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Creature: Black Lagoon figure. . .

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kansas kid, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Yes, I am still working on the ECW 54mm Historex/Airfix figure. . . But because
    I am old, and do not have the patience I once had, I work on other projects
    during down times and that helps to keep my discipline on the more difficult
    figures, i.e. the 54mm ECW Parliamentarian Cavalryman.

    I saw The Creature From the Black Lagoon figure on Squadron Mail Order for
    a reasonable price . . . and ah sprung fer it. I was so surprised that there is
    so much an artist can do to make this critter really appeal to a viewer of
    same. There is a rod that goes up into the back of one of his webbed feet.
    And this rod holds the figure up into the swimming position. As if he is
    swimming towards the top because he sees Richard Carlson's main squeeze
    taking a dip in the Lagoon. . . Ah I guess you'd have to see the movie to
    really understand. And I did when I was a teenager. . . But dat's a nudder
    story. The Miami Jayhawk

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  2. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Underwater plant life added. . .

    I wanted this to be colourful. I think colour really attracts the eye of the
    viewer. And so I'm thinking technicolour. That meant that I needed to add
    other fantasy plant life to the floor of the lagoon. Now remember that this
    creature never really has existed. So the Lagoon that he is a up standing
    member of, and on the board of directors, ah . . . wall. . . it never really
    existed either. So I feel I can pick underwater plants of any colour and
    variety I want to. So that is the caveat I use to display these following
    photos. Everything will combined together in the final assembly. I'm still
    painting the figure with Dark Greens, Dark Blues, Turquoise, Violet, Light
    Mellon Red, and soft and light Naples Yellow. . . the final colour.

    As per usual, comments from the ladies and gentlemen here at PF are


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  3. mil-mart A Fixture

    Rick, this is turning out very well indeed, great painting and I like what you've done with the base.(y)

    Cheers Ken
  4. housecarl A Fixture

    He's turning out well Rick, there's a great sense of movement in the piece.
    The seabed looks excellent,
  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ken for your kind remarks. . .

    Hello Ken:

    Thank you for taking a look see at this rather outrageous project. . . that is
    yet so much fun. I have just kind of let my creative side go as far "out there"
    as it wanted to do. . . and that is so much fun for me. No worries about
    getting the stirrups just right or the lance to fit into the 54mm fingers, et
    cetera, et cetera, Yul Brenner. (a puzzle of a sentence ending
    for those who remember the film The King and I. . . ) Either the Rex
    Harrison version or the Ms. Kerr and Yul Brenner version. . . Shall we dance,
    tra la la. . . what ever,

    Thanks again, my friend for your remarks. Most appreciated,

  6. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Another new Avatar???? . . .

    Howdy Doody, Carl:

    Oh ma'gosh matey. . . everytime I turn around you are using a nudder
    avatar. I wonder what James Cameron would say. . . How long is jour tail,

    But all kidding aside, I do appreciate your kind remarks, Carl. And I wish
    you a good week, coming up. Good bye January, and hello February.

    Can Spring be far behind?????

    K Kid
  7. Jeff Active Member

    This looks good. I like the creature a lot, but it is the display that makes or breaks the piece and your base looks great. I even like the weathered wood feel of the wood base itself. This is a great figure all around.
  8. 1969 A Fixture

    Aha the creature has appeared on the forums at last, was wondering when you was going to post him up Rick and glad you have.

    A figure I was not aware of until you mentioned it and I have to admit although I have heard of the film I have not seen it but I now know enough about it to be able to recognise the figure for the future.

    I think it is just as important with this figure to get the base work just as right as the figure itself to set the figure in his environment, the use of the coloured rocks and plant life do that just nicely, the tall plants reaching up follow the flow of the figure and draw the eye of the viewer up to the figure.

    Nice range of colours you have chosen for this figure and he definitely has a fishy look to him which is needed, stripes work really well and give him a predatory look to him.

    Also like to add the colour choice for the base works very well for this subject, I do not think polished wood would work so well.

    All the best Ricardo,

  9. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Jeff in Long Beach . . .

    Hi Jeff:

    Wow, mate, I wish I was out there on the west coast of the USA in Long
    Beach right now. . . We are having very cold temps here in the American
    Heartland. . . and that snow of three weeks ago, . . . still has not completely
    melted. At least I'm retired and don't have to drive to work in it.

    Jeff, I really do appreciate your very kind remarks about my Creature from
    the Etc. project. And I agree, I felt the kit base was just too corny and to
    "rudimentary" to work for what I was planning in the way of underwater
    plant life to hide that rod that holds the Creature up in the air.

