Darkness - model disaster

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Mongo Mel, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Well, it's happened again. Another disaster on one of my figures. No, I didn't drop this one like I did with the Galland bust. Nor did I pull off chips of paint with my masking solution as I did with my kamikaze bust. This is a whole new foul up for me.
    I had my bust of "Darkness" nicely painted with the red skin and black horns. The red was Model Master Chrysler Red enamel and the horns were Alclad Black Base. The whole thing was pretty glossy so I shot it with a clear flat (Krylon I think).
    No problems so far.
    Then I began the hard part of painting the shadows and highlights on the skin using Winsor Newton Cad Red Deep oil paint. I'd been at it for around 20 minutes when I noticed that the brush seemed to be sticking to the surface as I was pushing the paint around and the oil paint seemed to be drying as I worked it! If you've ever used any oil paint you know that it has a working time of hours. I couldn't figure out what was happening so I tried wiping the oil paint off. Since it seemed to be dried, I added some odorless thinner to loosen it up.
    Well, it loosened all right!
    The oils came off as well as the red enamel paint underneath it. Unbelievable!
    The enamel had been on the piece for well over a week and had spent hours in my drying box so I know that it was cured. The thinner isn't anything "hot" like lacquer thinner. And I've used this stuff over acrylics in the past with no problems.
    Well...guess I need to strip the whole thing now. Problem is that it's so dang big that I'll need to get something big enough to hold it. Plus I need to buy something cheap to use as a stripper as I don't want to waste all of my good stripper to cover this beast.
    Wish me luck.
  2. Blind Pew A Fixture

    We all have these disasters Craig. It's how you get over them that counts.
    Remember the words of Winston Churchill, "Keep buggering on..." Don't let it get you down mate. Remember, all people ever really go on about on here is their triumphs - failiures (and I'm certain they are out there) aren't as readily shared. Bounce back soon ;)
  3. KeithP Active Member

    I am very sorry to hear this as I enjoyed seeing you bring this one together.

  4. KeithP Active Member

    I am very sorry to hear this as I enjoyed seeing you bring this one together.

  5. bonehead A Fixture

    Your downfall was the Krylon top coat. Never paint lacquers over enamels. The lacquer thinner will eat the softer enamel underneath.

    You can paint enamel over lacquer but not the other way around. I suggest that you use an enamel or acrylic topcoat next time around.....
  6. PJ Deluhery Active Member

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune, Craig. It happens to us all, but it's not fun when it happens to YOU! :(

    My recommendataion for a good stripper is Easy Off - No Fumes (oven cleaner). Spray it on, let it sit an hour, and bursh it off. Can you guess, I've done this a few times myself? For a good time, call .... wait that's another webiste. :lol:

    Good luck, amigo.
  7. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    We all have our bad moments while modelling my friend. Keep the faith and keep going. I'm sure that you will do better the second time.

  8. Roc Active Member

    Craig, I'm sorry to hear that, maybe you can just fix it without stripping.

  9. megroot A Fixture


    Man, what you did??? I was waiting on this ugly face!!!!
    Well, we can learn from our mistakes. I wrote down what Mike said and print it out. It sits now on my wall above the desk.
    A good paintstripper is Ovencleaner (in Holland it is Mr. Muscle) and believe me it works. :lol: :lol:
    I hope you started again. You did so great work on it.

    Marc. (y)
  10. pmacko Member

    Hey Craig,

    Sorry to hear about your mis-fortune. I was looking forward to seeing the finished demon.
  11. slaj Well-Known Member

    Tough luck my friend. I wish you it'll end up better than it was

    Stephen Mallia
  12. Evan August New Member

    Sorry Craig. It happens to all of us. I think I have spent as much time stripping figures as I have painting. ;)
  13. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your support in this, my time of need :)
    I picked up a can of Easy Off oven cleaner and used it tonight. Two applications and it's removed like 98% of the paint. I'm very impressed. Thanks to all those who recommended it to me.
    So now it's back to the primer. This time I'm going to do things a little bit differently. It'll be primer, Gloss Black lacquer all over, then a red ACRYLIC coat for the skin. And no Krylon flat!
    Thanks again everyone.
  14. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Craig I had just finished a face on a Rommel figure, was doing the hat in oils when the whole head feel off the holder into my grey oil mix! yes I had a little tear in the eye, a little beer in the hand and a little think about cleaning up my bench. Ahhh what a hobby eh?Still not as bad as the time when I reached for the dullcote and picked up the grey primer instead.........
  15. Bill Mayo New Member

    Mel, nice recovery! Your 'trial run' sounds like one of my modeling adventures.
  16. PJ Deluhery Active Member

    Craig -

    I'm glad to see you're not letting some hunk of reisn get the best of you. I bet it will be even better the second time around. Hang in there!

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