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WIP Critique Cursing the gods

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by pokrad, May 26, 2011.

  1. pokrad A Fixture

    According to a legend he lifted a donkey and trowed him 6m, he pulled the tree off the ground and beat some bad folks with it - so I figure he must be muscle man - let's say ancient Istrian version of Hulk ;)

    The head is tilted back only because I want him to look up in the skies - but I'll try to experiment with the neck pose once the head is baked - as You suggested...
  2. pokrad A Fixture

    Now I need to decide should I cast this...
    I will cut the arms and legs using very thin wire if I decide to cast it.
    Clothes, hair and beard will be added after baking..


    Turntable video:
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  3. BionicCow Member

    The work is great no doubt but some anatomy things I noticed are(and I dont mean to be cruel, just helpful) I realize you are near completion so this may just be for future reference

    Pectorals could be stretched further and attach to the deltoids more. A super defined deltoid would create a depression near the chest not a hard crease as the pectoral attaches to the deltoid area

    Also when the arm is stretched back and downwards the pectoral also stretches

    I find the abdominal and oblique muscles a bit strange in areas, specifically near the lats and the upper abdomen(why 4 abs?)

    I also find the biceps too large compared to the size of the deltoids, it could just be because the pectorals arent joining to the deltoids

    Again I dont mean to be critical, I understand anatomy can be so very difficult!

  4. pokrad A Fixture

    But I want You to be critical, especially when You are helpful.
    Pointing the errors can't offend me ,I said before that I'm self-taught beginner, so, thx for Your help ;)
  5. pokrad A Fixture

    Tried to fix some of the things acording to Alex observations.
    Also toned down muscles around rib cage (serratus anterior i obliqus externus abdominis according to Google ;) )

    Still few light years from the real thing, but at least I know now what to pay attention on next sculpt...

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  6. Renéduret Well-Known Member

    I think it looks great Darko!

  7. BionicCow Member

    I believe those minor adjustments helped a lot, the body looks much better and the visual focus for me is no longer on the ab/oblique details but on the nice larger muscle formations on the chest and abdomen


  8. pokrad A Fixture

    I will only add chains later.
    Over....and out:


    Pozdrav !
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  9. DarkSpawn Active Member

    Hi Darko,

    great work - I like it!


  10. gordy Well-Known Member

    Nice work Darko (y)
  11. Ferris A Fixture

    I think you did an outstanding job!

    I'm not sure if your paintwork is completely done yet, but since he's coming out of the water, you could consider a gloss coat?

  12. pokrad A Fixture

    No, did not paint it at all.
    This is color of baked sculpey (hair and clothes are just sculpey mixed with fimo black), I'll prime it, and send to my friend for paintwork.
    Gloss coat is a great idea !

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