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Dance of Death (again)

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by kevin, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Greg McCluskey PlanetFigure Supporter

    Seems that I to am in this same mess with Ellie's Miniatures. I ordered and paid for the Dance of Death piece in May of 2018, paid an extra
    £15.00 GBP for shipping and have received nothing as well as having my emails ignored. I attempted to message Ian via his new-ish FB page but no response. I did pay via PayPal so maybe I can get my money back but I'd really
    prefer to get the item.
    If anyone out there can help me with this endeavor then I would appreciate your help.
  2. yellowcat A Fixture

    Hi Greg,
    You can only open a PayPal dispute within 180 days of your payment. You might be able to use chargeback to get your money back if there’s no money in your PayPal account and you used your debit or credit card to pay through PayPal. Ask for chargeback with your card provider within 120 days (about 4 months) of when you paid or noticed the problem. You won't be able to ask if you noticed the problem more than 540 days (about 18 months) after you paid.
    Good Luck!
  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi Greg

    A BIG WELCOME to PF , not the ideal post for a new member

    I thought Ian had sorted all of this obviously INCORRECTLY .....now you are in this position , you've tried contacting to no avail , I will snd this link to him but no guarentee of a response as I know he does not look here since all this .

    My advice is try and get your money back asp at the moment

    I have moved this thread to the Lounge

  4. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Greg,
    sorry to learn about this and surely not an ideal way to be welcomed here with the thought that someone who since more than a year constantly avoided to fulfill his part of a trade is still regarded as someone who sorted all of this in the meantime.
    Ian Burton - owner of Ellie`s Miniatures - got banned from the forum for two years - look here
    Good luck!
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  5. mick3272 A Fixture

    Hi Greg.
    I am sorry yet another person is having to go through this mess. As Yellowcat has said try to get your money back via paypal or your charge card.
    You could also try contacting West Yorkshire trading standards see link attached. http://www.wyjs.org.uk/trading-standards/contact-trading-standards/
    West Yorkshire Trading Standards,
    Nepshaw Lane South,
    LS27 7JQ

    Or you could try ringing him
    Mob 00447850490582
    Home 00441138086832

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  6. Tommi A Fixture

    Hi Greg and welcome to the forum, a shame not under the best of circumstances.

    I really hope you can get the item or a refund from paypal if you cant get the goods but think it has now gone past the cut off point.

    I did read the comments on your facebook thread and did see there was a response from Ellies with all the usual excuses for delays etc. I did also see a response from his daughter defending him and how disgusted she was about how he was being treated etc blah blah.

    The thing is that both the messages from two different people were written in the same way with the same poor syntax, grammar and spelling mistakes which shows only one thing...........

    I wish you well in your pursuits with this and please keep us informed of any progress if any.

    Best wishes
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  7. Nap Moderator

    Hi Greg

    It's unbelievable this has not all seen sorted ..as Tommi says ...it's all blah blah ...I personally I have tried to help but for me its Trading Standards and refunds and telephone calls .....see Mick's post

    As Tommi says do keep us informed , PM me if you wish as well

    Happy hunting and we all look forward to seeing your artwork here on PF

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  8. Barry King Member

    This whole sorted affair, in the USA would be a classic example of mail fraud. I'm sure in the UK, it meets a similar standard. Hopefully, those that are still owed their kits will receive them or be refunded, but I'm guessing not.
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  9. Nap Moderator


    Totally agree ,My thought is better communication and accurate response from Ellies could have sorted it easier and earlier

    Like you I hope all get what they ordered or full refunds

    The whole sorry affair needs ending

    No amount of comments here will help unfortunately as Ian/ELLIES is no longer a member ........I wish we could do more to help

  10. Tommi A Fixture


    Hear what you are saying Barry, the whole saga is beyond ridiculous and disgusting.

    If anyone has doubts about the recent issues raised by all this then check out the past links below which will clarify that the situation has occured on many occasions.

    Good luck to all those concerned with getting their goods or money back but its very doubtful.


  11. kevin Active Member

    I am not surprise that other people haven't received they kits, and I am sorry that other people have to go through this.
    The person who picked up my kit from him was told a story, that my kit was sent but I have move house in that time and the kit was sent back as he didn't have my "new address" strange that as I lived in the same address for the last 17th years. Lies, lies, and more lies is all that you get from this man.

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  12. Tommi A Fixture


    Unfortunately Kevin this is just another excuse to the ever growing list of BS excuses. We know for certain there are still orders that have not been fore-filled and this will come to light soon for the people who have lost their hard earned cash.

    Glad you did get sorted with the goods eventually but this only happened because of the intervention of a few kind people that care about others in the hobby like yourself, shame the supplier did not have the same compassion from the outset.

    Best wishes
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  13. grenadier Member

    It could be that Ian is in severe financial distress and struggling to keep the bailiffs away.
    I think that unfortunately running any kind of business is a risk and just one or two bad decisions can sink you into oblivion.
    Reading through these threads, it’s got to be his cash-flow that has caused this grief.
    I know none of this helps those who are out of pocket, but you just don’t know what shite is going on in people’s lives.
  14. Tommi A Fixture


    Maybe he is but if so why has he been doing it for so long looking back at the threads of previous years at the same problems and excuses and ignoring people once money has been taken.

    My wife and I had our names dragged into this although it has nothing to do with us.

    Yes people do have shite going in our lives, we are dealing with Cancer here, elderly parents under palliative care and a daughter that that has severe spinal problems after bad spinal surgery.

    This did not stop us in any way responding to Ellies unsatisfied customers that contacted us that had not received their goods but we took the time to tell each one of them the correct facts of the situation after receiving some pretty irate and rude emails. Shame that Ellies could not do the same and put this matter to rest.

  15. kevin Active Member

    Yes, Tommi, I was lucky for a change.
    As for him having money problems, well that maybe the case but too never contact people is unacceptable.
    Also I know from the person who obtain my kit that he other copies on his stand at the White Rose Bash.

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  16. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Can I just clarify that I am not aware of any additional copies of Dance of death being available at the White Rose Club Xmas bash. Ian did, bring three kits to the meeting, one for Kevin and two others I believe for other attendees. All of these were outstanding pre-orders.

    Ian did not have a Trade Stand at the Xmas Bash.

    Please note that although Ian Burton is a member of the White Rose Club his business is in no way connected to the Club or its activities both now or in the future. The Club regret that his/ellies activities have caused such controversy and distress to fellow modellers and can only hope that he manages to bring his/ellies business interests to a satisfactory conclusion in the near future.

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  17. kevin Active Member

    Please accepted my humble apologies, I did not mean that the White Rose club has anything to do with Ellie's miniatures or the problems arising from that company, and retract what I said about White Rose Bash.

    I will point out that, on his new web page, he states that there is still a number of limited copies available.

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  18. Tommi A Fixture

    I think it could have been at Sword and Lance show Kevin and not White Rose
  19. Ashworth New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you don't mind if I 'up' this thread.

    Unfortunately I am part of those who still haven't gotten their kit, and of course I can't get my money back because I paid for it so long ago.
    I messaged the owner of Ellie's Miniatures several times, very courteously, on his FB account and he did not even read or reply to the messages whereas he always used to do it before.
    I think I'll never get my money back nor the kit...

    It was my first experience with this brand and certainly my last!
  20. Nap Moderator


    Hi Ashworth

    As you are aware a catalogue of major poor customer service throughout ...please message me your puchase and contact details and I will try to get hold of the owner

    Good to have you here with us on PF as well ..look forward to your artwork


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