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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Pete Wenman, May 1, 2005.

  1. Pete Wenman Member

    Finished today, after keeping my wife sweet, and doing all the chores. Due to the
    slightly odd position of the feet, and the startled pose, the idea is that as he
    left the cover of the wall a burst of automatic fire rattles down the ally




    more in next post
  2. Pete Wenman Member



    overall views of the scene




    overall a very nice figure

    comment always welcome

  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    ;) Man, that's NICE, Pete! Looks like the desert camo would be fun to paint! Have you seen the 'digi-flage' uniforms? How would you paint that????!!!!

    I like what I've seen of the Think180 figures! Was this figure "stock" or did you re-pose it or ?? The odd foot position and startled pose conveys a lot! Clever sculpting. How was the figure as far as flash clean-up, fit, etc.?

    Wish they would do some FPW, Russo-Japanese war, or Great War stuff in larger scales.

    all the best,
  4. Panzer Active Member

    Pete,looks great.Mrosko
  5. rdclaeps New Member


    Outstanding work, the camo turned out great. So far on my copy, I've got the woodland camo layered in on the vest. Thanks again for the woodland mix. I didn't have any of the Andrea colors, so a quick order to Military Miniatures Warehouse cured that problem.


    The Think 180 OIF kits are very-very nice. Outstanding detail and casting with very little clean up required. So far, I've purchased 3 of the OIF figures and the weapon's set. For the price, the kits are an outstanding value. If you check out the Armorama site under their kit reviews, you will find a couple of reviews of the OIF kits with some great photos of the kit in bare resin.

    take care,

  6. garyjd Well-Known Member

    These look like really cleanly cast kits. The packaging is really clever too.~Gary
  7. Pete Wenman Member

    Guys thanks for the kind words,


    The only change I made was to the trigger finger. When I came to fit the right hand to the pistol grip I could get the hand to wrap around the pistol grip, but the rifle stock would not fit under the arm. (the angle was wrong)

    The trigger finger which is slightly bent got in the way when I tried to get the rifle as I wanted, and the easist solution was to cut off the bent part and sculpt a new one once the hand was holding the rifle.

    When I served in the TA here in the UK the correct place for your trigger finger was along the edge of the weapon unless actual firing it, and so I went with that. Hope it is correct for current US training.

    As for MARPAT I have two figures (again Think180) that could wear it. I just need to sit down and work out how best to recreate it. Any thoughts ?

    Roger let me know how you get on with the Andrea paints, I swear by them now (sometimes AT them :lol: )

  8. Evan August New Member

    Looks great man! Very dramatic scene, and your painting is great too. As for the trigger finger, that's a nice touch. I've always been told that is the correct place for the finger, its basic gun safety. Unless you're going to fire the weapon at something, keep your finger off the trigger. The former Marine drill instructor at summer camp sure made that clear!
  9. Calvin Member

    Aside the figure, the first item I look is the groundwork, and your really seems properly done and balanced.
  10. nagashino New Member

    Hi Pete

    This is excellent. I like the pose, and I have to agree that the groundwork is nicely balanced, and creates the "look" of a Fallujah back alley.

    I'm not conversant with OIF or modern US combat gear, but this looks the business. I especially like the "woodland" camo effect - neatly done.

    Now you are on a roll, you must finish the FIC figure - duck-hunter jacket and SAS windproof trousers - now that'll look nice :)

    Best regards

  11. bosko b Member

    Hi Pete,

    Nice painting and excellent groundwork!



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