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Creation of a committee

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Arminous, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Arminous Member

    Hi all!

    I don't remember whether I have mention it on a past topic,but I have an idea that may help us modelers all:

    I've sent emails to several companies about different problems with kits or ideas on new releases,but I had no response!Only Elite Minaituras answered to one of my emails,and Raul Garcia La Torre was very kind to me answering and helping with my problems!

    So,I thought that it would be easier to form a committe or something and let the companies know our requests on the products(quality,condition,subjects,variety etc.)not as
    seperated clients but as a community of modelers.

    I have thought it like this:A request shall be announced,voted for or against by the members,then an appointed representative shall email to the company in the name of community.This way the companies may know what a percent of the modelers(most of the Planet members!)want and the modelers shall get what they expect.

    So,what do you think?

  2. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I'd like to hear from some of the model companies about your idea. What does Mike Stelzel or Darla Meyer think about this idea? How about the Model Cellar? or even Verlinden?

    All the best,
  3. MattS Active Member

    How can you determine and show to a manufacturer that Planet Figure members represent the entire (or at least a large percentage) of the modelling community. If you could, I think your committee might be able to influence some manufacturers.
    Then again, faced with the same predicament of a lack of subjects from a specific period, some modellers might just learn to sculpt their own figures. Personally, I think this solution has more merit and more long term positive results for the hobby. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

    Matt S
  4. Arminous Member

    Hi again and sorry I didn't answer sooner!

    Dan-I cannot answer your question,because I'm afraid that even if i send them an email as an individual modeler,they may not reply.But I guess a company always wishes to know what the clients want.

    Matt-It would be enough to send a link of the page of Planet Figure to the manufacturer.Checking the number of the members,or even the topic were we vote,may convince the manufacurer that keeping in mind our request could be better for the company.

    BTW,I was not talking about MY committe,I didn't even thought I could be the representative.I just thought that when we want something from a manufacturer,it would be easier to ask for it as a community,not as individuals.

  5. Frank-Holger Member

    Some fellow modellers and me have sent to Andrea. They answered immidiatly, but all got the same answer: Thank you, we will see, the market... bla...

    But it always interesting to see what in the plastic modeller world happened. Mags like FINESCALE MODELER are asking frequently for possible kits and give the answers to the industry. Why can´t that happen for us??

  6. Robin Active Member

    Its an old chestnet the model companies don't do the figures we want, or they don't look after us as good as they could, one I have said myself.

    But brass tacks time , most companies are one or two men who have other jobs aswell and so don't always have the time to answer each mail and letter.

    Also the figures, I know of one company who were asked to produce a figure, they did some research and yes lots of people would buy it, when produced it did sell a few, the guy who suggested was offered one and he turned it down as it was the wrong pose happens alot apparentley.

    Companied make the figures they can sell, one man asking for one figure does not sell 600 units.

  7. Wlas Member

    For a 'Committee' to be successful in our field of interest it must have access to a large amount of $$$$$ and have the power to create contracts with the manufacturers. Otherwise it is as ineffective as the U.N. and as useless. ;)
  8. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I've complained on this forum about unimaginative poses, expensive figures, etc., etc., etc., and drawn a couple of personal less than happy e-mail responses from manufacturers defending their product. Justly so - I expected no less. A sculptor, painter, and/or a manufacturer should be proud of their product. Nonetheless I'm going to continue to state my opinions and I encourage everyone else to do the same within the bounds of good taste and avoiding libel, etc.

    I suspect that any sculptor:manufacturer team, no matter how responsive and in tune with the members of this forum, would probably come up short for some of us. The example given above about the wrong pose is a prime one!

    I wish you every success in trying to form the committee and influencing the manufacturers, but I'm pretty sceptical that it would work.

    My response is to sculpt the figures I want. Period. Everybody who hasn't tried it - give it a shot cos it's a blast! Whaddyagotolose? :)

    All the best,

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