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Consul of Rome

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. slaj Well-Known Member

    Oh there you are at last. Guys I've seen this in the flesh. It's not as bad as Ray says believe me. He's beating himself up for nothing :lol:

    Stephen Mallia
  2. Christos Well-Known Member

    This is a beautiful work Ray!
  3. Excatlon Active Member

    what can I say awesome
  4. tefaet Active Member

    Beatiful work Ray, the metals are fantastic.what metod you use for them?.
    Regards,Jose Luis
  5. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi Rey Nice Job Paint
    Mine Compliment ;)

    MAB :)
  6. John Long Active Member

    A beautiful paintjob Ray. Excellent face and very vivid red cape. Glad to see you back on the net.

    One question about the figure that has nothing to do with your piece at all- What is this figure doing? I've wondered that ever since I first saw it. It's beautifully sculpted, but I don't understand the pose.
  7. Jim Patrick Active Member

    And you said this wasn't your best work? :eek: It looks pretty darn good to me my friend. I especially like the contrast you are adding in your flesh tones now. Something I'm still struggling with. Now maybe with some time off you can get re-aquainted with those brushes and figures. Or is it nieces and nephews? ;)

    Take care,
    Jim Patrick
  8. rej Well-Known Member

    Jay, the over exposure of the lighting diminished the contrast of the metal in the pics.......Its the only item as 101% remember ? :lol:

    Steve you've come to my rescue???

    Christos, thanks so much.........

    Damian, thanks as well..........

    Jose Luis, thanks........I used printers inks and oils........Burnt Umber for the shadows and for the extremes, I added Lamp Black to the Burnt Umber........

    Maurizio, grazie mille amico :eek:

    John, you got me with that question..........I think he's in extreme battle conditions (that's why I opted to paint the "skirt fringes" a simple leather rather then the highly rich white leather that a Consul of Rome wore and also omitted the purple stripe on the tunic also accostomed to this man.....making the tunic seem poorer)and he's either halting, directing/urging something or someone.........It may look a bit dramatical (the pose) but I also think that it suits this subject as its within the boundaries of artistic licence IMHO.......I stand to CORRECTION on all matters mind you.........

    Jim my friend, believe me please, that mathemalical evaluation is correct..........Hope I can proove myself right with the three figures I'm planning for Euro :angry:

    Take Care all,

  9. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Ray

    This is such a nice piece mate, will you be at Euro, it would be good to finally say hello

  10. rej Well-Known Member

    Dave, God willing I will be at Euro this year :)

    Sure we'll say hello mate, and hopefully have a couple of beers :lol:

    Ray ;)
  11. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    I owe you one for your encouragement last year

  12. rej Well-Known Member

    It's my pleasure mate ;)

    Ray :)
  13. dario966 New Member

    congrats on this fine piece
    my question is whatt time period this fine general is from?
    Please shed some light as I am looking for a rather precise information, because I am doing some research on the late Republican period officer corps appereance. This is for some illustrations for a book on the post -GJC late Republican armies..
    many thanks
  14. zyclyon Active Member

    Hi Ray,

    another fantastic rendition from your talented hands as usual. It will add onto my list of "kicking myself for missing out on Euro 2006". The face is extremely well done but I particularly love what you had done with the metals. Though somewhat regarded by some as "old school" but it looks really fine! I might have have to give it a shot sometimes. Keep it up!


  15. rej Well-Known Member

    Dariusz, I'm sorry buddy..........you have to seek help from somewhere else, because all I know its from the Carthaginian Wars and I stand up for CORRECTION even on that one :( :(

    Calvin, thanks my friend.........as you said, "old school" is the only way to bring out the depth in metals for me at least........have always stuck with this technique as acrylics lack that depth of colour when applied to metals.......will miss you at Euro!!!

    Ray ;)

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