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Completed Critique Confederate Artillery Officer 1862

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ChaosCossack, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Hi all,

    75mm Elite figure of Confederate officer.
    Just completed main painting on this one last night. Still need to do some post assembly touch ups and weather it a bit as he looks a little too clean. I chose to paint him as an artilley officer to break up the monochromatic grey with some flashes of red. Paint is all Vallajo acrylics.

    Please let me know what you think:unsure:


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  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Hi Colin,

    Looks pretty good overall. I'm always a tad reluctant to dispense "advice" or "criticism" to others because (especially by the mindblowing standards of some of the guys on this forum) I don't consider myself as being any kind of "stellar painter" at all. Just a journeyman trying to improve. But I'll chime in anyway with a couple of comments that you may find useful for next time:

    a) His coat seems to have a glossy sheen to it (although I realise that this may be exacerbated by the camera flash). That could do with matting down I think.

    b) Some of the shading (for example on his right arm) could be more subtle as the transitions from dark to light seem very marked and sudden. A tad more highlighting might also benefit the piece in some places.

    c) Groundwork: Just my opinion (others may dissagree) but I think it might have worked better if you'd have expanded it to the edge of the wooden base. And the sticky-up bits of long grass don't really work for me, they don't look natural.

    But credit where it's due: It's overall a nice neat job, the face looks vey good from where I'm sitting and I like the dark leather effect on the belts & holster. You've also achieved a good "depth effect" with the shading behind the buttons - which is something that I sometimes struggle with (either not enough or too much). The braiding on his cap is also very nicely done.

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Steve
  3. ChaosCossack A Fixture


    Thanks for your comments, I look forward to constructive advise from other painters more experiennced then myself.

    Most of the sheen is from the flash (just a pocket digital camera) though I've never used a matt medium, it's something I'll look into.

    Groundwork has always been my bane. You wouldn't believe how many pieces I have with finished paint still standing around on wire stilts:eek:

    As for the shading, I'm trying to find a middle ground. The comments on my last couple of posts said my shading was too subtle, so I guess I went overboard this time. The middle ground is a fine line.

    Thanx again for your comments, with them and practice are the only way I can improve.

    Back to the bench

  4. GregMcEvoy Member

    Heya Colin,

    Steve's spot on about the shading, it's not that it's too dark, it's just the areas of transition between the shadows and the non shadowed areas is somewhat stark, in that you can clearly define the differentiation of colour. You can overcome this by glazing over the edges of the shadows using the base colour of grey that you used. The paint's gotta be very very thin, and it may take several passes of the glaze. It'll lead to the depth you're after but it'll be a subtle depth.

    I have to agree the leather and the face looks great! Keep on truckin'! You're getting better each time.

  5. sam b Well-Known Member

    Hi Colin
    I really think you are on the right track with your painting, as Steve has offered up some great advice on that ill try and help with the ground work if you don't mind ?
    What you have done is great it just needs painting !!!!
    1 shake off any loss grass spray matt black or very dark brown
    2 Dry brush or block paint in any base colour you want depending on weather it hot , cold , wet or dry that sort of thing
    3 start high lighting with other earthy tones try mixing in basic skin tone rather than white
    4 wash down with base colour ie black plus dark earth tones to add depth .You can do this on the long grass as the spray paint will stiffen it up .

    I hope this has helped , have a look at my highland king or v.c figure in the search tool , it may show what i mean .

    Hope you dont mind me saying ? (y)
  6. ChaosCossack A Fixture


    Thanx for the hint, that glaze will blur the border between shades and highs? I seem to have a hell of a time with lighter colours (greys, whites, buffs etc) whereas darker colours ( like that brown leather) are more forgiving.



    Thanks for the advice, every little bit helps. I'm going to have to just dig in to it and give it a shot. These tips should help along with some advise I've gotten from other helpful PF members. That's why I'm here:notworthy:

    Thanks again

  7. GregMcEvoy Member

    That's exactly what you're trying to do, just blur the edges.


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