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Crazy Horse finished...almost

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Brad S, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Brad S Member

    Hello Gentlemen.

    I just finished the Andrea 54mm crazy horse figure. Any comments, good and bad are always appreciated. I do need to weather the loincloth. Please excuse the photos, I'm still getting acquainted with my new camera. Also this is the first time I have done any extra type of base work. I usually use the stock base in the kit. I had a lot of fun working on it. I plan on doing more base work with all my kits.


    Brad Spelts :)

  2. Guy A Fixture

    Beautiful Brad........the figure is great as well as the groundwork. Much better than the stock base. It will set yours apart from others and really shows the extra effort. Nice touch with the waterfall (y)
  3. Brad S Member


    That was quick. Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you.

  4. Guy A Fixture

    Ok...Ok....gotta come back and ask a couple of questions.
    1. How did you do the flesh on the Indian.....yours is well done
    2. How did you do the waterfall.......love it
  5. y_wong New Member

    Dear Bradley,

    A very well painted figure and groundwork. I particularly like your skin tone and the cascade. Looking forward to more of your stuffs.

    regards :)
  6. Hardy Guest

    Great work. :)
  7. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Brad!

    You have done a superb job with this one! He really looks super and the waterfall adds a lot!

    Ps. Did you ever get your misplaced figures back?
  8. DrLutz Member

    Hi Brad!
    :) Good figurine and amazing droundwork!
    I like it!

  9. Brad S Member


    Thank you for your kind words. This particular figure was one of the toughest I have done ( all the skin tones ). Also this figure was almost painted about 2 months ago, but then my thumb got in the way and bent the rifle, then 10 secs later, I drop him and his arm came off, so I put the arm back on and tried to blend in new flesh tones, but that didn't work right, so he flew across the room. I put him on the shelf for a while and then completely re did him. It will be hard for me to tell you exactly what my mixes were for him. I always start off real light on the base and gradually darken as I go. I used mostly andrea, vallejo, ceramcoat, and jo sonja.

    Asa far as the waterfall goes, I used a small, thin piece of clear plastic for the waterfall. I then used woodland scenics realistic water, and water effects. Great stuff. After gluing the piece of plastic in position, I just layed the effects on in layers letting each on dry before the next one.

    I'll make a list of flesh colors I used ( if I remember them all ) and post them.

    Thanks again

    Brad Spelts
  10. Brad S Member

    Here is the colors I used, I dont know the ratios. I did do a lot of adjusting.

    Andrea colors - Basic skin, Dark skin, basic white, basic blue, wood
    Vallejo colors - Basic brown, german orange, basic yellow
    ceramcoat - burnt sienna
    Jo sonja - brown madder

    Sorry I cant tell you anymore.

    Brad Spelts
  11. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Brad.........I can surely understand the constant adjusting when doing a flesh tone with acrylics........is why I use oils....plus have more time to work the paint. I admire you guys who do such fantastic painting with acrylics......been there...done that......went back
  12. KeithP Active Member

    Brad - Very well done on the flesh and groundwork!

  13. Jim Hockett Member

    Lookin' good, Brad. I especially like the shading on the loincloth. Look forward to seeing this one in the flesh.

  14. Roc Active Member

    Hey Brad, nice work, keep it up.


    Roc. :)
  15. Brad S Member


    Thanks again for all your nice comments. I really like the attitude of the members in this site. they are all supportive and at the same time will give constuctive criticism and the criticism is well received by all the recipients.

    Thanks Again

    Brad Spelts
  16. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Brad,

    I think you have done a really nice job with this one. You have set a nice atmosphere for the figure. (y) I like the colors and a nice job on the flesh.

  17. quang Active Member

    Hello Brad,

    I particularly appreciate the fact you gave Crazy Horse light brown (instead of black) hair as per the contemporary descriptions. Always pleasing to know that some modellers still do a certain amount of research BEFORE picking up the brushes. ;)

    GREAT job! (y)

  18. Johan Well-Known Member

    Hello Brad,

    That looks great ! One detail however you could simply correct with a few touches of paint : the stuffed bird that Crazy Horse wore in his hair was in all probability a Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)... now there's a lot of colour variation in this species, but most of them will have a reddish tail. This can be painted as follows: matt white acrylic or enamel undercoat, when dry brush on pure burnt sienna oils so that the white shines through, this should give a glowing orange-red brown.

    But I don't wanna be a nitpicker here - it's really a superb figure, congratulations!
  19. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    COOL JOB,Brad (y) (y) !! Keep up the good work ! Cheers.
    Kenneth :)
  20. amherbert Member

    Hi Brad

    The figure looks great. The paint job is very well done, and I like the effect you got on the wood parts.

    I have been building a Norman knight, and he almost took flight on the weekend!! :p
    I painted him in subassemblies (test fitted first), but the final assembly has turned into a reassembly repainting process!! Nightmare. And the hand drawing the sword will never work as molded - I learn - now - blech!

    Glad to see you persevered, your figure and base look wonderful.


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