the old west and the chances people took back then just to get a grubstake. I'm haunted still by a small throw-away vignette in the first episode that illustrated profoundly that risk of a dying john who was shot by a hooker, repeating over and over again his name and hometown back east , fearing with good cause that his folks would never again hear of him. The show, like many HBO series, has great acting and writing. As far as some of the language goes...weell, what can I say but those brilliant fellatio-practicing sons of female canines really got their fornicating excrement together putting on this great fricken program!
  5. Pete_H New Member

    Dude, are you speaking from personal experience?

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Sorry, amigo, but you SO walked into that one!!!



    P.S - to all: before you lambast me for that, John and I are pretty good friends and he had "it" coming :)
  6. JBoisson New Member

    Hey Petey

    To paraphrase the character Al Swearengen in the second episode:
    "Well, I've got a counter-offer to your counter-offer--GO F--- YOURSELF!!! :angry: "


    another quotable quote from the first episode:
    "I don't trust ya as far I can thow ya, but I do admire the way you lie. So pour me another drink ya conniving heavy-thumbed motherf------!" :lol:

    p.s. shot? never. damn near smothered once though
  7. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    I watched an episode of this show, and sure the setting and the feel of the show is great, but to me the language is so over throwing. I mean, I have nothing against cussing, but in that show every other word is F$%k and motherf.... it really ruins the period feel. Maybe those words were common back then, but to me it really feel completely un period.

    Did they really speak like that? Sure they are a rough bunch of people, but still. Any thoughts on this or am I just ignorant to the way it was back then?
  8. Jason W. Active Member

    In my CW reenacting days, I never did study period slang, but I do believe the "F" word was used. The "other" slang words, if I may quote our friend John Bois, "fellatio-practicing" aka C@#$-S@#$ers, I question that word usage. It dosn't sound period.

    I don't mind the occasional "F" word, it sets a gritty scene. But using it in practically every sentence?

    Still, this is an awesome series. I'm glad HBO is doing some "authentic" stuff.
    Now if they would do a Band of Brothers type of series set during the ACW. Now THAT would be cool!
  9. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Anders, at first I too was a bit taken back by the language. I feel it does give it a "period" feel though. I reasoned that these were lawless people living in the lawless town of towns. I really don't mind it so much though, I hear much worse than that a daily basis at work in th Army :eek: . Just my opinion though and I do appreciate yours.

    Thanks, Jim Patrick
  10. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    I agree that it sets the mood to be a bunch of lawless uneducated people, which most of them are.

    Its almost like a gang movie from South Central LA in a western setting :p

    Oh well, it still gives birth to a lot of great inspiration to western subjects.
  11. JBoisson New Member

    Howdy All

    While listening to a Terry Gross interview of the show's creator David Milch on the radio a few weeks ago, she brought him to task on the seemingly over the top language and Milch opined that people in brutally competitive and dangerous environments fall into using 'rough' language as a sort of "martial display" defensive mechanism, as if to say "Look out, I can swear like a teamster, so don't mess with me because I am as tough as a teamster." Or 'talkin' the talk' to avoid having to 'walk the walk' so to speak. However, I do agree that some of the foul language seems a bit too liberally laced in the script to the point of distraction and that some of the contractions seem a bit too modern, but according to "I Hear America Talking, " by Stuart Berg Flexner alot of those words and phrases that we thought were first coined on our jr. high playgrounds have been with us for hundreds of years, afterall they don't euphemize four-letter-words as "Anglo-Saxon" for nothing.


    John B.

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