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WIP Critique Cuirassier Officer, 1813

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ChaosCossack, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Hey All

    This is my latest project, started Monday night. It's a Metal Modeles 54mm of a French Officer of the Cuirassiers, circa 1813.
    To this point I feel the horse hide is pretty much done, minus some of the details... hooves, shoes, nose/mouth and ears. The base colour is a mix of Vallejo Matt Brown, Red Leather, Black and Carmine. Highlights brought up by adding more Red Leather and Beige Brown in small steps. Shadows made by adding Black to the base in steps down to pure black. The mane and tail are based black, highlighted Camo Brown Black and washed again with black. Doesn't show well on the crappy pictures but it's there.
    IMGP0397.jpg IMGP0398.jpg IMGP0399.jpg IMGP0400.jpg IMGP0401.jpg
    So far the tack is based with German Grey with a touch of English Uniform. Most of the tack will be black leather but the curb bridle and rein will be silvered.
    IMGP0402.jpg IMGP0403.jpg IMGP0404.jpg IMGP0405.jpg
    I'd like to thank my beautiful Wife for putting this lovely figure on my bench as a Birthday/Get Well present a few weeks ago... Thanx Donna :love:

    Comments and critiques are always welcome, thanx for looking in.

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  2. Colin_Fraser A Fixture

    Colin - she is obviously a gem. Lucky you to have such a nice piece to work on and you are off to a great start too. The horse looks great.

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  3. Aveleira A Fixture

    Hi Colin,

    You've started beautifully on this figure!
    I like to see cuirassiers in brown horses, pops out the uniform.
    Right now I'm also on a mounted Napoleonic but 75mm, the Pegaso's Captain Hussar, but I'm going
    for a gray horse. I try something but didn't felt right so I'm still work my way around it.
    Hope you get to a nice end with this one ;)

    Good Luck

  4. tiberius57 A Fixture

    Great gift, Colin! Very nice start! (y)
    Will follow closely.
    Cheers mate,
  5. MarquisMini A Fixture

    COLIN, as Zeno said, great gift and great paint job so far.
    man, this is going to be a great display.
    i follow!
  6. ivopreda A Fixture

    good start, I'm working on the same figure...
  7. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Daniel and Zeno, thanx for the kind words and support.

    Colin, She does have her moments ;) If I'm at the bench, I'm out of her hair.

    Pedro, According to regulations, whenever possible, Cuirassiers are to be mounted on large (at least 15 hands) bays or dark bays. Trumpeters are to be mounted on greys.

    Thanx Ivo, Try not to make me look too bad :D;) I look forward to you posting on this fig, as I really like your style of painting. Question: Will you be painting the cuirass or burnishing it... I haven't decided how to approach it yet.

    Thanx again guys

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  8. Mariobusta A Fixture

    Nice looking horse

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  9. Colin_Fraser A Fixture

    That's why I sculpt my own...so Ivo can't possibly be working on the same figure as me at the same time. :)

    Yours will be great colin.

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  10. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Good point Colin. Pushes me to work the putty even more ;)
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  11. ivopreda A Fixture

    hi friends...
    I don't want to help putty seller ;):( sometimes can happen that we work on the same figure...:arghh::LOL:

    mine has been little converted into a general... but i will open a specific post.

    answering to Colin question ... I painted the metals, I'm not used to polish them
    I used acrilics (citadel, Vallejo and andrea) and I finished with some touch of metallic powder mixed with some puppy oil

    suggestion: did you check the attachment? it's a very well done lesson by mr. Leibovitz about how to paint an horse in oils.

    Attached Files:

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  12. pgarri27 Well-Known Member

    I am working on a Historex version of a French Officer of the Cuirassiers. I will enjoy following your posts. Are you painting the cuirass copper?
    Ivo- regarding your comment "answering to Colin question ... I painted the metals, I'm not used to polish them
    I used acrilics (citadel, Vallejo and andrea) and I finished with some touch of metallic powder mixed with some puppy oil"
    can you provide more detail, and what is puppy oil? Would you do an SBS?
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  13. billyturnip A Fixture

    Puppy oil!!! :eek: I hope no animal rights activists read that, I think Ivo meant Poppy Oil, a fast drying oil made from Poppy seeds.

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  14. pgarri27 Well-Known Member

    Poppy oil? Well that takes the fun out of it!
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  15. billyturnip A Fixture

    Freshly squeezed works best. (y)
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  16. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Being a (Former), 'Puppy walking Supervisor', at 'Guide Dogs'! ... I can tell you from experience, its never a good idea to squeeze a 'Puppy',.. as it results in a hell of a lot of 'POOPY',... you will be surprised at how much can be produced!.. by such a 'Wee-Bugger',.. :sick:

    However!.. that aside, Colin! that's a damn good start on the horse!(y)


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  17. ivopreda A Fixture

    ok, ok

    no puppy but poppy oil....:woot: I will remmeber the difference
  18. fabrizio1969 A Fixture

    metal modeles and napoleonic era is my favorite historic period! if is possible can you make a wip step by step? thanks and greath start
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  19. ivopreda A Fixture

    Hi Boys... there are a lot of sbs in this forum and in the italian figurinitaly.com

    searching with my nick you will find a lot of post.

    if somebody has some problem to innscribe please send me an e-mail with your nick and requested password and I will create your account
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  20. megroot A Fixture

    Nice start.
    Ivo, thanks for the PDF from Bruno.

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