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Review D Day Commando from Life Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everybody

    We are all so proud of the heroes of D Day whatever the Allied force but say D Day and most will say "Commando" and that's the subject matter from Life Miniatures latest release .

    Announced here on PF and in social media as always


    Life Miniatures were helped in this project by a member of this form ...Mike Butler ( Mike- The Kiwi" ) so well done to him for that.
    The Cdo were battle hardened troops with a fearsome reputation for bravery and skill in battle on D day they landed wearing full equipment including life preserver, bergans and additional ammunition in bandoliers wearing the famous green beret with no badge , wearing the appropriate unit shoulder badges and the Combined Ops badge below it (the weapons always faced forward)
    The green beret is hard won and worn with pride and respected by all others and quite rightly so , the WW2 beret was a lot larger in form than today's issue.
    aa.jpg aaa.jpg aaaa.jpg aaaaa.jpg 0a.jpg 0aa.jpg

    lllllll.jpg llllllll.jpg aaaaaaa.jpg llll.jpg lllla.jpg llllll.jpg lll.jpg

    Here are a couple of good books to look out for

    l.jpg 000000.JPG

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets look at the release

    Details are :

    Title: WW2 British Commando on D Day June 1944

    Reference: LM-B022

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 8

    Sculptor: Sang-Eon Lee

    Box Art: Sang-Eon Lee

    Special thanks to Mike Butler

    The packaging and presentation is well up to that expected from such a reputable company as Life Miniatures , a strong box resin packed between foam sheets , the smaller parts in a resealable bag , the box slips into a all around carded surround with a clear covering around that.

    Box art is provided both on top (and one of the sides) ...a good reference to start with .
    Life Mins 001.jpg
    Parts consist of main torso , the head , beret, bergan ( top part) a helmet, , life preserver air tube, pick handle and a base
    Life Mins 002.jpg


    Main Torso...Casting plug from lower edge and small post from pouch
    Head...Plug from under neck
    Helmet...Plug from underside
    Bergan..As Main Torso
    Beret...Small plug from rear edge
    Air Tube..Remove casting post and fit to hole in preserver
    Handle...Remove excess and fit to bergan side
    Base...Remove excess and fit if being used

    All very easy to get to and quick to remove , aside the above all surfaces were really smooth especially the underside.

    I have a lot of photos again so will deal with the torso here and the remainder in the next part.

    Main Torso

    The subject is fully loaded up ready to go into the beach head with his preserver , a bandolier of ammunition clips , pouches , at the nck we have a camo scarf .
    Life Mins 003.jpg
    The neck area is ready to take the head with ease , no excess to remove from the open space , the texture of the neckcloth is sharply done with the collar of the battledress around it , nice work on the collar itself .

    All the belts are again very tightly sculpted , good undercuts with the bandolier sitting on top the preserver , the sections look like they are loaded up with clips of bullets , the pouches are just the upper 25% ,well shaped and with good strap work, the bergan straps are again well sculpted strapping and brass ends , the preserver has the strap tied as seen in references .
    Life Mins 004.jpg
    The preserver has a locating hole ready for the inflation pipe.
    Life Mins 011.jpg
    On the arms we have the shoulder flash ( left plain so you can put what you want on it in respect which commando) and below that the Combined Ops badge , this is very well represented.
    Life Mins 012.jpg
    Lets look at some more of the pictures showing these details

    Life Mins 009.jpg Life Mins 008.jpg Life Mins 006.jpg Life Mins 005.jpg Life Mins 007.jpg Life Mins 010.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Now to the remainder of the resin


    A young looking face pensive in look when painted , mouth tightly clamped shut contemplating what is to come , looking slightly to the right , as expected the facial features are very well sculpted , the forehead slightly raised on the surface, sharp chin line strong in feature , slightly dipped chin, hair texture is well done , on the top of the head there is a piece of resin very accurate to fit tightly to the cut out in the beret.
    Life Mins 021.jpg Life Mins 019.jpg Life Mins 018.jpg Life Mins 020.jpg Life Mins 017.jpg


    Nicely shaped in all views , no badge is sculpted ( you could easily add one if you wish to) m the sit of the material is well done , underneath a cutout , fit to the head is spot on with no filler needed at all .

    Life Mins 023.jpg Life Mins 022.jpg


    Again we are treated to a well sculpted piece of resin depicting a helmet with the net over it, I suggest drybrushing the net to bring out the actual cording, fit to the bergan is with a small piece of resin into a pre formed hole in the bergan itself

    Life Mins 024.jpg


    This is the top part with just the edges of the top flap and a strap being sculpted ..why ? most of the bergan itself is hidden by the helmet being fitted , there is a cut out to take the helmet with the bergan having 2 small rounds of resin that fit well into the rear of the torso itself.

    Life Mins 013.jpg Life Mins 014.jpg

    Pick handle and Air tube

    Both well sculpted , the handle has the metallic top ( normally painted either black or a green to stop reflection etc , sculpted to the handle is the retaining strap , fit to the bergan is simple again by means of a cut out, in place it looks good.
    Life Mins 015.jpg
    The air tube itself is correctly shaped to fit easily into the corresponding holes as seen in the picture once the casting post is removed.
    Life Mins 016.jpg


    As with previous releases a simple post type , fit to the cutout on the underside of the torso is good , I would still pin it if you choose to use it or if like me use a brass rod .
    Life Mins 025.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Its good to see another release from Life Miniatures , a company with such a high reputation in the hobby , presentation and sculpting is very well done and the casting leaves us with very little prep to do . A good choice of subject and a wonderful tribute to all those that gave so much on D Day

    A pleasure to recommend and a nice addition to the display cabinet

    For information on this and others from LM go to the website at:


    Or of course why not follow on FB


    Lets have some pictures as well ...ENJOY

    0.JPG 0000.JPG 00.JPG 000.JPG

    Thanks to LM for the review piece and to you all for looking in

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  4. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Beautifully moulded as can be seen in your pics, yet another I have had my eye on, will my wants list ever get any shorter.
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  5. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Darn fine review Kev, like the extra details you've given here.
    Looking forward to doing my version as a Kiwi LRDG Trooper in Aegean Ops.
    One day...
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  6. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is one awesome looking Commando. Tons of character and detail! Definitely one to add to the gray army!
    I must say Life Miniatures is turning out some excellent kits. Super job on the painting as well! All in all, Fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing!(y)

    Terry Martin-Atlanta Miniature Figure Society
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  7. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Bought this bust at the recent ipms show in Huddersfield & agree with Nap, it's a superbly cast crisp bust worthy of Life Miniatures.

    Thanks for a great review Nap.
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  8. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  9. foxyboy Member

    Anyone got any tips on how to do the writing on the shoulder flash?
  10. Joe55 A Fixture

    I'm not one that needs to be sold on Life Miniatures, their products are top notch. Its purely a matter for me of selecting a subject and the amount of pesos I've got burning a hole in my Levi's.

    Nonetheless your reviews are always appreciated what with the background info, the parts breakdown, and the painted figure/bust in different views, one can't go wrong.

    Thanks Kevin!

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  11. storm_zh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the great review!
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