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Controversial! +13 Controversial! Jack the Ripper

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by diamond cutter, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. brian A Fixture

    Now that i know who you are Pete i take back the a****hole remark as your one of the true gents in this hobby and a good friend.Thought it was a loonie that you get now and then.
    I don't totally agree with your opinion but your entitled to it as is everbody else.
    Hows about a figure of Jack the Stripper? Keep the ladies happy.
  2. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    DC you are a DxxK.

    This usually comes around when another German is released.... These are model figures,the majority paint these from some of the bloodiest times in history. In fact most the figures on here are. Do we model scenes of extreme violence ? The minute a Japanese soldier cuts off a US marines private parts ? NO ! We just depict them before all the bloodshed kicks off ... Gain some perspective !!!! If JTR was depicted doing his worse fair enough.. BUT HE IS NOT ! Think of all the worst things that happen in war,we choose not to depict it as it would be bad taste.

    As this sculpt stands it is not bad taste in my eyes.

    Your post is a bit insensitive to say the least ...

    In the words of Alan Carr BORE OFF ; )
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  3. Edward A Fixture

    It's interesting that the Jack the Ripper figure follows the fictional Sherlock Holmes and Jekyll & Hyde. I don't think the figure is in bad taste - as I see it, this is a fictional version in the same Victorian gothic genre as the others..

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  4. Figurenfreund66 Well-Known Member

    What is the problem?
    There have been busts of SS officers and concentration camp criminals with Shepherd, Adolf Hitler and various Nazi leaders as well!
    Above that no one has complained!
    I would understand if you have modeled this character in how they just cut a woman!

    The modeling of the class, and Jack is the character who does not like that they need not buy indeed!


  5. Robin Active Member


    I am not sure what TB has donee to you mate, but it seems we are being the target of you angst, maybe you could MAIL or PM me and explain please, rather than doing it here for everyone to watch.


  6. Mark S Guest

    A true gent of the hobby!?!!.......glad I'm not part of the hobby wherever this troll is considered a gent.
    Perhaps the definition of a gent has changed since I looked last time.
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  7. NickM Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more. This thread is disappointing to see on a site that is normally full of friendly modellers and constructive topics. From where I'm sitting Brian's first appraisal of DC falls way closer to the mark... what a load of b*llocks.
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  8. diamond cutter Active Member

    Carlos- Kiss my troll ass
    Nick Ditto (yawn)
    Any more 'Forum Facists' fancy a pop?
    Make it quick as I am off out to batter a baby seal with a baseball bat, take some pics and do a nice little scene of it in 120mm. I'll even put some mp40 pouches on the figure so Carlos can bash one out. The D@@k.
    I never questioned the sculpting, painting or presentation which are very good, just the glorification of a perverted killer of women.
    I know your arguement about SS busts etc and your reactions to critisism shows why people just don't bother to do just that.
    I've been told to 'get a life' etc?
    I think that some of the people in this 'hobby' paint this stuff cos they haven't got one.

    Brian-No dramas mate (I AM an asshole lol!)-see you in Sept.
    Robin- As above mate

    Just off to the whorehouse-it's 'Happy hour'-
  9. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Threads like this make me laugh.
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  10. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    Yeh I paint as I have no life .... Actually I paint to keep me on a level,out of trouble. But that's just one small hobby compared to my others : ) : ) : )

    Hopefully one of your be-atches points you out in September,then you will be kissin my big fascist AXX : )
  11. NickM Well-Known Member

    Guess I asked for it by replying to this muppet... take your pills DC, there's a good little troll
  12. diamond cutter Active Member

    Whatever Carlos. U shouldn't be hard to spot.
    Your painting to keep out of trouble seems to be working then??
    Nick-your an asshole. Now go and FYM like the mommies boy you undoubtedly are
  13. Mark S Guest

    Spoken like a true gentlemen.

    And it's such a cute little thing how can I resist.

  14. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    Obviously ... The m42 on my head may well give me away : ) pmslf
  15. diamond cutter Active Member

    Mark S-That's really good!!! Are stalking me? Or is that from your own Special collection? lol
  16. diamond cutter Active Member

    Carlos-5 years min for a firearm-be careful!!
  17. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    Firearm ? I don't need firearms LOL !!
  18. diamond cutter Active Member

    Wow! so you Are a PowerRanger then?
    A roughy toughy from leicester. LOL!
    No Drama. We'll see.
  19. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    We will see. U want my addresse as well ?

  20. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Language children. This is going way, way, way too far.

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