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WIP Danish Cuirassier

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by lpa53, Jun 12, 2024.

  1. lpa53 Active Member

    I just started on my first non-54mm and first resin figure, a Danish Cuirassier ca. 1700. The figure by Mike Blank is beautifully cast with the fantastic face being of particular note. Hardly any cleanup was required but, Mike Blank's figures being usually pretty simple in nature, I wanted to add something to this little guy, however small, to make it my own.

    Areas around the sleeves where they entered the gloves were a bit flat compared to other areas so I carved a bit more depth into the transitions. While the front-facing part of the hat brim had detailed lace edging, for some reason it wasn't sculpted at the back so I added some. The cuirass strap ends at the back of the shoulders weren't detailed compared to the front terminations so I added what I'll paint up as metal plates. The spurs were a bit stubby - almost nonexistent - and I beefed them up.

    I found a website that illustrated the various Danish cavalry regiments circa 1700 and it showed what appears to be a lining or undergarment beneath the cuirass that was in the regimental color. Though I can't vouch for its historic accuracy, I added this to the figure at the arm and neck holes, though it probably should be a bit flatter. If nothing else, it will add a bit more color to what could be a fairly bland figure. I haven't yet decided which regiment to represent. The two painted figures I've seen had purple and green colors respectively - that show only on the sleeve cuffs - so perhaps I'll do one of the others - red perhaps.

    That same reference mentioned and showed a cockade on the hat and I sculpted one over the simple button of the original.

    Again, the historical accuracy of these details could be in doubt but at the same time, who knows what happened in real life with individual soldiers in the days when uniforms were probably less uniform than in later times.

    Cuirassier 5.jpeg Cuirassier 3.jpeg Cuirassier 2.jpeg Cuirassier 1.jpeg Danish Cavalry Uniform Graphic.jpg
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  2. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nie looking figure and some nice enhancements, it's going to be a study in buff leather and forged steel, looks like an enjoyable paint.

    Cheers Simon
  3. theBaron A Fixture

    Very cool subject, and that's a great figure! Thanks for sharing that link, too. It made me curious now to track down what Denmark was doing during the Seven Years War, too.

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  4. Oda A Fixture

    An excellent figure-Mike Blank's,could it be anything less?-turned to an outstanding piece of work by your strategically placed interventions.Folowing with zeal.

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  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi Paul

    Interesting subject and a good sculpt ....even more so with your additions

    Will you add a horse on the base as well ?

    Looking forward to seeing more

    Have fun @ the bench

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  6. clubcat PlanetFigure Supporter

    A lovely figure. Your additions are sympathetic with the figure and add just a little extra. Nice job
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  7. lpa53 Active Member

    Thanks, all! I'm a very slow painter so the progress updates might be slow, too. I'm still working out the paint scheme and one issue is the cuirass itself. Several sources say that they were painted black and the two examples of this figure that I've found have been treated that way. I like the one that shows a bit more of the steel underneath and may try that treatment. How to go about it I'm not sure, though.

    Cuirsass 1.jpeg Cuirsass 2.jpeg

    Painted 1.jpeg Painted 2.jpeg
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  8. Nap Moderator

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  9. MalcC A Fixture

    Coming on nicely.

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