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Crusader Update

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by theseeker, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. theseeker Member

    A little bit of an update on the Mounted Crusader. I must say that these mounted kits are difficult to say the least, especially for a beginner!.
    While out of town my Crusader decided to leave the base. Fortunately the oils were dry, unfortunately some of the oils cracked. He has been re-cemented to the base and screwed in as well.
    This figure is far from done. I would just like your input on the colors, shading and highlighting so far. This figure is done entirely in oils.
    The heraldry will be very simple and only on his shield.
    I will definitely build this kit again as I learned so much from my mistakes.
    You can see from the pics below that mounted figures require a great deal of touch up during assembly and I have much to do. BTW, red is a PITA.

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  2. theseeker Member

    OK, a little more. Here is the face. I will most likely strip it and start over as I missed one important step. I typically Dremel my metal figures with the brass or steel wheel as I call it. After taking these pics today, it dawned on me that I forgot to brush his face! I was really mad at myself. As you can see from the pics that his face is not smooth and I really liked the flesh tones I created.
    Trial and error. Good thing that I don't diffuse bombs for a living.
    The good news is that it was only the first coat of oils.
    As always, any comments are appreciated.

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  3. rej Well-Known Member

    Rocky good progress so far........

    Hope that the cloak and surcoat will dry up to a lesser sheen to depict cloth..........

    Even a 54mm mounted is "hefty" to handle/assemble/paint let alone a 90mm :eek:

    Keep it rolling and good luck with the repainting!

    Ray ;)
  4. Normo Active Member

    Hi Rocky
    This kit on my most wanted list and I have done a lot of searching for ideas for this figure so I will follow your version with interest
    Apparantly he has a tendancy to "fall over" and a lot of people have told me to make sure the legs that are in contact with the ground are drilled and pinned, so a lesson has been leaned there!
    I also work in oils and think your colours are about right
    The face looks a good cast which helps in the painting so good luck with the rest of him
    With a bit of luck I shall buy my figure of him in November on my birthday!
    Thanks for showing us your version
  5. theseeker Member

    The cloak is still a little wet. The surcoat is actually dried and quite flat. Part of the problem is lighting and photo abilities.
  6. theseeker Member


    Thanks for looking. It is a well casted kit for sure but it is heavy!

  7. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Hi Rocky good to see this classic figure again. One word of warning, due to the weight of the figure it can after time cause the horse to give way. On my example which I had in a storage box, I went to bring it of the box, but the two legs had bent and was on its side.After bending it back I put a small prop under the horse which has stopped it from happening again.


    Just found picture of my version

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  8. theseeker Member

    A beautiful rendition of this exceptional kit and thanks for the tip!
    PM inbound.
  9. Marcel Active Member

    Great work sofar Rocky. The horse looks very nice and I'm looking forward for to see some more progress!

  10. Roc Active Member

    Rocky, nice work so far, keep up the good work.
    Thanks for sharing


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