    Of course, I am still working on it and painting on it. It will hopefully be
    colourful, like the fish varieties in the Tropics along the coral reefs. That is
    my intent. And since it is strictly fantasy, no one can say you're wrong, or
    there wasn't any fishy dudes that ever had that kind of colour scheme, humm

    Thanks again, Jeff for your kind words,

  10. pmfs A Fixture

    Dear Rick, what surprise. What weird figure, but extremly well painted and with a fantastic deep lagoon groundwork.
    Where is the water?:D
    I saw the movie back in the 80´s when I was a litlle kid (time flies), very scary at the time.:)
  11. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello Steve my friend. . .

    Hello Maestro Readdie:

    Thank you Steve for your very kind remarks about the old villain from the
    B/W B grade movie from the 1950s (well, at least I think it was the 1950s).

    As I said earlier working on this has been a pure joy. Since the figure is
    rather large I don't have the problem of my fingers being too large; as with
    the case of the 54mm ECW Parliamentarian Cavalryman. And BTW, I do hope
    to post later pictures of that project, Part V in the near future.

    I agree with you Steve, the base to me was one of the crucial parts of the
    composition to create that illusion of reality, even though there is no plex-
    iglass box that helps to create the illusion of water. . . and him swimming
    up to the surface.

    I thought it would be more fun to use oils and stain the bass wood box in
    colours of a tropical lagoon, and like you didn't think the stained wood box
    would be the ticket. Thanks again for your kind remarks, my friend.

    Ricardo Kansas Kid
  12. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hey there Pedro, my friend . . .

    Hi Pedro:

    So good to hear from you, my friend. Yes, I didn't want to go to the trouble
    of creating a plexiglass box, with the inside coated with transparent tropical
    waters type of colours. I've seen that done a number of times, as I am sure
    you have too. And that is what I am thinking you are referring to.

    To me it would just have been too much work, for a project I just wanted to
    have fun with, and get more experience doing underwater plant life using
    white bond paper.

    So you just kind of have to suspend reality and imagine the water that he is
    stroking thru to get to the surface of the lagoon and find Richard Carlson's
    girl friend.

    I do so appreciate your kind words,

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  13. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Very cool sir. The base work is very well done, I like the colors you used. I see you still have plenty of tricks up your sleeve.
  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Mike. . .

    Hello Mike:

    Thanks for taking a look Mike, I'll admit this is quite a bit different from
    Imperial Rome or ECW Cavalrymen.

    Appreciate your encouragement, mate,

  15. Jeff Active Member

    You are welcome I think the pieces is very nice. If you watch the move he Creature gets in to long flowing plants all the time. So it works really well to hide the rod. One of my favorite scenes is the one were the creature is swimming right under the girl. Really one of the better monster moves of the past.

    It has been rainy and cold (For Us) here today, but I am not bitching about it. It has been about 55 degrees and windy which makes feel colder. Yes I know we are hot house flowers out here in California. It has been cool enough in the mornings. That is nice to do metal casting.
  16. FigureLover A Fixture

    Hi Rick,
    Nice work so far and you are giving the creature a great atmospheric feel with the base. A coule of little fish hiding in the plant life would look good hint,hint!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  17. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    A few leeetle fishies . . .

    Hi Ben:

    Thanks for your note. In fact I am thinking about adding a few
    little fish, and making them from clear styrene, and
    painting them with transparent colours.

    So we think a like on this part.

    Good to hear from you Ben,

  18. Michael Tse Active Member

    Inspirational presentation!
  19. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Jeff Cupernell: Hello again. . .

    Jeff: Sorry mate, it took me a nudder day to reply to your second post. Well,
    obviously, your memory is much better than mine. I am very cloudy about
    just what I recall about the movie, Creature From the Black Lagoon. I can
    not remember the female lead, or "the object of the Fishy Face's
    affection!" who she was. Do you recall?

    I lived and worked in Miami, Florida for 15 years. And we did lots of graphic
    projects about the fragile coral reefs and so I saw lots of images of under-
    water plant life with the willowy lace like long green foliage.

    55 degrees. I guess it is all relative to what you're use to. It is in the 20s here
    and we are expecting our second major snow storm this evening. But I have
    plenty of work to do on both the Fishy Face figure and base and the ECW
    Parliamentarian Cavalryman.


    The Miami Jayhawk
  20. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hello to Michael Tse. . .

    Hi Michael:

    Thanks for taking a look at this major sized fish I call "Mickey Finn". Your
    words are very kind and I appreciate it.

    Kind regards,

    K Kid

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