Completed Conquistador 90mm Andreaminiatures

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Lucanus, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Lucanus Member

    I am beginner but let me show my first completed figure. It is painted by acrylic and it is Spanish conquistador 90mm made by Andreaminiatures some years ago. I replaced all 87 rivets from this kit at first. Then I prepared the new rivets using iron wire and micro driller. I drilled 0,5mm holles into the figure and glued all those new rivets there. It was very hard work but result is good. The metal parts like helmet, shield, sword, breast armour are polished metal only without any paint. I am not too satisfied with this my first work but I hope the next figures will be better.



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  2. pmfs A Fixture

    Good job Marian, especially the fleshtones.
  3. austerlitz New Member

    The eyes are very impressive. How can you do that with a 90mm figure ?
  4. rheath Active Member

    You sell yourself way short my friend, this is very well done.Bravo
  5. sarouman A Fixture

    Hello Marian
    Another forgotten miniature animated through this work.
    Truly impressive paint an amazing person to give a sign that the miniature is alive.
    Also the metal pieces are incredibly beautiful.

  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    Lovely job. But NOT the work of a beginner - sorry.
  7. Lucanus Member

    I painted a face by Andrea flesh paint set, a base by Andrea natural earth pigments set an clothes by old Andrea acrylic paints. I use for eyes painting very thin separated Kilinsky Sable brush without point but it is possible to use thin borer or pin too. You must be ready for several trials. I 3 times had to put tha face into the thiner and to start again. It would be better to use the oil paints for the eyes because the acrylic paints to dry very fast in such small volume.
  8. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Well, if this is indeed your very first figure, it is VERY impressive! Clean, precise and smooth. Either way, well done.

    Jay H.
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  9. megroot A Fixture

    If this is your first I wonder what is gonna be number 10. A Masterpiece.
    No, I cannot agree that this is your first figure.
    It is great.

  10. Alex A Fixture

    For all of you who only polish metal parts, don't you fear that with time, metal will 'age' and it will show on your figure ? I mean, maybe you do protect it with some kind of varnish ? I'm not sure that leaving bare metal is ok.. I just look at old unpainted figures I have in some boxes and some lost their original luster.


  11. Lucanus Member

    Trust me or not but it is really my first finished painted figure but I spent about 200 hours by preparing and painting. In addition I had many times repair the face, the eyes, the base, the clothes, the boots. This is not my first painting in my life of course. I did several biger pictures by tempera like hobby in last years but I never paint miniatures. I hope next my figures will be in higher quality level and made for much lower time.

    Thanks for attention Alex. I forgot to preserve the polished metal but I am not sure if any varnish adheres on the smooth metal surface during several months or ages.

  12. unknown01 New Member

    It's gorgeous and beautiful.
    Very wonderful blue.
    This kit was an old kit, but it built into a wonderful masterpiece by you.
    I congratulate completion.

  13. gordy Well-Known Member

    Very impressive for a first timer (y) the divisions between colours are really tight, making it appear much larger in scale and not so miniature :)
  14. sam b Well-Known Member

    1st figure ??? Well next year best of show at euro then ! Anyway well painted , well polished n well done
  15. Babelfish A Fixture

    Anyone who seriously believes that this is a first attempt probably also believes in the tooth fairy.

    - Steve

  16. Meehan34 A Fixture

    wow, such a warm welcome from some of you. To flat out call the guy a liar w/o any further information is disgusting. I for one think this is a splendid figure and obviously done by a seasoned artist who knows how to handle paint. He stated that this isn't his first artwork just his first figure. Untill I see evidence to prove his claim wrong I will believe him.

    Fine work sir, don't let some of these D.A's deter you from further postings. The eye's are truly splendid.
  17. Lucanus Member

    Yes I am an amateur seasonal artist. I won several paintcompetitions like a child in a school. I started to paint the miniature figures several months ago. I have some unfinished ones but this conquistador is my first completed.

    I agree Mike the best evidence is the publishing of several photos step by step. I did not prepare it from this figure. I will do it from my next work.
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  18. gordy Well-Known Member

    Cool! (y)
  19. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness. Do we need to be negative????

    Oh my, . . . I will say right out. . . I do not understand why we have to have
    forum posts that dispute the author's remarks. Is this necessary? Can't we
    all be ladies and gentlemen about this? Of what importance is it whether this
    offering, by a kind and talent gentleman, is his first or what ever painted

    I am really dismayed by the response of several of the PF members. I see
    what you have said as not being in the realm of good manners and how we
    should conduct ourselves.

    I think we need to understand that this medium means that you can write
    a forum post and no one really knows who you are or where you live. Think
    about that for a moment. When someone take a shot at you, they are
    completely safe in the fact that no one can come to their doorstep and
    challenge them. I see that as a sign of immaturity and an example of taking
    a cheap shot. And I refuse to be on a site where this kind of response for
    individuals is common. We do not need this kind of behavior. . .

    I am saddened by what is being done here. It is not necessary,

    Rick Brownlee in Kansas City, USA.
  20. gordy Well-Known Member

    Folks.. let's relax, carefully reread the posts... in a different voice even.

    Chastising the 'several' members, by the way I only see one comment, Steve Riley's, and clearly, that's in jest.

    There's no drama to see here, let's move along :)

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